Haitham al-Haddad – The battle of narratives and resistance

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The UK is facing a major impact on the public, as non-Migrics are supporting their brothers and sisters in force. The battle is about narratives and the stance of the government, and there is a potential shift in the vote. The UK has seen political demonstrations and protests, petitions, and resistance from non-English society, leading to accusations of bias and refusing to be colonized by others.
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What we are doing here in the UK has a major impact on the public opinion. And it is supporting our brothers and sisters in Palestine. So many people around the world from different countries, they called me and they said that we really appreciate Muslims in the UK and even non Muslims in the UK. So many people were talking about what non Muslims are doing in the UK. And this is amnesty to all Muslims and to all honest, sincere non Muslim to continue what they have been doing for the last

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four or five weeks it is supporting our brothers and sisters in Rosa. Now the battle really is a battle of narratives, first of all, and the Battle of narratives will support the baton in Gaza, because the battle in Gaza now it is a matter of I think the fingers this battle is what who is going to give up first, if the reason people gave up then the occupation has won if their occupation gave up then because has won. That's all this is the summary of the battle, how can they rather than

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people, and the Palestinian people continue struggling? continue resisting by our support, you know, so many people I was speaking to a brother today, who is martial law has a strategic thinking. And he follows the news. And he said that there are two countries that can play a major role in both battles, the Battle of narratives, and the Battle of patience and resistance in the US and the UK, and the Muslims in the US and non Muslims in the US who are exercising pressure on their government,

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they might change or they might create a shift in the ground in Gaza. Similarly, Muslims in the UK by exercising more pressure on their government, then there will be a shift in the stance of the government in sha Allah. And we have seen that in the last maybe a few days, the Democrats in the US they started to change their language a little bit. Barack Obama came a few days ago, two days ago. And he started to they attach himself from what Biden is doing. And the Democrats, they want to

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isolate themselves to move away from by them. Why because they felt that they are losing the support of the people in America. And I think the statistics said 60% of the voters in America, they don't want to vote anymore for the Democrats. Here in the UK. We have seen the Prime Minister he stopped talking about the world after the first two weeks and now he is not as vocal as he was before because they have seen those demonstrations and the protests, petitions etc. Many counselors belong

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to the labor, they have resigned. So they see that people are not keeping quiet and they might lose support with the jury or the labor, they might lose support brothers and sisters and our friends and colleagues from the wider non Muslim society. You are doing a fantastic job many people outside the UK they are unable to do what we are doing what you are doing, keep doing that. Remember, the people in Gaza they are not fighting for themselves. They are fighting for Muslims in general for the Ummah

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in general. And also they are fighting for non Muslims who want to be independent who are against injustice who are refusing to be colonized by others who want to be independent and who want to have real freedom. Keep up the good work that really you have been doing. And in sha Allah we will see good news in sha Allah soon.

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