Zakir Naik – Sell Jewelry In Order To Pay Zakaat

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of selling jewelry to pay Z centers and avoid complications. They also mention that if the customer has other wealth, they can pay a certain percentage of the value of the gold or silver item, and if the customer doesn't have any wealth, they will have to sell part of the jewelry and give a cut compensated.
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A sister does not have any wealth apart from jewelry,

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Should she sell some of it in order to pay the Zakat on it. As far as the jewelry she has, if it is cool, and if it is, above the nisab level 85 grams of gold or above it, then Zakat is complicity. If it's silver, it should be 595 grams of silver or above it. If it's more than nisab level, the causes compensation in the cloud can be paid even from other words that she has or from the jewellery itself. If she has other wealth and she pays the cost every year she has to pay two and a half percent of the value of the gold or silver.

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If she doesn't have any of her relative also can pay on her behalf. Whether it be father, mother, brother, no problem you can pay, but if she doesn't have any wealth and royalties, then she will have to sell part of jewelry she'll have to sell 2.5% of the jewelry and gives the cut is compensated should be given every year. Okay, thank you.

Should One Sell A Part Of One’s Jewelry In Order To Pay Zakaat? – Dr Zakir Naik

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