Abu Bakr Zoud – The Biggest Disease We Are Suffering

Abu Bakr Zoud
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The biggest and the greatest disease that we are suffering today in today's world is that we do not think of the afterlife. And we do not prepare for the afterlife. This is a disease. This is a reason for punishment and being deprived of good deeds. We're not thinking enough of the afterlife. This is why we're seeing these 10 days that are about to come the best 10 days in the greatest these of the world are going to revive that sense of the importance of preparing for the afterlife. In our hearts Bismillah hit the eyelid 10 days an incredible opportunity. And I currently as we speak right now,

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our hearts are broken. The soul is black. The hearts are desperate. They're desperately in need for revival. And there is nothing that will mend this broken heart of ours and polish this blackened soul and heart of ours nothing other than righteous deeds. This is why they called a solid head. You know this word you read this word in the Levina manual? Why don't we go slowly had a solid hat Why were the righteous deeds called a solid hat. It comes from the woods solo Han Solo hat means to fix something to fix. So the righteous deeds were called a solid hat because they fix our relationship with Allah. They mend our broken relationship with Allah. They seal the cure the hearts and the

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soul. We're in need of righteous deeds and what better than to do righteous deeds in the most beloved these to Allah in the greatest days of the law of Akbar. So we're in need of reading Quran. This rectifies the soul polishes our heart. We're in need of praying salata, gemera Praying in congregation in Al masjid, we're in need of fasting. We're in need of a thicker. We're in need of any righteous deed we can think of and you're able to do do it in these 10 days. And don't think twice because the attendees are moving fast. They're moving quick. They're not waiting for anyone. And you all witnessed Ramadan was two months ago. 30 days how quick did it finish? Ramadan is

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finished. Shadwell is finished. Will Canada is finished. 10 days of Malaysia are going to go before we even think about them. They're going to finish. Plan the days ahead and see what you're going to do for the afterlife.

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