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The transcript describes a historical conflict between Islam and race, where the Prophet sallua Alayshi wa sallam advises rush towards forgiveness of one's Lord and gives a detailed explanation of the negative consequences of rushing towards debt and wealth. The conflict is described as a war of deeds and race, with the potential for negative consequences such as permanent disability and death.

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another Hadith which is very similar to this related by Imam theory, the rackets Allah Healy in his son and in fact, in my Muslim Rockhampton, Allah Healy relates to Hadith in history, in which Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, like I said, there should be no waiting there should be no deliberation when it comes to the Afra your mama would I would relate to that Ethan a son or a daughter that have equal equally Shane Illa Ramadan if you know that there should be deliberation and everything except in the deeds of the Arca when it comes to the deeds of the earth. What should we do? Allah says we're sorry.

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And haste and rush towards the forgiveness of your Lord. Well for you, they're like affiliate and alphas in the modern Alpha soon, and in this ship people rival with each other rival each other vibe with each other.

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What's typical, Hey Rob, rush towards in haste and towards

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good deeds for spherical hierarchy. So Allah tells rush, hasten race, vie with one another race against each other, in good deeds competes with one another in good deeds, deliberation, forbearance, slowness in everything, except in the deeds in the affairs of Africa. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in this hadith related by Muslim in his so he Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says by the rule Bill Armani fit in and got better invading Muslim

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rush towards and race with your deeds race against and beat

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trials and tribulations that will come upon you like the dark hours of the night or like the hours of the dark mountains

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and In another Hadith later BAM did with the inner sun and and by others for saw the lust and the love it will send them SES

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but it will be atma the Saba

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Holden's Aruna INLA in fact the Munson within a model in

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our model the moves with our Harami muffin it almost images

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are with the job for several ha even though they're always sad the facade or the

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Prophet sallallaahu Selim says, with good deeds race against and beat seven things.

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Number one

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all you but you are only being taken towards you're only being delayed the meaning of health in the room? Is that

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exactly what I was saying before, we always think No, I'll do it later. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam says, Hold on the room, you are only being delayed, if you delaying things, then reality what what will where will this delay take you?

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So he says with good deeds race against and beat seven things you are only being postponed to. And then he mentions the seven things. The first one in law for clemency. You are only being postponed to poverty which will make you forgetful, ie forgetful of Allah. If you think you porn on

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fear what may truly happen to you late

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number two, or to wealth models in which will make you transgress. This is another thing we always think let me become financially stable, financially independent, let me become a bit more richer. Let me become financially secure. And then in sha Allah, I'll lead a good life. I'll do good. I'll give him charity. The only problem is, wealth may come but he brings with its problems. And some of the problems of wealth are arrogance, delusion, pride, hard heartedness, corruption.

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That's why the prophets Allah Almighty Selim says, you are only being delayed to poverty, which will make you forgetful or riches which will make you transgress

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or model the masjid

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or you are only being delayed to sickness, which will debilitate you. This is why he said in the other Hadith value your health now before the arrival of illness.

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And then the fourth one

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Oh, Hitomi muffin net, or old age, so we always think I'll do it later. But if you aren't delaying things, you're only being delayed to these three things or the fourth thing, or Hitomi muffin knit, old age which will make you senile.

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You may grow old, but will you become wise? Would you return to your childhood in old age and sneezes

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or the fourth thing, or the fifth?

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Think about images or a sudden death

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or a sudden death all the six you are only being delayed

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the sixth thing for towards the job so that if a shovel right when you thought this is an evil thing to be waiting for, or the seventh thing Oh Is Sarah well the final hour was sad or the facade or the her what um so the final hour is even more bitter

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and even a greater calamity. So it's a similar Hadith Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, race against with your good deeds race against these seven things and beat