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AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of strong character and adults to be a good believer, empowering children by showing love and helping people in affairs. They stress the need for children to be empowered by others and allow people to know their decisions are final. The speakers also emphasize the importance of not giving up on one's actions and emotions, finding partners who provide opportunities for people to get to know each other and benefit, learning and sharing experiences online to maximize productivity and benefit, and learning and sharing experiences to increase knowledge and productivity.
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know what the island testified to his oneness that none is worthy of worship with Him and Him alone without any partners, and testifying to the finality of Prophethood being the person of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam that he was final prophet and Servant and Messenger.

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And after reminding myself I knew with the Taqwa of Allah, the necessity of living a life that is conscious of Allah and dutiful to him, and consistent with him, and fully loving and trusting of him, Subhanahu wata Allah. And after now welcoming my brothers and sisters to the house of Allah azza wa jal.

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A few weeks prior, we left off with the second of the five advices

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of Abdullah Al Baraka, Rahim, Allah to and have even GitLab when he asked him, What is the greatest thing Allah can grant the person he said about isa too often to have this innate, deep, intuitive or spiritual intelligence, to just know how to size things up correctly, know what questions are useful, and what aren't to know what priorities are true and which of them are fake.

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And so he said to him for LM yakun, what if someone doesn't have this deep intelligence to be the ideal believer? He said, for his for AdaBoost Hussen. And the second best thing you can have is the greatest part of being the believer and having good adults, having great character.

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Those so we covered and then now, he said to him for in lamea code, what if a person doesn't have great adult? He doesn't have great manners. He said to him for iPhone slaley Yes, the hero who then he having a righteous brother or sister, of course, a righteous comrade, a righteous companion in faith that he or she can consult. Because if you don't have everything lined up correctly, and even the most basic fundamentals of the dean, like Adam, are, you know, unstable with you, you're not consistent in them, then you're going to need an external source, right? Some extrinsic help, to keep you in check to keep you from slipping too far or slipping without ever coming back to keep you

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in orbit. If you are unstable, we don't want you to crash. And so yes, at least having a brother or a sister that can help you do that, yes, this year, who that you could consult and you can perform sure with that they can share their thoughts with you and your thoughts and concerns with them. And you can benefit from that. And we are all in need of that. By the way, regardless of where we fall on the believer spectrum, or the believer mountain. We all need children. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself, the ideal believer was told by Allah, I wish I would have home filmed and consult your companions, your loyal companions in matters in affairs, consult them. And

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when Allah praised him for living up to them, these teachings he said, What amerihome should obey now that you and these believers, you are such an ideal community, because your decisions are arrived at through mutual consultation between you,

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you know, and then it is not just your brother, it could also be your sister, it could also be your spouse. And we find that the exact example in this era when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam had to negotiate a peace treaty with Quraysh, who's been at war with him for years and years now, since he arrived in Medina. They formed the Treaty of enho Davia. But part of the negotiation was the only way we will accept this peace treaty is if you go away, and don't perform the Umrah, pilgrimage, or mild minor pilgrimage you intended to make you and your companions so 40 100 companions have just traveled for two weeks on foot or on Camelback to get to Mecca and they say, you want us to agree to

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this fine, but our final stipulation is to come back next year, because we will not accept for people to say you pressured us.

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And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said they will not call me to any terms that prevent blood from being spilled. And the sanctity of these lands from being overrun, except that I'll accept it. Not every compromise the compromise a compromise and principles. So when the Sahaba were told take all three firearms exit your state of that sanctimonious state, you're in an aroma we're not performing earlier this year. They couldn't believe they were in utter shock. And it was one of the very rare occasions that he did not rush to obey the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, they were devastated. They were refusing they they were just trying to drag

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Sometime out of hope that Allah Who sent down a verse that has no forget the treaty we're fighting. They were all ready to do that. And so the prophets, Allah, Allahu Allah, he was said lamp, became frustrated with them, and didn't know what to do with them. And so he entered his tent. And he says to Alma selama, essentially what I do with these people, they're actually not obeying me, this is something unexpected even for him. She said to him, you want them to obey, you bow outside, and you shave your head, you slaughter your animal, you exit the State of Iran. In other words, show them that it's actually final.

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And so when he did that, they will comply. So even the Prophet alayhi salatu, Salam benefited from the shoulder of others.

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And in life in all in all of our lives, we will have so many lesser regrets, if we just open up to people and benefit from their advice, you'll just have less trouble less heartache. You know, I often use the example of marriage and I tell the youth, that stop insisting that your way is somehow you know, the decision of the old seeing the All Knowing the perfectly fair, the most wise, that is Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, not to you. And even among humanity, there are people that have been through what you've been through, and they see things with greater perspective, and then you see it, don't unilaterally be hard headed and make the decision about marriage. Because the idea is that if

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you make a bad decision, you find out the marital choice you made wasn't a good choice. After you consulted people that will do go ahead and marry this person that compatible, then you'll feel less guilty, less regretful that I did everything I could, I assessed as best as I could. And I asked people to help me assess that aren't as like, emotionally skewed as me, they're not emotionally invested, they have more life experience, I could not have possibly done better. But if you imagine the opposite, if someone does not want to consult people, or if they even offered unsolicited advice, don't marry this person, it's as clear as the the writing's on the wall, they're not a good

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match for you. And then after the fact, he still does it, and after the fact, he or she finds out it wasn't a good match. It hurts so much more, because everyone told me, I should have known better, why did I think that I was smarter than everybody else? Right.

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And, you know, on the concept of Shura, you know, a second point I do want to make, which is very important. Sure, is not just some stiff, you know, approaching someone and consulting them the way you do with like a counselor or like a business consultant, or otherwise, it's not just that our Dean teaches us to place ourself in a place where we will get advice from others. without even asking, because many times the advice we need, we don't actually know that we need it. You may not know that you need advice right now. So you need to put yourself surround yourself with those who will offer it, like rub shoulders with people often there has to be a regiment in your life, where

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you subject yourself to one solid as the hero, you know, a righteous brother or sister that can extend this advice to you. You know, circling back to the Prophet I used salatu salam when Allah told him 50 prayers every night and day, and he came back down to bring this to the world. Moose Allah He celebs is the one that extended the advice it will hold on what Allah tells you. Not so fast. I have dealt with humanity before you I have dealt with the Israelites. People are not going to be able to bear 50 prayers in a night and you want more and more people to live up to the advice. ask Allah for a reduction. The fact that Allah had him passed by Musa he's Salam. The fact that most

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Allah He said I was also taking the initiative and concern that is dynamic. You want to build for yourself. You want to pass by your fellow believers and believers need to also obviously don't strain the relationship be wise and be sparing and be gentle. You want also extend advice to people. This happens so many times. You know, even with this Syrah again, there's a very beautiful story of Alibaba and Melinda Radi Allahu Allah and he almost didn't give advice to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, at a time when it would have really mattered. It would have really been consequential right before the Battle of bed.

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The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam is out there with Muslims, and they're about to face an army that's three times theirs eyes, they're not ready for combat. They don't have artillery or numbers or anything, and they stationed themselves and who Babs steps up to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and he says to your Salah, did Allah station you hear?

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This is like the manners of cause like if Allah determined this is the location, then case closed, it is not a matter to subject to our rationales or is this

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Your personal opinion on the most tactful place to stay? He said no, this is just my opinion. He said some Well, this is no place to be standing in battle. If you want leverage, we need to go find a well turned out to be the wealth better, right? That's why it's called the Battle of bed because it's that that Well, it happened at the well. And if we want the upper hand, we need to be the only ones that have access to the water. So let's bury the other wells and be around this well. And that was the deciding factor after the permission of Allah azza wa jal for them winning that battle that was called Alpha Khan, the deciding battle, the differentiator, that really what the Muslims on the

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map that they these people might actually survive, this religion is actually going to go against all odds and not be buried in the cradle. Had he not extended that advice, and had the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam not made it clear to all of us, however, that I am always approachable and always open to advice. Perhaps this wouldn't have happened.

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And so put yourself in that place. I mean, let's be practical here. The Masjid get to know people in masjid and give opportunities people to get to know you. So that when you change, they can tell us what you've changed. And I don't just even mean that morally. That's a part of it. Right? We're missing you with Masjid. That's a part of it. They're noticing something's different. And they'll pick you up again. Right? They'll extend that counsel to you. But also even just the emotionally as well. Like you look extra stress. I remember a brother in this mustard sitting here now a few years ago.

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He said to me after you look very stressed.

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I knew I was stressed. But I did not know how stressed I was until he told me that it's visible. You might not be as if no, you know handling as well as you think this is priceless. And that's one way to do it. subject yourself to the masjid where people can find you right and you can find them and you can check up on each other and benefit each other. Another way is it's very important, invite each other to each other's homes people are getting more and more comfortable hamdulillah socializing. Now the risks seem to be mitigated and lowered day by day day by day may Allah keep us that way. Keep us on that. That trajectory that direction, visit each other's homes. You know

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certain advice also will not happen until the bonds grow and the hearts are joined. And then we will be comfortable listening and we will be comfortable giving this sorts of mature it is priceless. To have a brother or sister in your life in Sharla more than one that can be open and transparent. Tell you what you need at times that you may not even know that you need it and hence you would not have asked for it a whole whole how that was the Florida Alima Lee welcome.

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hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Anna, we have the shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa de julio sharika lahu eyeshadow, anna Muhammad and Abdullah who whenever you who are pseudo.

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And so the shoulder, and it's important that we're taught in Islam is really about that, about growing, the opportunities to cross pollinate to benefit and feed off of each other's experiences, each other's perspectives. And you know, subhanAllah you see now that the wish, the radical shift we had to make in COVID. But even before and after COVID to virtual life, you see the gaping hole in it now that there really are no meaningful relationships where people can put their guard down and people can understand you good enough to offer valuable advice. Either people will be too afraid to share their experiences online, hopefully many times that's a wise move, and others will either

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critique or be too afraid to share the advice of fear of being understood. But when there is a culture of Shura that is built on the ground, that is how you can unlock treasure and benefit from each other. As you know many times

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we take certain things for granted. Like

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education, learning for the believer, it is supposed to be constant, you're constantly supposed to be learning constantly supposed to be evolving. You know, in the materialistic world in modern world, education is actually a period it's just the face and we sort of without realizing it just accept that that I went to school. I do what I had to do now I'm educated now the real goal is here which is the making of money the career or whatnot. In the Dean the dean is not doesn't tell you that I mean, you can't sell you need learning constantly need to remind you know, we go through various

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is in our life, all of us. And we constantly need to be re introduced. So how to stay close to Allah in that new phase in my life? That's another benefit of short. What do I do with kids? What do I do with teenagers? Right? What do I do is free time, right? Many people struggle in our marriage, they put up with, you know, stressors for the kids, the kids off to college are in each other's noses, I gotta go find someone who actually did it dry, filled his time with good. So the shaitan doesn't matter with the three. All of these different phases require you to figure out someone who has done it, done it right and benefit from them.

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And so open your homes and accept invitations into people's homes as best you can as much as you can within your comfort levels and make visitation also low maintenance. So we're not overthinking the scheduling and the burden of costs and otherwise, just how do we maximize sitting with one another to unlock these treasures of cross The cross pollination, the sharing of experiences? Sometimes it is even just silent therapy, just sitting with each other we're inspired by each other's words inspired by someone's patients at home with certain family members that are have certain needs due to their ages or their handicaps or otherwise. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam sat down close with

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this. He was asked

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ya rasool Allah, a you must Magi listener. You must be a listener Oh Julissa, which are the best people to get to sit with? And he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam manda Cara Camilla here to the people that when you see them, you're reminded Allah, you're reminded of Allah don't even need to be speaking. He got up afraid sooner. Why aren't I praying soon, right? He said, it's not for Allah when he spoke something or disclosed the secret over dinner. It's inspiring, right? He's not lecturing me here. He said, the one that reminds you of Allah, simply by seeing him. He said, The second of the three qualities was that he really make human people who he increases your beneficial

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knowledge. When he speaks, you sit with them, they're not just talking about prices and movies. And Tesla's or, you know, stocks, not just that he's increasing in my valuable knowledge when he speaks, he said with a keterangan bill FLTR Malou. And their behavior reminds you of hereafter.

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And visiting the less fortunate is the last advice, practical implementation of this the massages the homes, and the places of the less fortunate. You know, when the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam was told by a man I feel that my heart is hard. What do I do? He said, visit the graveyard. Those that were overtaken by that, he said and caress the head of North orphan, you think it just remedies the orphan to curse their head, it remedy us as well. It reminds me of how fragile and how short lived this world is, and how the reality is everything. Simply seeing someone who is less privileged to operate, that could be of the actions that remind you of the Hereafter, regardless of whether

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they are believers or not in the Hereafter. So put yourself in these places to constantly learn and remember and be reminded, and particularly look for brothers and sisters in faith. But you can have this lesson treasure on my shoulder with all the time shared experiences shared counsel, may Allah azza wa jal teach us the new that which will benefit us and benefit as he has taught us and surround us with believing men and women above all, that remind us of him and increase our knowledge about him and his deen and remind us of the hereafter and inspire us to work for it. Allahumma Amin Allahu McCullen our Hamner, it'll fill in our hand it'll fill in our Amna Allahu mozzie dinero Manyara bene

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Sanofi Maddy phatic

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Allahumma Philomena into the mouths when you know and what me not even who Mr. Hamlin What's your Filipina has an allergy then our copper and our antenna? What could it they're like our Indian Robina attina Lydon Kurama Dawa. Hey, Lana Medina Alfredo was Allah Allahu wa salam ala Cana b&m Hyung. Madhu Allah He was on the edge nine

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hola como lo Akbar a shadow one