Mohamad Baajour – WAYS #08 More beloved to Allah than spending a MOUNTAIN of GOLD

Mohamad Baajour
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I'm gonna now salat wa salam ala Rasulillah olam alumna and founder and founder Vemma lantana. Was it nine manual hammer? I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what he told us and increase us in knowledge. My dear beloved, respected brothers and sisters, ask Allah azza wa jal to make us from the people who listen and apply.

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We all know that today man Alayhis Salam has been given many favors by Allah azza wa jal, he was able to control the wind, he was able to understand the language of the ants, and many, many other favours from Allah subhanho wa taala. One time, supplementary Islam wanted to go from one place to another. So we ordered the wind to move him with all his entourage from the army and animals and everything.

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And the wind by the order of Allah subhanaw taala took Philemon and all his entourage and was moving him from where to wherever he desired. As he was moving, this whole wind created. Black Cloud that blocked the sun is how big it was. So a farmer sitting in his farm, he looked and he saw that huge cloud passing by and blocked the sun. So he said, Subhan Allah will be handy. Look at the wood, Molly can have him and he said, Subhan Allah would be handy. The family of the wood has been given a great huge bounty from Allah azza wa jal, Subhan. Allah all this all he said, who heard him say mentally he said and before that Allah subhanaw taala heard him. Allah heard him and he told him go

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and tell him, he talks to a man go and tell the farmer

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what is that he will Jalali? lako Luca Subhan, Allah will be handy. Chiron min oto L that would go and tell him that you saying Subhan Allah will be handy is better than the milk better than the bounty of L of the family of their would. Allahu Akbar, by brothers and sisters. tonight's talk is about that beautiful, that great statement Subhan Allah were behind. I will narrate many Hadith as usual 100% authentic from rasool Allah says Allah about the virtue of of this word.

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First, let's start with the Hadith that we all know. And it says when it is in Buhari, and as a matter of fact, inevitable carry ended his book with this hadith Kalamata cathedra attorney Allison tequila attorney thing Misa Habib returning of ramen Subhan Allah Who behind Subhan Allah I love him to words light on the tongue, heavy on the scale and most beloved to a right man. What are these two words Subhan Allah who would be handy Subhan Allah oil Avi Subhan Allah Allahu Akbar, how light the RS look at this Subhan Allah who would be handy Subhan Allah Who are the another Hadith Carla Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam A man came through source Hasulam and asked him a unique

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column have been what is the best? What are the best words that could I could ever say? So as I said and said, color color Susa Salam Mustafa, Allah Who mele, Mala kitty, he when he a bad Subhan Allah will be handy. The best words to say is the choice of Allah, to his angels and to His servants. What is that? Subhan Allah who would be humbled in the last day of Surah Zoomer wetheral.

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phenom in hound in harsh, you said behind behind the or B him. Allah told us in the last day of sort of the Zoomer that the angels are surrounding the Throne of Allah azza wa jal and what are they doing? Subhan Allah would be handy, they are saying Subhan Allah who are behind the another Hadith and Hadith in Sahih Muslim and other one I just narrated also in say a Muslim. This one said Allah Akbar had been Kalam you know Allah, wa la the Allahu Allah and he is narrating the Hadith. He said that was also excellent tell

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I told him Shall I inform you about the most beloved the word to Allah azza wa jal Of course I would have said yes Yara so Allah Akbar me there have been caramel Allah tell me please what is the most beloved word Tama. He said, in a humble Calamy in Allah Subhan Allah will be handy, the most beloved statement to Allah azza wa jal, the greatest Allah, the Most Beloved statement is Subhan Allah will be hundy Subhan Allah where we handed more your work listen to this man Carla Subhan Allah will be handy or you set level Nakhla fill Jana whomsoever Say Subhan Allah who would be handy

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inocula a palm tree is planted for him or for her in Jana, and every tree Jana, as we all know its trunk is made of gold and it takes someone 100 years to travel just under its shade. Subhan Allah who would be handy Subhan Allah who would be handy Subhan Allah who be handy. Look at me, I'm planting and you're watching me, go ahead and plant with me. Subhan Allah Subhana Allah will be handy. Allah Akbar. Look at the greatness of Allah azza wa jal now, no Holly has Salam. And the hadith is in the abdomen. morfydd know how to use Salam.

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He told his son, I will give you some advice.

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Halle salaam, one of the greatest prophets and messengers, he's telling his son, I'm giving you an advice. I command you to do two things and I forbid you to do two things. Okay. Let's talk about what He commanded him. He said I commend you with La Ilaha Imola

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because the seven seven or the seven heavens and the seven earth were placed in a pan and now in a Halo was placed in the other pan, it surely Leila and Allah will over will outweigh them. But this is our shed here. And Subhan Allah will be handy for inner house Allah to khalifate so he gave him two advices c'est la ilaha illa Allah and stick to it and live by Leila illAllah. And second, he said constantly repeat Subhan Allah who will be handing y li and Salah to cliche will be higher your circle hug, it is the salaat of everything. Every creation is saying Subhanallah handy, what is the evidence to resign anytime you say something is something we need that evidence in saltless where he

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she in? You said behold behind the weather can lead Kahuna test be her home, Allah said every creation is making this be to Allah, every creation, to sit there will be handy that means saying Subhan Allah will be 100 but you human being cannot comprehend the way they are making test. But they are making disappear. Everything around us is saying Subhan Allah behind and that was the advice of no hurry. Salanter son, Say Subhan Allah be handy because it is the salaat it is the dua of everything, and we're behind your Zakon Hulk and with it, the people will be provided for every risk will come to the people through that word. So my brother you're going through any kind of

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hardship and their risk. And remember, we said that risk is not only wealth, risk is a good wife as a good child as a risk. A good health is a good job as far as being able to go to the masjid as well as being able to pray on time as well as having a son that knows how to read the Quran is there as everything is from Allah azza wa jal where a user can help so constantly Say Subhan Allah will be handy, you will be increased and risk Allahu Akbar, yeah, when these words are taught to us by Rasul Allah, Allah is seldom the one who loves us so much. So how can I stay quiet? Why are you quiet? Down there watching me? Why are you quiet? Go ahead. Subhan Allah Subhan Allah who would be handy

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all the time is the most beloved word to Allah azza wa jal, and why am I mentioning this? Why am I mentioning this in our ways, episodes, because of the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whomsoever, say, Subhan Allah will be handy. The Yeoman Miette Mara hookah Kataria. We're in cannot miss Lesiba dilbar whomsoever, Say Subhan Allah would be 100 100 times a day 100 times a day on his minor sins are forgiven, even if they were as much as the foam of the sea. Subhan Allah would be Hyundai Subhan Allah who would be handy Subhan Allah who would be handy 100 It will take 100 seconds. 100 seconds is less than two minutes. Let's see

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82 minutes. Yeah, 32 minutes, get all my minor sins forgiven, please. You know, sometimes we cannot.

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Maybe we don't have the time to count them on our hands. You know what I do? I look at my when I'm driving, for example, I'm going to the supermarket I'm going to back home, I'm going to the masjid. I look at the clock, The clock says, for example, five or six, and I start saying Subhan Allah, and when it becomes 2508509 I stop. No, this is a one way you can do that. Because it takes two minutes. So give it a few starts at 5075 or six, give it till 509 Because you don't know what part of five or six are you in right now. So give it to me. 509 you will be on the safe side, you would have said Subhan Allah who will be 100 100 times and get all your minus sins forgiven. I left the best Hadith

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which is 100% authentic to the last to the end spamela Listen to what I saw last on Allah alayhi wa sallam, and that is Narrated by Abu mana. He said, The Iranian salatu salam said I'm going to go straight to the translation. The one if there is someone who is unable to pray during the night, maybe the Pm is very hard for him.

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And he is too miser to spend T sebelah maybe he has a lot of responsibilities, a lot of bills he cannot spend for the children and charity. And he is too coward to go for jihad.

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Men Hello, who named and you Kirby the well documented been met and you can figure out what you're gonna do and you call it tiller. All these three What should I do? If I cannot do any of these? I am lazy to get up in the middle of the night I am feeling and I cannot spend so much money and I feel like and I cannot go and fight. What should we do Subhanallah first of all, as I said and said you should say abundantly Subhan Allah will be handy, because that is more valuable to Allah has our general than spending in his path in mountain of gold in mountain load of gold.

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Saying Subhan Allah who would be handy excessively constantly, continuously is more beloved to Allah than spending a mountain load of gold. I know every single one of us have seen a mountain. But you know what? Let me show you some mountains. If you look at the screen in sha Allah Tada Look at these beautiful mountains. And I want you to

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Subhanallah reflect on how great look at this mountain.

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Subhanallah mountains you see those mountains, I want you to imagine these mountains are mountains of gold. Gold, spent three Sevilla as a virgin, and the solar system said that saying Subhanallah who is more beloved to him than spend expending mountains of gold. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. So many brothers and sisters, you're driving, you're sitting in an in an office, sometimes you have some break, even you're pumping gas or you're you're shopping in the supermarket. Subhan Allah Subhan Allah Subhan Allah, Allah and all of these great rewards, sins will be forgiven. trees will be planted. You're saying something that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada loves. Please constantly. Repeat

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Subhan Allah will be handy and teach your children to say it. May Allah make us from the people who listen and apply. May Allah azza wa jal plant to us many many many millions of trees in Jana May Allah gathers under his shade and there is no shade except his shade. I love you all for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah humbug handpick a shadow Allah Allahu Allah and the stuff Utica when a to ILEC

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Danny Boone can

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come say

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one other thing real quick. I'm muda fallen Kareem

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