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Well I'm Suzanne seeker from logic Hurrican I am doing my engineering from serotonin Colosseo. So your lecture after hearing a lecture, our disbelief about Islam, and Muslims when is today

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so, I have been to Jammu and Kashmir and I've seen the trauma and pain that the people are suffering there because of the so called jihad of the Muslims. So, my question is that, does Islam support such activities? If no, then what actually the word jihad means? Is it in accordance with the fifth or sixth words of the seventh chapter of Quran, which says, Do not Mischeif, or the 14th word for 42nd Chapter which says, forgiveness is better than retaliation, or the third 32nd Verse of the fifth chapter, which states if anyone killed a person,

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he killed the mankind. So I have one more question in the same context. And it is that does Islam teachers, to give priority to the realism that is termed or must have, before the country or motherland that in Mathrubhumi are calm? Thanks a lot.

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Very good questions. The first question is regarding concept of jihad. He says that why are people fighting to Kashmir about jihad? Does Islam encourage this fighting? What is the meaning of jihad? Does it not disagree with the quotations you gave us from either chapter five or sorry to brother, as far as the word jihad is concerned? There's a misconception not only amongst the non Muslims, but even among the Muslims.

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What most of the people think that any war fought by any Muslim for any reason, whether it be for personal gain, whether it be for politics, whether it be for language, whether it be for color, it is called as jihad. Jihad does not mean any war fought by any Muslim Jihad come from the Arabic word shahada, which means to strive, which means to struggle that you have to put your head. So Jihad basically means to strive to struggle. And in the Islamic context, it means to strive against one's own evil inclination. It also means to strive to make the society better. It even includes to strive in the battlefield, to fight self defense. Jihad also means to fight against oppression and tyranny.

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Jihad basically means to stifle struggle. Many people are misconception that Jihad means holy war, and many people translate jihad is holy war. The Arabic word for holy war is Harboe mocha. If you read the Quran, nowhere in the Quran, not a single verse. No one's authentic hadith of mama Salah Salem is this word harbor mocha doesn't mention anywhere. There's no herbal Mocha cytol The translation of jihad is not wholly white, all this word holy war, both first used by the historians to describe the Crusades of the Christian who spread Christianity and who killed 1000s of people in the name of Christianity. Unfortunately, today, many people including so called Muslim scholars,

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inverted commas, they translate the holy war. It's a mistranslation. Yes, Jihad means to strive to struggle, one of the striving can include fighting, fighting also should be in the way of Allah subhanho wa taala. That is kita Asti Seville Allah regarding a question that why does Islam encourage fighting and killing and there are many critics of Islam normally say Islam is a ruthless religion. It always says that you should kill the non Muslim so you find them. Many critics, including the critic of India, Ron Cherie, and he writes in his book The World of fatwa, he quotes surah Tauba chapter number nine, verse number five and says that the Quran says wherever you find a

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cafe into bracket didn't do that you kill them. And if you open the Quran, surah Tauba chapter nine, verse number five, and if you read it does say whether you find a coffee to kill, but this is a quotation out of context. For the context. If you read the first few verses, it speaks about a peace treaty between the mushriks of Lakota and the Muslims. If you read for Toba chapter nine first few verses, it speaks about a peace treaty between the Muslim and machinists of Makkah. Now this peace treaty was unilaterally broken by the machines of Makkah. By the time Allah subhanaw taala. Richard was number five, he gives them an ultimatum to the mushriks and he tells them put things straight in

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four months time, otherwise a declaration of war. And in the battlefield, Allah says that when the enemies come to attack you, you can the enemies so this verse is revealed in the battlefield, that when the enemies come to kill you don't get scared find them, but natural any army general today to boost up the morale of his soldiers. He will say that when the enemies come kill them, he notes that just be quiet, and don't shoot he after Gooding was number five. He jumps to verse number seven, because Boston mystic says the reply surah Tauba chapter nine verse number six says that if the cafe if the enemy seek asylum, if they want peace, don't just give it to them, escort them to a place of

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If the enemy wants peace, asylum,

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escort them to place of secure today, the Most Merciful Army General maximum will tell you soldiers that let the enemy go your Allah says don't just let them go escort them to place a security. So whenever the verses are there of killing, including the verse of Sudan file, chapter eight verse number 60. And they say that prepare your steed and be prepared, attack the enemy the next day. But if the enemy is inclined towards peace, you give it to them. So almost all the verses we talk about fighting after that it says that if they want peace pieces that have

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been Regarding your question, what about the worst loss from Isaiah chapter five? Verse 32, certainly sorry, Chapter Four was 40 that if anyone kills any human being is as good as killed all of humanity. This is the basic rule of Islam, that if anyone kills any human being, whether they're Muslim or non Muslim, unless it be for murder, or for creating mischief in the land, spreading corruption in the land, it is as though yes, kill the whole of humanity. And if anyone says then human being it is as though yesterday all of humanity. So if you read, if you read Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavad Gita, chapter number two was number 50. It says, Christian Shri Krishna says are due to

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strife. If you read Mabthera ma Berra talks about 1000s of verses of fighting 1000s of verses, many number of times more than what the Quran speaks. Mahabharata the Scripture as you may be aware, it talks about a feud, a fight between the Panthers and the quarrels. The five brothers panders and 100 with a code of fight. And Bhagavad Gita is a part of Mahabharata 18 chapters in which Shri Krishna

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Lord, He gives advice to Arjun Arjun says, Arjun says in Bhagavad Gita, chapter number one, verse 42, to 46, that I would prefer

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getting killed unarmed, rather than fighting my cousins, how can I fight my cousin's the crowd was my cousins, I would prefer getting killed unarmed, rather than fight immediately, Lord Christian, you know, what did he say in chapter number two? Verse number two and three phase, that how could such impure thought comes in your mind? It is sinful, how could you become so important? How could you have become so we So Lord Christian faiths, first thoughts are important, the MPR, they are sinful, it will prevent you from going to the heavenly planets going to Jannah after that, but what Gita chapter number two was the mortality 133 says, he says, not Christian. He says to Arjun, that

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it is the duty of a Sharia to fight. If he does not fight, he shall not go to heaven. And if you do not fight, you're doing a sin. So if you're analyzing Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that you have to fight. Imagine if I take verses of Bhagavad Gita and say that Lord Krishna tells Arjuna, that you have to kill your relatives, if I quote out of context will be devilish. But then context it is not Christian says that if you have to fight against falsehood for the truth, you can fight against anyone, even if you're in it is now in context. It makes sense that if you have to fight for justice, even if it be against your will, says there's no problem. So that is the message of

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Bhagavad Gita and Mahabharata, fighting truth against falsehood. The moment that in a Hindu about MABA, the Bhagavad Gita, he has the knowledge, he says no, but ma biting Bhagavad Gita is a fight between truth and falsehood that did the same thing was mentioned the Quran.

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For moment according to verse Gita, Mahabharat, you understand the Quran better? And furthermore, many people say Oh, this Quran talking about jihadi if you do jihad, if you die, you go to Jannah. Many critics, including I don't read your code, and the code even had to say Bukhari while number four in the book of jihad chapter number 246. It says that a Mujahid is a person who strives in the way of Allah subhanho wa taala. And Allah Allah knows who strive and further a prophet said that if a Mujahid dies in the battlefield, he shall go to Jannah he will get paradise, but if he returns back, he does not die, he will turn back with the beauty of all this hadith and February's the Quran

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as quoted by the critics of Islam. I wonder how could the Hindu critics code these things? Having read the Bhagavad Gita, having read the Mahabharat, Even Shri Krishna and he mentioned Bhagavad Gita, chapter number two was the mortality seven, origin or son of Kunti, rise up and fight, even if you're killed, no problem, you will go to heaven. And if you return back successfully, you will get the good riches of this earthly world. Same thing as a nice so when Krishna says to Arjuna that fight if you're killed, no problem, you will go to heaven. If you return back successful, you will get the riches of the world that is the same thing what cyber Hari says what the Quran says. So

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therefore, we should understand each other better by reading the scripture. So Islam allows fighting as a last resort in self defense or to fight against oppression otherwise no and Jihad

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needs to strive to struggle. Now coming to your second question, which is more important,

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which is more important following the rules of the country, or following the Messiah the dean, is are you asking me who do I belong to first? Do I belong to my father or my mother first?

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as far as following the rules of the country and following the rules of Dean, Almighty God is concerned, Almighty God is our Creator. He is more superior to us, following the rules of deen is more important for us than any other rule laid down by Father Mother

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or any country but, but I am indeed, I know, there's not a single law in the Indian Constitution, which prevents any Muslim in India to follow Islam.

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In fact, India is one of the few countries which has mentioned the constitution that it is right. It's the birthright of every citizen of India to preach, practice his religion. That's what I'm doing.

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There is not a single law in India, which prevents me from doing something which is fine or compelled me for doing something which is haram. There is no law, I can offer five times if I want if I don't want to count. There is not a single law in the Indian Constitution, which prevents me from becoming a good Muslim. Therefore I find I'm concerned I am a very practicing Muslim Alhamdulillah and also practicing Indian and is by definition,

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by geographical definition, an Indian geographical is called Hindu. So if Hindu means a geographical definition, I am a Hindu living in India, and I'm a practicing Muslim