Why is Zam Zam water not tasty?

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the worship of drinking alcohol, stating that it is a form of worship and comes from drinking it. They also mention the difficulty of the worship and the challenges it poses, including road conditions and hard road conditions. The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding the worship aspect for future worship experiences.
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You know drinking zamzam is a form of worship. It is a worship. So Ben How's your wife Emma Hola. Once he asked a banal Rafa Rahim Allah Who Jamia, he has you have said to have an alpha asking him about zamzam. He said to him, why isn't zamzam tasty? And this is a reality. zamzam is a heavy type of water. It is not tasty compared to other waters that come from springs or, or valleys or whatever it is. It stems from is a heavy pipe of water. It is nourishment it is food as Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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Zimo biome upon which she felt on what she felt was superb. It is food, it is nourishing, it is heavy, the one who drinks a cup and two fuels full. So even how do you ask them an alpha? Why isn't zamzam tasty?

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So an Alfa answered him beautifully. He said to him.

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Because zamzam drinking it is a form of worship. It was made not tasty, so you can always remember this is a worship, and had it been tasty than people would have drank it as a form of enjoyment and luxury, forgetting the worship part altogether. Allahu Akbar 700. Allah loves this answer, and he would mention it to the people and he would spread it to the people after this. So zamzam in itself when you drink zum zum This is a worship. You are seeking closeness to Allah when you drink this water. Was sunnah is when you drink it, that you say Bismillah and you drink and you drink with an intention. Make an intention. So your intention could be that Allah azza wa jal grant you knowledge

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or grantee wisdom or grantee, the ability to memorize or grantee shifa cure could be anything, you have an intention, and then you drink one sip, and then you make you drink again, and you make you drink again, and you make dua. This is what zum zum is drinking zum zum is a form of worship. So if it was tasty, if it was tasty, people would have drank it as a form of luxury and an enjoyment forgetting the worship aspect altogether. This is very important for us to understand that's how the worships are the worships are difficulty. They are heavy, they are tough. How fertile Jana to build mCherry that the Paradise has been surrounded with hardships and difficulties. And what this means

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is that the road to the Paradise is a difficult road. It's a difficult road, there are hardships and the worships are difficult. They are hard. They require patience. And once you're patient enough, Allah azza wa jal will feed your soul, the sweetness of this worship, you will reach a stage where you're not able to live a day without worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala