Since All Religions Preach Good Things Can a Person Follow Any Religion

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The next question is something connected.

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When brother proposed asking, all the religions basically preach good things.

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Thus a person can follow any one of the religion. It is one and the same

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question poses

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that all the reason basically teach good things.

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So you can follow any religion is one of the same. And I do agree with him in the first part of the question that all religions do basically preach good things. For example, origins say, we should not rob you should not molest a woman who should not rape. Hinduism says that Christianity says that Islam says that. But the difference between Islam and the other religion is that Islam besides speaking of good things, it shows you a way how to implement those good things. Like all religions speak about Beethoven. But Islam tactically shows you it demonstrates how to practice it in your day to life Salah has etc. So Islam besides speaking theoretically, it shows you a way how to practice

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it in your life.

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For example, Hinduism says you should not rob Krishna, it says we should not rob Islam says we should not Rob So what is the difference between Islam and the other religions? Islam shows your way how to achieve that state in which people will not rob

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Islam as a system of Zakat, that is, every rich person was a saving of more than the nisab level 85 grams of gold, he or she should give 2.5% of that excess wealth in charity, every lunar year. If every human being gifts, charity, poverty will be eradicated from this world, there will not be a single human being will die of hunger.

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After this, the glory of Quran says it's reminder, chapter number five was number 13. As to the thief, beat a man or woman job of his or her hand as a punishment from Allah subhanaw taala. Some people may say, chopping up the hands. In this age of 20th century, Islam is a barbaric religion. It's a ruthless law.

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And I do know that there are 1000s of people who Rob So if you chop off all the people, then many people lose the hands. But the law is so strict that the moment we implement it. And if a person comes to know that his hands will be chopped off, if he robs, immediately the thought of robbing will go away from his mind.

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Do you know today America, which happens to be one of the most advanced country in the world. Unfortunately, it also has one of the highest rates of crime,

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highest rate of robbery and theft. I must be questioned if you implement the Islamic Sharia in America. That is every rich person gives a cat 2.5% of excess wealth in charity. And after that, If any man or woman drops job of his or her hand, I must new question. Will the rate of robbery and theft in America? Will it increase?

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Will it remain the same? Or will it decrease?

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It will decrease. It's a practical law. you implement the Sharia and you get results. Let me give you the example

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that most of the major religions say that we should not molest a woman that or should not rape a woman Hinduism says that Christianity says that Islam says the same but Islam shows your way. How to achieve that state in which people will not men will not molest or rape a woman Islam as a system of a job. People normally talk about Egypt for the woman. But Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Glorious Quran first speaks about the hijab for the man and then for the woman, the Glorious Quran, faith and for a new chapter number 24 was the Mati that said the believing man that he should lower his gaze and guard his modesty. Whenever a man looks at a woman and any breathing thought comes in his mind.

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Any unashamed thought comes in his mind, he should lower his gaze.

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Number one once a friend of mine, was a Muslim friend, who was staring at a girl for a long time. So I told him, brother, what are you doing?

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It's prohibited in Islam to stare at a girl. So he told me, our beloved Prophet said that the first glance is allowed. The second is prohibited. I have not yet completed half mag lands.

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What is the profit mean by saying the first glance is allowed. The second is prohibited. He didn't mean that you can look at a woman and stare continuously at her for 20 minutes without blinking. What the Prophet meant that if you look at the woman unintentionally, intentionally don't look at her again. Don't feast on her night for the Prophet min. The next word speaks about the job for the woman who renewed chapter 24 verse 31 says that said the believing woman that she should lower the gaze and God and modesty and display not her beauty except what appears ordinary have and to draw a head covering over the buzzin

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and display not a beauty except in front of a husband, a father, a son, etc. And a big list of men from the close relatives who she can marry is given

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And there are basically six criteria for the job. The first is the extent to differ between the man and the woman for the man, next 20 from the navel to the need for the woman, the complete body should be covered the only part that can be seen or the face and hands up tourists, some scholars say even this should be covered.

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The remaining five criteria are the same. The second is the close the way, it should not be so tight that it reveals a figure. Third, it should not be transparent so that you can see through fourth, it should not be so glamorous, that it attracts the opposite sex. Fifth, it should not resemble that of the unbeliever. Sixth, it should not resemble that of the opposite sex. These are basically six criteria for a job mentioned the Quran and the Saudis. And the Quran says in Surah azab, Chapter 30 verse, Psalm 59, giving the reason for his job. It says, Oh Prophet, tell your wife and the believing woman, that when they go abroad, they should put on the clock,

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so that

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they shall be recognized, and it will prevent them from being molested.

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Quran says hijab has been prescribed for the woman so that if we prevent him from being molested,

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and the Islamic Sharia says, If anyone rapes any woman, he gets capital punishment. People with a carefree punishment in this 20th century, Islam is a barbaric religion. It's a ruthless law.

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It's a barbaric religion.

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Do you know America, which happens to be the country which is supposed to be most advanced, it has one of the highest rate of rape.

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According to the stats that he says that on average, every day, more than 1900 females are being raped every day, every one point a minute, one female is raped. Since the time is all dorium. It's more than two and a half hours. How many reps have taken place? How many more than 100? in America? I must be a question. If you implement the Islamic Sharia in America, that is every man when he looks at a woman he should notice the woman should be properly dressed up in the job.

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And after that, If any man rapes, capital punishment, I must no question Will the rate of increase will remain the same? Or will it decrease?

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It will be easy the practical law, you implement the Sharia and you get results. And I've asked this question to non Muslims that suppose someone rapes unfortunately a wife or a mother. And if you are made the judge, and the rapist is put in front of you, What punishment will you give? And believe me, all of them said we'll put into that someone to the extent of saying we will touch her into that. So why do you have the double standards, someone takes somebody else's life capital punishment is barbaric law, someone needs your wife, you want again capital punishment, why these double standards? And do you know in India, according to the statistics of crime Bureau, it says that every

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54 minutes one case of rape is reported in India. How many taking place every few minutes, maybe one case and no wonder that the home minister of India lk Advani, you know what he said it came in headlines of Times of India

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headline what it says that Advani Advani puts a debt wrap for rapes and recommends an amendment in the law headlines in Times of India 20th of October 10 days back on Tuesday, one day before 27th of October 1998 he said that he wants death penalty for the rapist

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and hamdulillah

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what Islam I said 14 years ago lk Advani saying that and I congratulate him for that I'm not here to promote any political party I'm not a politician, but if someone speaks the throat after appreciate it

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and if you implement this, surely the rate of rape will diminish. Maybe the next Home Minister may implement the Islamic is up here also. So inshallah the rape will be completely abolished. They are coming closer to Islam I appreciate it.

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tala calm within survived Pininfarina Come come to common terms as witness and you, Mr. galvani realize that rape is increasing in India. And he rightly recommended that the law should be amended and death penalty should be put for the rapist and I'm for it. I'm the first Indian to support him.

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So, if you analyze Islam, besides picking good things, it shows you a way how to achieve that state of goodness. Therefore, I say that Islam unlike other religion, we speak good things. It shows you a way how to achieve goodness. So therefore, if I have to follow a religion, I would follow religion which is good things and shows you away how to achieve that good things. Therefore it is rightly said is sorry, elimination, chapter three verse 19. In data in the lawlessness

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The only reason except in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala is the person who submitted it one last minute Allah