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Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

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I'd like to welcome your dear viewers to another in our series, the best in Islam.

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In this series we're looking at what Allah and His Messenger have defined for us as being the best in all of our affairs. From the Islamic perspective, in this segment

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of our series, we'll be looking at what is best with regards to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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I will begin with a narration common to many of us, but worth hearing again,

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which was related by Ana's Ibni Malik, in which he quoted the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as saying, like men who are huddlecam had Hakuna hubba la he, meanwhile, IDI while Eddie he were NASCI edge mine, none of you has truly believed, until I become more beloved to him

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than his father,

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his children, and all humankind.

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This hadith points out

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the best of faith

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where Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam becomes more dear to the believers than their parents, or all of humankind.

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And in another narration,

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were all might have known how Bob

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had stated

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to the Prophet SAW Salem, that he

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loved the messenger, more than anything else, except for himself, his own soul, his own self. At that point, the Prophet Muhammad Solomon said,

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Until that happens, you have not truly believed

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that Omar reflecting on himself said,

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You are more dear to me even than myself. And the Prophet SAW Salem then said back to him, and

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now you have arrived. This sums up what our perspective should be in terms of the love of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam

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we should love him

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more than those who are the most dear to us, our parents or children,

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and even our own selves, our own soul,

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which we value so highly, we should love him even more than our own souls. Now in practical terms, how do we

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implement that?

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Because usually love is connected to someone we are in touch with.

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That person does things that we like. So we like them.

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They provide things for us. So we like them, they give us things.

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They show love to us, so we love them. So I love is in general based on our contact with them. But now the Messenger of Allah is not in contact with us, we're not in contact with him.

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So then how does that love manifest itself?

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First and foremost, the most basic aspect of that love which all of us are required to strive for,

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to achieve. A faith is to be completed.

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whenever we have to choose between

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what the messenger has told us, taught us

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and what pleases our parents, or our children

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In our ourselves, we will choose what the messenger taught us.

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That is

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the most fundamental manifestation of that love.

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Because it is not true that you're going to obey the one you love, the one you love, they asked you to do anything you will do it. If you truly love them, you will do it.

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So, obedience,

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compliance with the will of the one who we love is the most basic aspect of loving someone.

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So this much we are required to acquire each and every one of us if our faith is to be real, in practical terms with regards to our parents, if our parents ask us to do certain things which involve me die for example, they ask us to celebrate

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the birthday of the Prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him.

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We know this is not pleasing to Allah.

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We know that the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem, he had told us couldn't be the attend Allah Allah.

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Every innovation in religion is misguidance.

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So if we love Him, we will avoid this form of innovation

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and any form of innovation,

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which is innovation and religion. So this is how it becomes manifest. We love our parents, we honor them.

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And that's what the prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him told us to do. So when we're doing it, we're doing it in obedience to what the prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him and instructed.

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But now,

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if they ask us to do anything, which goes against the fundamental teachings of Islam, now, we have to disobey them.

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Now our love for the Messenger of Allah,

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I love for Islam has to be given priority.

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Similarly, our children,

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parents, seek to please their children, they want to see their children happy.

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They want to do the things that the children love, that increases their love for the children and the children's love for them.

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But if they desire, doing something which is displeasing to Allah,

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what does Islam require them to do? Is requires them as much as we are able to dissuade them from doing that, to give them other alternatives which are pleasing to Allah, we should strive to do it. We should not just submit and say, well, that's their choice. No.

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If the choice is displeasing to Allah,

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then out of our love for Sula salon, it was I love, I love for Islam, I love for Allah, we should strive to stop them

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from doing it

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and to do what in fact is pleasing to Allah. So, in this way, I love for a pseudo loss on Salam is manifest. Now, some people

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manifest that love in ways which are displeasing to Allah.

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They have gatherings

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in which they claim that Rasul Allah attends, and they will stand up in praise of Rasulullah Salah believing he has entered upon them and is there with them.

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This is innovation, this is displeasing to Allah.

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you have, as we mentioned earlier, those who celebrate the Prophet's birthday,

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claiming that out of their love for a school Allah, they have followed celebration, no proceedings involving

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poetry which praises the Prophet beyond his capacity. It involves also

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song dance, all kinds of things, which are in fact displeasing to Allah.

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And they call it Molad

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and celebrated annually.

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However, this is not pleasing to Allah.

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To do so to participate, simply to please others etc. This is the destruction of any love we had for us hula salatu salam

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and similarly, people claim that their show of love for him involves for example, having a plaque which says

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yeah Muhammad and they put it up on their wall. Yeah Muhammad oh

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and they will call on Prophet Muhammad says Allah

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in the sense of actually asking him to do things for them.

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This is Shirke

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This is not pleasing to Allah.

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Rasool Allah so Allah Salah would be

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opposed to it tooth and nail.

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So how we express this love for a solar law, science alum, has to be as it was done by his close companions who knew what was permissible and what was that?

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What they did was sanctioned by rasool Allah. So Allah there was

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loving rasool Allah Azza wa sallam

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having him more beloved to us, than anyone in this world, and even ourselves is the perfection of faith.

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Without it, faith is imperfect. It is defective.

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Perfection of course, is a relative term because perfection actually only belongs to Allah, but as near to perfection, as human beings can reach,

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that can only take place. If we engage in love of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam manifest in obedience to His commands.

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Care to send greetings to him. Whenever his name is mentioned, sang sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or May Allah's peace and blessings be upon him. All of these are expressions of our love for Sula, la salida Salem, others again, on the other hand, have

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taken that love into the material realm and used it

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as a means to make other claims for themselves.

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We're gonna look at some of these other ways after the break. So we're gonna take a brief break now and we'll see you after the break

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Salam aleikum, welcome back from the break.

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Prior to the break, we were looking at illegitimate ways by which people show their love for Sula salida was

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one of those ways we said involved

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taking certain artifacts, attributing them to the Messenger of Allah and developing rites and rituals around them. For example, you can find in the Topkapi Museum in Turkey

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sandals which are claimed to be the sandals of Rasul allah sallallahu wasallam.

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And you may find in other countries in their museums, similar sandals.

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Now, one

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we have no evidence that these were the sandals of Rasulullah sallallahu Salah because the only way we can claim

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successfully, correctly, that these were the sandals of Sula, Salah Salah we have to know the sahabi, who took them

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and who he handed them down to and who they handed it down to and so on and so forth, until it got into that museum. If we don't have

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a connected chain of narration, confirming

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its transmission, then we reject it. It's just a fable.

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On the other hand, there are descriptions of the prophets Sandall in texts like Shama in the

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Tell me the witch described the Prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him in detail in mama Timothy, known for his Sunon one of the classical compilations of Hadith from Missoula sallahu wa sallam. Now, in it, he does describe the sandals of the prophets or sun and what they look like.

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Fine, we know what they look like, are some of the ones that he wore.

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But in the commentary written on Shamala Timothy, which was translated into Urdu in Pakistan, the author who did this translation, Maulana, so and so

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wrote, that if you draw a picture of the sandals,

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and you place it under your pillow, and go to sleep at night, you will see rasool Allah SallAllahu sallam, in a dream.

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So you can

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meet him face to face,

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and express your love to him.

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But this is a lie.

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There is no evidence for this claim.

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And even if some people did it, and they thought they saw us who last saw them in a dream, it still we can at most say it's coincidental, it has nothing to do with the drawing of his sandals and putting it under your pillow.

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Similarly, you will find in different parts of the world, the tooth which was knocked out of the profit and homicide salons mouth in the Battle of offered,

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one of his teeth was knocked out.

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And in the Topkapi museum, you will find the tooth there. But also in Pakistan, you will find the tooth in some museums there and in Morocco, you will find the tooth. And in fact, you go around the Muslim world you'll find enough teeth to fill a whole mouth. And the Prophet SAW Salem only lost one tooth.

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And of course, people make all kinds of rituals and rites around the tooth.

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This is all nonsense. There is no loving Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam, to this channel.

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Also we have

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hair from the head of the Prophet SAW Salem, some people claim they have hair from his head. In Kashmir, they even made a whole Masjid dedicated to some hairs from the head of the school called hazard bol musk.

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Again, if we don't have proof that a companion, took his hair from his comb or whatever, passed it on and can be traced. And we don't have it, then know that these claims that people have the hair of the province of South Salem. And again, if you gather up all the strands of hair, it will be enough to cover about 10 heads.

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All nonsense. And people will

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wipe the case that they keep these hairs in and wipe it on themselves.

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Go through all kinds of rites and rituals, around the hairs and the teeth and sandals and this is all nonsense. This is not from the deen at all, from Islam at all.

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So we don't show our love of Salah Salem through these channels. We show our love through obedience to Him. Just as Allah tells us in the Quran, if it is that you love Allah.

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You want to show your love of Allah. Then follow the messenger and the law will love you.

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Why because Allah already said, My Utair rasool Allah Tala, whoever obeys the messenger has obeyed Allah.

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So in obedience to Allah, we show our love of Allah. This is clear obedience to the messenger, we show our love of Allah. This is clear.

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So this is the route the legitimate route by which we show our love for Sula, salatu, salam,

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other aspects involve, for example, loving what the prophet loved

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the things that he loved to do. For example, fasting on Mondays and Thursdays. He loves to do it and he recommended us to do it.

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But very few people do.

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But they claim to love Allah and love the messenger of Allah.

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If we really loved him, then we will do as he did. He regularly fasted Mondays and Thursdays.

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And he encouraged us to do it. So why aren't we doing it if we love Rasulullah sallallahu was

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also in Shaban before Ramadan. He used to fast that month more than any other month. So much so that he would fast the whole month and connect it up to Ramadan. With the exception of a day or two, but how many people didn't bother to fast in Shaban at all.

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So we have to question ourselves.

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Do we really love Rasul Allah salatu salam? Or is it just something that we say?

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You know, these are just words that we express. And maybe we'll get very upset. When Europeans will draw cartoons about Rasul Lhasa will go mad, will go into the streets will burn cars will do all kinds of things. Because a European cartoonist had drawn a picture of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in a funny way.

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So we feel we're showing our love for a school of law. So

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by rioting, people lose their lives, properties destroyed.

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And we feel we're showing our love for a school a loss of life. So know that if resume loss I saw that was present, he would tell you to stop it, not to do it. This is not the way when he went to thrive, and try to spread the message of Islam there, after the coalition rejected him. And the people of Thrive, turned him out,

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sent the children after him throwing stones at him, hitting him with the stones that he was bleeding.

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Yet, when he had the opportunity to destroy them, his thought was, perhaps in the future from their descendants would come those who believe in Allah. So he asked Allah not to destroy them.

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That was Rasul Allah salAllahu Salam.

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And we have to follow his way if we truly love Him.

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there are viewers, before we close, we just want to recap

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the need in order for our faith to be complete, the best of our faith is one in which we have loved the Messenger of Allah, more than our parents, our children, the world, and even our own souls.

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We need to love Him and love what he loves,

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in order for our faith to be complete. With that, I now bid you farewell hoping to see you in the coming episodes of the best in Islam. Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh