Krishna Devotee Accepts Islam

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The next question we have on the WhatsApp is from Chaya New Delhi, India.

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She says, earlier, I was a Krishna devotee. I recently reverted to Islam and I want to learn more and more about Islam. Mashallah, congratulations. So, tell me the sources that would help me in knowing the true Islam. Not what the media expounds rather what Islam actually is.

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Sir, I'm a big fan of you. But sadly you ain't in India, I cannot meet you. inshallah, in Malaysia, I will come someday to meet you.

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One more query, please, sought out sir. I being a former non Muslim, I want to learn about Islam, no doubt, but I want to learn about comparative religion as well. So that in future if someone mocks

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me that I am a traitor, and I changed my religion, I would give that person references of what his religion says.

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But I never know which book is pure or which is adulterated. Tell me a place library, ecommerce site etc. From where the religious books I buy would be very pure and knowledgeable according to you.

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Sister Chaya has a very important question. And Mashallah she accepted Islam and my last minute Allah accept

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a deed and insha Allah May Allah forgive all your paths in that mela Petunia to the Fritos a main question is that what are the authentic sources of Islam vegan chicken knowledge, and particularly she wants to know about comparative religion.

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The best book to read sister is the translation of the Quran.

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That is the best book it is the most positive book in the world. It is a proclamation to humanity. And one of the best translations that I would recommend you to read. If by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, it's available in the market, it's available online. And if you read this translation to the best, and this translation has a commentary, it has got footnotes, it has got the feet, it's very good. If you want a simpler translation with the modern English, I'd recommend site international site international has been translated by three rewards ladies, some of them have been married to atoms, and that's a very good translation. If you want something more voluminous, you can refer to

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oxidative nikka see the abridged summarized version by darussalam. If you don't read books of these, I would recommend that you read on the telecom obligor muram in which the hamata mentioned it read the theater of the Prophet, the life history of the Prophet. There's a book by the title sealed nectar, which is the translation of illegal mock to see nectar bags of Euro man Mubarak puri it's a very good book Alhamdulillah the tabulation is available in English from the Salaam regarding knowledge of comparative religion, I would recommend to you that you visit my website Zakir and this website has a lot of information on comparative religion. Besides information on Islam it

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has information on Christianity, on Hinduism on Judaism and many other religions. There's a special section called as Islamic the our training program and in that section you will have a lot of questions that are applied. The most common question asked by non Muslims very important. Read this memorize it it will help you to reply to the queries asked by non Muslim as you said that if someone walks at you, how would you reply? And most of these reply besides giving references from the Quran, give references from the Bible, from the Vedas, from the Gita from the religious scriptures, the references from scientific books and give the answers with reason logic. Also, there are common

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question asked by Hindus is there on the website common questions not by Christians? common questions asked by the ATF, etc. This website Zarkon would be useful for you in replying to question asked by non Muslims by atheist and answering the question on Islam with reason, logic and fines and it has got hundreds of questions that have been answered the separate section of question answers. If you want to specifically know reply to questions about Islam, I'd recommend that you should refer to the website Islam to a dot info.

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Islam to a dot info is a fantastic, authentic website, which is mainly catering to replies of the question asked regarding Islam.

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And this website is the most popular Islamic website

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In the world, according to the Alexa ranking, it is close to four and a half 1000 with 4500 in ranking amongst all the websites in the world, among the Islamic websites, it's number one. If you have any query regarding Islam, type your query on the Google follow it up with Islam to a

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and inshallah you will get the reply. It is Islam to a dot info. There are other Islam QA also. But this Islam QA which is the most authentic and the best in replying to questions on Islam, Islam QA dot info and hope that answers the question.