The Excellence Of Qiyaam-Ul-Layl

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The Excellence Of Qiyaam-Ul-Layl In Islam – Dr Zakir Naik


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Could you tell us something of the excellence of the night prayer kiama Lail in Islam, afar the excellence of Campbell led the night praise concern. There are several verses in the Quran. The fella did talking about it, I'll just mention a few of them

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unless it's in the Quran

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in certifies the chapter number 32 was number 16 talking about those people who are people of Paradise those who go to China, and he described these people that they limbs do forsake the bed of sleep. And they call to the Lord in fear and who that means they leave aside the sleep and the fate of last manansala in hope and in fear in taqwa and continues and they giving charity from the sustenance they have given. Talking about the people of Jenna

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for the feed in the Quran, it's mentioned for that yet, chapter number 51 was number 17. At that, these people talking about the people of Gemini and righteous people, they sleep very little in night.

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And during the early hours of dawn, these people they pray for forgiveness, Allah for the season sorry for crime, chapter number 25. Muslim 64 that these are the people who spend the night in adoration of the Lord standing.

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And in prostration in Korea, and

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the various verse in the Quran, there are very crowded talking about the excellence of this night prayer. A beloved performer fellow from said it's mentioned it's a Muslim world number one, in the book of fasting Hadith number 2612.

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A Beloved Prophet Muslim said that the best prayer

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after the prescribed prayers after the prayers which are obligated which are found, it is the night prayer

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a beloved partner for sunset, as mentioned say Buhari was number two, in the book of

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Hadith number 1131. The Beloved Prophet said the best prayer is the prayer of Salaam and the best fasting, the fasting of the of the Islam. And though there is a lamb, he is to sleep the first half of the night, then he is to spend the next one third of the night in praying to Allah subhanaw taala and the rest of it the one sixth of night. He's talking sorry.

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You're again talking about the accidents of the night prayer. Our beloved Prophet Musa Lawson said it's mentioned say Buhari was number two, in the book of Hadith number 114, to a beloved Prophet said that when a person sleeps, the Satan, he ties three knots at the back of his head.

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And after tying each knot, he whispers and he blows and says, The night is long, so keep on sleeping.

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And when a person gets up, and remember the last one out Allah, the first note is undone. When he does the Voodoo, the second note is undone. And when he prays, the third note is undone and the person is energetic, and inshallah will be on the straight path for the full day.

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On the other hand, if he gets up without taking the new fella without dropping Salah, then he's lazy and hardest, Mr. Office.

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Our beloved prophet Nasir, listen for the set. It's mentioned in say, Muslim world, number one.

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In the book of Salah Hadith number 166.

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A Beloved Prophet said that Allah subhanho wa Taala, he descends to the lowest part of the heaven, in the last one third of the night.

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And he says that, is there anyone who wants to supply it to me? And I will answer it. Is there anyone who wants to ask from me and I will do it trim? Is there anyone who wants to seek forgiveness? And I will forgive him?

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Is there anyone who wants to invest a good deed with me? For I'm not unjust and not wasteful. And you can do this till the break of dawn.

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And there are various excellent spoken about the night prayer. For example, in a study of tirmidhi obligations, how did number 3579 our beloved prophet Muslim said that

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the servant is the closest to his Lord

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in the last one third of the night, and if he asked him, and if you preach to him during this time, it is the best time that you can pray to Allah subhanaw taala

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it's mentioned in a say howdy Dr. Moody.

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In the applications are the number

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that when a person asked that which is the best time to pray,

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Beloved partners, Wilson said that the best time that a prayer will be answered is during the last one third of the night, and after the prescribed prayers after the fabricated prayers, if you supplicate then inshallah that the best time to ask this application and the last one third of the night, it's mentioned insulin without

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more number one

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in the book of Salah added number 1417. The Beloved Prophet musclepharm said that Allah subhanho wa Taala has added one more prayer for you, that is a winner.

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And if anyone wants to pay fire a carton Witter, he may do so.

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If anyone wants to prepare a cart for winter, he may do so. If anyone wants to pay wonder cart for winter, he may do so.

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It's further mentioned sooner without we're number one in the salad, added number 1303.

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The Beloved Prophet masala Some said

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that a person who gets up in the middle of the night and praise to Allah subhanaw taala and wakes up his wife

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and if she doesn't wake up, then sprinkle some water on Allah has mercy and blessing is on such people. And that the further continues that Allah has mercy and blessing are on those woman who wake up in the middle of the night and the patron last minute Allah and they wake up the husbands and if their husbands don't wake up, they sprinkle water on them. So again, it is one of the best prayers after obligated to a beloved prophet monster lesson for the sake as mentioned something not without or number one in the book of Salah Hadith number 1302. The prophets wife holiday Shama Lolita, she said that the Prophet used to always pray the camel

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and he never missed it.

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Even when he was sick and Ill all authority he's to pray, even though he's to previous city. He never missed it. So this was free of the Hadith and few Quranic verses, which speak about the excellence of the night prayer.