Jesus Christ PBUH Never Claimed that he is God

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Good evening. I am Dr. Matthew. And I'm also involved with, which is part of Creation Ministries International. Being a medical doctor, I came here because I was very much interested in peace, and as you mentioned, is is both internal and external. Now personally, when I and millions of other people have found after being convicted of a sin, and repenting of it, that and having accepted and believe that Jesus Christ, the sinless man, paid the full price for my sins, he took my shame and guilt on the cross and died for me, because of which I have peace. And that peace is something which passes understanding. I want to know, would you like to take away that piece, which

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I have, which is a piece which passes understanding? And can you answer that? Thank you. Well, that's a very good question. He's Dr. Matthew. He's got a website and organization called recreation. He said that he found piece he gave me a 10 piece. He said, he got peace in Jesus Christ peace be upon him who died for a sin on the cross. He died for his sins on the cross was asking me that would I like to take away your peace? Brother, I would never like to take away your peace. I would like to take away your false peace and make you get the true peace. I love Jesus Christ peace be upon him. I respect him. And I revere him. I want to know that Do you also love Jesus Christ or

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not? I'm asking you. Yes. Do you agree? Yes. Do you believe that Jesus is God? Yes. Yes, brother. Now, either you get to peace. I will come to your peace.

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If you're there to peace, I will leave my peace, and I will join you. Yes. Now you told me Jesus Christ peace be upon him is God. I challenge you to point out a single verse in the Bible, a single unequivocal verse from the Bible, a single unambiguous was in which Jesus Christ peace be upon him himself says that I am God always worship me, and I'm ready to accept Christianity. You said Jesus is God. As far as Muslims are concerned, Islam is the only non Christian faith which makes it an article of faith to believe in Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. No Muslim is a Muslim. If he does not believe in Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. We believe that he was one of the mightiest

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messengers of Almighty God. We believe that he was the Messiah tan says that Christ, we believe that he was born miraculously, without any male intervention, which many modern the Christian do not believe. We believe that he gave life to the dead with God's permission. We believe he is those born blind and lepers. We've got permission, the Muslim the Christians are going together. But the parting of ways is, as you said, that most of the Christians that believe that Jesus Christ peace be upon him claimed divinity. There is not a single unequivocal statement. In the complete Bible, where Jesus Christ peace be upon him himself says that I am God already says much to me. If you can point

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out, I'm ready to accept Christianity. So if you had not said that, why do you believe is God? And when did Jesus guys peace be upon him say that he died on the cross for your sins that did the teaching of Paul? Are you following Paul? Are you following Jesus guys peace be upon him? Nowhere in the Bible. My question is, when Jesus Christ never said, He was God, if you love him, you have to respect him. He said, when you asked, which is the first of the commandments, it's mentioned the Gospel of Mark chapter number 12, verse number 29. He said Shama era, a lot of men hide man naked, you're always right. The God of a lord is one God, he repeated verbatim what was said by Moses

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earlier, peace be upon him. So what I am asking you, if you know the teaching of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. If you say Christian, is a person who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. It is mentioned the book of Ephesians chapter number five was number 18. That Do not be drunk with wine. It's mentioned the book of Proverbs chapter number 20 was number one, that wine is a mocker. Whoever deceived has it. We Muslims, we don't have alcohol, but many of the Christians have alcohol. Furthermore, we Muslims don't have poke it's mentioned in the Bible in the book of Leviticus chapter number 11, was number seven and eight in the book of Deuteronomy chapter number

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14, verse number eight in the book of Isaiah chapter number 65, verse number two to five. Now you should not have to be Muslim learned

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most of them Furthermore, Jesus guys peace be upon him. He was circumcised on the eighth day of the Gospel of Luke chapter number two was number 21. We Muslims are circumcised most of the Christian or not, if Christian means a person who follows the teachings of Jesus guys, peace be upon him. I'm proud to say we Muslims are more

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Christian and Christian themselves. Go where do you follow the teachings of Jesus Christ? And you say that you worship Him. So brother, point out a single verse in the Bible, where Jesus Christ peace be upon him said unequivocally that I am God worship me.

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Yes, rather, my question was on peace, and I have that peace. I don't have to memorize memory process to prove or disagree with you. What I'm sharing is that the peace which I have, because of the belief, because we are all sinners, and we need a sacrifice, to pay for our sins, it is not by our words that we are saved by believing in faith that Jesus Christ has paid the price for my sins, find so you agree that Jesus Christ has paid for the sins of all humanity. Do you agree with that? Yes. Okay. All who believe in him. Okay, fine, just about the Christian comes. Like you who believe in Jesus Christ, and he rapes your wife.

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When you go to heaven or hell,

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if a Christian comes and rapes your wife,

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he believes he this guy died for his sins. So whatever sin he does, it is paid for it. So if Jesus Christ had died for a sin, it will give permission for the Christian to rape the woman never ever. Why never. You said,

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Better you told your work will not take you to heaven. It is your belief. So if you believe Jesus Christ died for your sin, and if you commit rape, if you rob, if you oppress other people, when you go to heaven, He is not a Christian, if it is that simple, but he believes in Jesus guys, there are many Christians who I know that means it's a wrong belief.

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In the Bible, also it is written that even the devils believe in Jesus Christ, but I don't follow him.

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They don't do you follow Jesus Christ upon him? Are you circumcised? Are you circumcised?

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No, I'm not circumcised. So why don't you follow Jesus guys peace be upon him. Jesus guys, were circumcised on a day or a doctor, correct? Yes, you know that circumcision is beneficial medically.

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So you can do it now. Also, no problem. If you want and help you.

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By number one, point number two, do your phone brother? No.

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It's mentioned in the current God has mentioned, do you have intoxicant? Do you have alcohol? No. Fine. Do you believe Jesus is God?

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Jesus Christ is God came on the earth as a human being. Were dimensioned, which was of the Bible Tell me, which was the Bible, which verse of the Bible, which was of the Bible where Jesus Himself said, If God, suppose someone tells you about, will you believe your God? Someone says, God will, I believe, point to be noted that Jesus Christ never claimed divinity? In fact, if you go to the Gospel of Matthew, chapter number 19, verse number, 16, and 17, there's a person who comes to Jesus and says, Good Master, what good things should I do so that I enter eternal life? So Jesus Christ, peace be upon him? Fifth, why don't call me good? labor said, God, why thou calling me good, there's

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only one good and that is a God in heaven. And if you want to enter eternal life, you keep the commandment. He never said that if you want to go to Paradise, you believe in God. He never said that you believe there died on the cross for your sins. He said, If you want to go to Paradise, you keep the commandments and the commandments about you should not draw, you should know about God, you should not commit a neighbor's wife, commandment, the deeds, the date will take you to paradise. Jesus, God never said he was God. So why are you saying that Jesus is God, peace be upon him, you are not following us teaching those who it is that Jesus Christ is God for this argument. I just

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said that I have the peace in my heart.

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And that peace I want to share whether there are many people you know, there's a Satan worshipping can do that. Are you worshiping, so they get paid by worshipping Satan, but that is false peace. Therefore, I want to take you out from false peace and make you enter true peace. What you're saying is peace is actually not peace. You are worshipping a false god, Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, never said he was God. So because they're worshipping a false god, and you're in the false peace, like people worship Satan, and yet they think that they're on the right track. I want to get you out of the false peace and get you into true peace. Because I consider myself to be a true Christian. If

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Christian means a person who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, then I'm more Christian in the Christian faith. Do you know Jesus can be upon him said in the Gospel of john chapter number 16, was number 12 to 14 I have many things to say unto you, but he cannot buy them now. For him in the spirit of to come, he shall guide to untold truth. He shall show you things to come, he shall glorify me know which man which Prophet, after Jesus has ever glorified if Allah salam, Jesus gave it, His Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So this one

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prophecy of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him is mentioned your Bible. There are several conditions. I'm asking you, why don't you follow the instruction of Jesus Christ peace be upon him. And why don't you follow a prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? What kind of a Christian are you? Do you mean to say that I don't follow the follow teachings of Krishna? Not at all I'm giving a quotation with reference. You go back home and check the Bible with references. You're not a true Christian. I'm a derogation, it's easy to judge brother. Easy, very easy. I'm giving you with quotation what you're saying, You have not given a single quotation, I challenge your doctors of

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divinity, Doctor of divinity of Christian dumb,

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anyone, get your doctors of divinity. If you say you don't have the knowledge, get your doctors of divinity, who is the best in the world, and none of our dialogue. But the person should be powerful, not just the root set person, a person who can attract people, a person who has a following, you get the best one that you have in India, best one that you have in the world. And we'll have a dialogue

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as you can ask him and you ask him all the questions I've asked that where is it mentioned in the Bible? Any unequivocal statement where Jesus Christ peace be upon him himself says that I am God always worship me. I Dr. zakian I am immediately accepting. If you can point out from any version of the Bible, any unequivocal statement, any unambiguous statement where Jesus guys peace be upon himself says, and I am God or worship Me, I'm ready to accept him to be God. But there's no statement. So what you're doing is, you are not following the teachings of Jesus Christ peace be upon him. It is the teaching of the Church, not of Jesus guys peace be upon him. So therefore I

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request you brother, that please leave the false peace and then to to be the true pieces. submitting your will to God. God who created Jesus Christ peace be upon him, not a false god. Jesus guys peace be upon him was a messenger of God, but he was not God. Hope answer the question