Zakir Naik – The Beirut Explosion – Actions to be Taken and Lessons to be Learnt

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The recent explosion in Beirut has caused 2750 tons of sulfuric acid to be stored and left Beruht port-related fire. The explosion also affected people of the Muslim community and charities have started collecting funds for those affected. The importance of praying and being careful with what is stored in the aftermath is emphasized, as well as the need for preparation for the future and planning for one's future.
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Before we start taking the questions, I would like to speak for a few minutes on the beruht explosion, the actions to be taken and lessons to be learned.

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As many of you may be aware,

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four days ago, there was

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a massive explosion in Beirut

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on Tuesday, on the fourth of August 2020, at six o'clock in the evening,

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that's better time, or 3pm GMT. And in this massive explosion, it was one of the greatest explosions in the recent time

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in which more than 150 people were killed.

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And more than 5000 people were injured, and more than 300,000 people became homeless.

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According to the president of Lebanon, the cause of this massive explosion in Beirut was because of 2750 tons of

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ammonium nitrate, that was stored in the beruht put in whereas number 12.

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And this 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate was towed about seven years ago, in 2013, when a ship was traveling from Gibraltar to Mozambique, and it halted on the port, and though the technical problem in that ship, because of which it had to stop in Beirut, and the owner of the ship, he abandoned the ship

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because of which

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a court order was taken where this 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate was towed at the bureau port

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in warehouse number 12.

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Actually, this

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2017 50 ton, it was supposed to be sold or disposed off. Even though federal reminders was sent to the court and to the government by the port authorities. For the last several years, no action was taken.

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This ammonium nitrate is actually used as a source of nitrogen.

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for agriculture fertilizers. It's also used along with fuel and oil for explosive for mining or in construction industry. It has also been used militants as an explosive.

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Actually, this ammonium nitrate to store is very safe as long as you take precaution. But if you do not take precautions over time, it may absorb the moisture, it may turn into a rock. And it's very dangerous that it can be inflammable.

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According to the manager of the port of Beirut, there was a request for repairing the door of Eros 12. And because of which they were doing some welding to the door of the warehouse number 12. And after that he doesn't know according to reports, we have come to know

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that there was a fire at the Beirut port at six o'clock, Lebanon time,

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very close to warehouse number 12. And later on the roof of the warehouse number 12 caught fire at six o'clock Lebanon time

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and few seconds later, there were many explosions, people thought it was fireworks. And 30 seconds later, there was an enormous, massive explosion,

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which ruined many structures and buildings around the vicinity of the port. And the effects

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are four kilometers and

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the windows of the International port of Beirut, which is nine kilometers away from the site of explosion. The windows were shattered

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200 kilometers across the Mediterranean Sea. The explosion could be heard in Cyprus.

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to the reading they said the explosion was equal to 3.3 scale of earthquake

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it was massive

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and because

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This explosion, there was a curator created of 140 meters wide and very deep at the site of the warehouse, where water accumulated, and there was a ship which was closed, which was blown to the dock because of the explosion.

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And in this explosion,

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more than 150 innocent human beings were killed.

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More than 5000 people were injured. According to the mayor of Beirut, more than 300,000 people became homeless, and the population of Beirut, approximately 2 million, so 15% of the population of Beirut, they became homeless, and half to 1 million people directly or indirectly affected by this blast.

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This was an accident, it was negligence.

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What action should be taken

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out because the Muslim all over the world that the least we can do is pray to Allah subhanaw taala.

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the people who are affected by this blast,

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and as we know, more than 61% of the population of Lebanon, they're Muslims, more than 52% of the population of Beirut, they're Muslims. And I prayed Allah subhanaw taala that may He forgive the Muslims who have died in this blast, and Megan and Jenna and I prayed Allah subhanaw taala that, me Eve, the difficulties of the Muslims or non Muslim families

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who have died in this last

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me elevate

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and mi make it easy for the people who have been affected in this last me Give me the people who have been injured in this dust

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and may give shelter to the people who have become homeless. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala ease the suffering of all those people of Lebanon who have been affected directly or indirectly in this blast, the least the Muslims can do is pray for the people affected by this blast.

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The second thing we can do, if

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we can support financially, whatever we can to help the victims of this blast and our hunger lilla there are many charities, Muslims or non Muslim NGOs, in Lebanon and in different parts of the world, which have started collecting funds.

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We have an America and European countries in different parts of the world.

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And our hamdulillah I request the Muslims, that whatever your capacities that the big or small, whatever you can, we should become part

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and try and support this noble cause with whatever amount that we can.

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The third we can do is those people in Lebanon or in Beirut, who have not been affected by this blast should support the people who have been affected by this last.

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There may be people of Lebanon who may be less affected, they can support the people who have been more affected we require volunteers at the ground level to help the people who are injured, who have the people who have become homeless to help the people who may not have food to eat, because of the situation that took place suddenly, because of the massive explosion, because of this last whatever we can physically because of the pandemic

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which is there to COVID-19 it may be difficult for the foreigners to enter Lebanon, but yet there are people who are trying where we can physically support they should.

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And last what we can do is try and spread this message

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that we should not be negligent about the information of the blast

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that needs to be taken and the lessons to be learned.

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What can we as Muslims learn from this tragedy?

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Number one,

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we should not be negligent. This tragedy happened because of negligence. We should see to it that we should be careful and we should take precautions wherever required. For example, we should see to it that in our home via the kitchen. Many people keep the guests open

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and attended. There may be someone who writes a fire and they can make a motion in the kitchen. We keep and we store things inflammable in the wrong place, which is wrong. And we may not be careful in how we store the inflammable items, all these items.

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To be learned, that we have to be careful, and we should not be negligent.

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The second thing to be learned is that we do not know when will be our last day of our life in this world.

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Normally, many of the Muslims, we pray for the Muslims all over the world that are suffering.

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And I do every time I pray for all the Muslims in the world was suffering. And I particularly take the names of the people who are suffering more. And I start with the people, the Muslims in China in shingon. Were in concentration camps, who have been persecuted, who are being oppressed.

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The Muslims in Burma,

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India, in the Rakhine State, many people have left the homes, millions

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are staying as refugees in other countries, I pray for them. Even the Muslims of Palestine,

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the Muslims of Syria, the Muslims in Yemen, the Muslims that have vanished and the Muslims in Kashmir, the Muslims of India that have been persecuted by the Indian government,

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the Muslims in Bangladesh, and the list is wrong.

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I think the names of the people who are more persecuted, but generally, we pray for all the Muslims, even the others, which are being persecuted in different parts of the world.

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We know that amongst the Muslim countries in the world that are there, maybe 25% are being persecuted on a great level because of the persecution maybe in China, or maybe in Burma, or maybe in Palestine, or Syria, or Yemen, because of persecution or because of war.

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There may be, and then the percentage that may be less persecuted or less oppressed, then we'll be some living in a country where there may be very little problems for them. And many times these people living in the countries where there is not a major problem, may think and pray for the people, for the Muslims of other part of the world. But they may think that these people, because of the war zone, may die anytime. But they may never think that even they can face a calamity.

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And what happened in Beirut,

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I'm sure that almost all the people who may have been killed, they may never have thought that that false going to be the last day of their life.

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They might never have thought that they will never see the next day in the life. So it's a lesson for us. That irrespective whichever part of the world you're living, irrespective of their age, irrespective What is your status, whether you're rich or poor, whether you're healthy or sick, you will never know when will be the last day of your life, that there isn't a Muslim normally should lead a life and shouldn't be prepared. That may be today is the last day of his life. So what should we do?

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We should take a lesson from this, that we should be prepared to face our Lord, if we are to die today. And for this, we should see to it that we should do all of our eyes and stay away from the Haram activities. We should see to it, that we believe in tawheed that we pray five times a day that we do all the fries and we stay away from the Haram the major sins and the minor sins also. If

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we assure that we do all the trials, and if you're staying away from the major things,

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and we every day, ask for forgiveness in our Salah in our title, then even though as human beings and we do since

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we can always hope from Allah subhanaw taala that when we pray for forgiveness, when we do Step five, inshallah, Allah will forgive us. So if every day we offer salah and we ask for forgiveness for all the sins we are doing, if Allah forbid, we have to die that day, inshallah, it will be a great blessing for us, and inshallah there are high chances that we shall enter China. So this is a lesson to be learned that we don't know how long we live live, we should be prepared that we will die today. At the same time. We should plan for our future. What we are going to do tomorrow, maybe after a few weeks or a few months of two years. This is what a moment a believer does. He planned

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for the future but he's prepared that he can die today. He may not

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live to see tomorrow.

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This is a lesson for us what happened in Lebanon was accident. It was negligence. It can happen in any part of the world. Maybe we can face a calamity and repeat Allah subhanaw taala let me forgive our sins. And may He

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make us pray for the victim throughout the world including the Beirut blast, and maybe learn a lesson from this incident. So that we can conclude that our last man

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