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The topic of this last short talk in the month of Ramadan is

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from this Ramadan to the next Ramadan

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and I pray to Allah subhanaw taala and I hope that almost all the viewers who are watching they may have fasted for the complete month of Ramadan and inshallah I hope and pray that all of you may have done your Pm prayed

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that I'm Lel in all the nights of Ramadan, and surely you have kept awake for the last 10 nights, so that you get the letters rather

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Allah subhanaw taala says in the Glorious Quran in surah facilite

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chapter number 41 was number 30.

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those who say that Allah is my Lord, and they are steadfast and firm.

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The angels descend down from time to time

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and they say that do not fear no have any grief

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for their glad tidings that inshallah you shall enter Jannah you shall

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enter the bless.

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So yeah, last man out RSA in this was in Surah facilite chapter number 41 was the Mati that all those who say that Allah subhana wa Taala is the Lord they believe in Tawheed. And they are steadfast and firm.

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The angels descend down and they tell them they do not grieve, nor have any fear, and they give them glad tidings, the Bashara of Jannah of paradise of eternal bliss.

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A similar message repeated into the archive, chapter number 46. Was number 13 rated, indeed those who say that our Lord is Allah, and they're steadfast and firm. They shall have no fear, nor shall the grief and the next verse says was to be 14, that they shall be companions of the garden of Jana.

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A beloved Prophet Musa al salam said,

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it's mentioned in Sahih, Muslim world number one, Hadith number 450.

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ALLAH messenger said that the five daily salah the five daily prayers, and from one Juma to the next Gemma, and from random Dan, to the next time, Dan, is expansion of all your sins, as long as you keep away from the major sins.

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Our Beloved Prophet has said that when you prefer time salah, or from one Juma to the other, or four months from now to the other man, as long as you're steadfast in this, Allah subhanaw taala, forgive all your sins, as long as you stay away from the major sins.

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And it's mentioned in say Buhari, one, number eight, Hadith number 6465. I shall read the law on her. She asked the Prophet, that which deed is the most beloved to Allah subhanaw taala. And the Prophet replies that Allah loves those deeds which are constant and regular.

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Even if they may be small, the deeds that are done regularly are more beloved to Allah, even if they are small. That means we have to be consistent in it. You have to be steadfast we have to be firm in it.

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Hamdulillah we pray to Allah subhanaw taala that May he accept our fasting our km? I will do I know it's recorded and may forgive all our sins.

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Now since we hardly have in Malaysia, hardly one hour 45 minutes before I'm done EDS in other parts of the world few us and some parts of the Indian subcontinent one day and few hours

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since dumb down and go to end, what is our duty? What is our role from this man to the restaurant man?

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And it's very important that all of us that we were so steadfast in our care, in our charity, in in our dua in our supplication in our repentance and all these things we pray to Allah smarter me we remain the same throughout the year.

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The best

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far as Muslim is to continue doing

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all the deeds that we have been doing in the month of Ramadan

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if we cannot at least continue most of it

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but one thing that minimum should be done is that what you were doing before the start of this I'm done in the earlier months of Siobhan and Raja etc.

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After this Ramadan it shouldn't be better than the months that prior to the month of Ramadan, minimum descent minimum

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let me give an example. That may be some of the Muslims may not be very particular in the Salah, maybe they're offering only three times or four times salah, see to it the fall before I'm gonna see to it that after I'm done you pray all the fight time for Salah if maybe you're praying at home, and didn't go to the mosque

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before the sermon See to it, that after this Ramadan, you pray five times in Jamaat in the mosque, because it's afforded for the men to pray in JAMA in the mosque. And some scholar Thank you mama who says it is a major thing. If you do not pray in JAMA in the mosque without a valid reason.

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Maybe some of us are praying five times Allah. But before I'm done, we will not paint the sooner the Moqtada

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after I'm done See to it, that you start facing the mocha. If you are praying sooner the market that before I'm done, start trying to hedge it

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the clown who Lel or start playing the Serato, Doha after sunrise.

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If you're playing all these, then at least after I'm done, you start playing some of the garam aka that standard, you should see to it that you should pray much more than what you were praying before the start of this Ramadan. So your Salah

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should increase more.

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After the sermon

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there are other things that you should take care of.

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If you're giving charity, see to the increase in your charity,

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if you will, not giving any extra charity besides the Socratic deferred, see to it that you start giving charity after this Ramadan.

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And my suggestion is that you commit a percentage of your earnings in charity in the way of Allah subhanaw taala besides the fact that zakat that FTP,

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maybe you can start with 5% of your earnings every month giving charity

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increases 10%. And believe me, the more charity you give the balanced amount, which is pending with you, it will be much more than what it was before. My suggestion is make Allah subhanaw taala your partner and your business.

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Give maybe 20% of your income, whether it be your salary, whether your business earning 30% My definition is that if you want to be on the higher level See to it, that you give more of your earnings in charity and keep less, give more than 50% of your earnings of your salary of your income of your prophet to Allah subhanaw taala make him your part and make him your major partner See to it, that you will benefit more than what you were before even in this world living.

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Even if you're poor, Allah subhanaw taala looks at the percentage not at the amount. Maybe they're the rich person who's earning a million dollar a month, and he gives $10,000 a month in charity. They may be a poor man who may be earning $1,000 But he

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he may be giving $100 charity,

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the rich person earning a million dollars and giving $10,000 in charity, he's giving 1% of his earning in charity, the poor person earning $1,000 and giving $100 He's giving 10% of his earnings, that means the poor man inshallah will get 10 times most of our job, even though is given $100 as compared to the rich man who's given $10,000

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And my suggestion is that all of those who have not committed commit a percentage of your earning in the way of Allah subhanaw taala if you have committed increase your percentage if you're giving five then give 10% If you're giving 10 gift 20% If you're giving 20 If 30% If you're doing 3040 If you're getting 4050 My suggestion is give more than 50%

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of your earnings

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in the way of Allah subhanaw taala and the balance remaining with you will inshallah be much more than what it was before increase in charity. And Allah subhanaw taala promises in Surah Baqarah Chapter number

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Who was number 261. That if you saw one grain of corn in the way of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah will give you seven years, each year having 100 grains, that means one grain you give in the way of Allah subhanaw taala Allah will give you 700 grains, that means 700 times profit.

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in business terminology, Allah will give you 70,000 percentage of profit.

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In no business I know they will get 70,000% profit 700 times you have faith in Allah subhanaw taala increase your charity

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increase your the citation of the Quran

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in case you're fasting.

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Now, in the month of Ramadan, it's the first fast this is the only fertile for Muslim after I'm done, see to it that you continue your fasting. And the Beloved Prophet said that all do Creek all do to keep the sick fast of Shawwal after the fast of Ramadan, it is as though they're fasted for the full year. How did the person calculate Why did the Prophet six fast? Why didn't he say five fast or slow and fast.

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The focus they say

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of Allah says that he increases the reward minimum 10 times. So if you calculate the full month of Ramadan that you fasted one lunar month have got 29 and a half days sometimes 29 September 30. So 29 and a half multiply by 10 becomes 205 days. Then additionally six days multiply by 10 becomes 60 days. So 295 plus 60 is 255. And a lunar year has got 254 years 254 days. One lunar year has 254 days that there is in the Prophet said that if you follow up with your fasting from Dan, you fasted for the full year, follow up with six days of Shawwal it is as though your fasted for the full year.

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Then after that there are other fats that you can keep.

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And we know that a beloved prophet was also said that the best fast after the font faster from than the first of Mara. And if you fast in Assura, a beloved partner salat salam said that all the sins of a previous few year are forgiven. The other fast which is very important, after the after the manifest in the fast on

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Arafa, the Day of Arafah, the name of the lodge.

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And the Prophet said that if you fast on the Day of Arafah if you're not doing pilgrimage, it's not doing much, then Allah will forgive your past the sins of your past one year and the sins of one year ahead the future year. And the best is to fast all the first nine days of the Lucha and along with the fastest Assura if you can fast the 90 day are delivered that is good. If you fast 911 910 11 That's the best.

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There the fast which I recommend with the Prophet live that you fast on the aim will beat the white days, the days of the full moon that the 13th 14th and 15th of the lunar year. And the Prophet said if you first three days of aim will be

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three days every month. It is as though you have fasted the full year. Again the same logic. Three days multiply by 10 become 30 days. So every month if you're fat for three days, you're fasting for the full month. If you find every three days of every if the first three days of every month, you're fasted for the full year. The Prophet also recommended us that we should fast on Mondays and on Thursdays. And these are the two days that the Prophet fasted.

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I thought these are the options that I've been given by the prophet that after the first fast you can fast and one of the best fast if the maximum get fast is the fasting of Tao that is Allah and the Prophet said that that will deliver lamb faster every alternate day of the year. That the maximum to fast all the days of the year it is prohibited. The maximum we can fast is alternate days. But naturally besides the day which I recommended, as I mentioned earlier,

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so the option is yours. So once you have finished the fasting of Ramadan, you continue fasting as much as you can in the options that have been given

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and request that at least you're don't miss the fostering of Assura the fostering of vilja and the fostering of Sherwood if you can fall aim will be also if you can fast, also fast on Mondays and Thursdays and the maximum anyone can do is the first thing of the order is Allah every alternate day of the year.

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As I mentioned first about the cam, I mentioned about the charity I mentioned about some fast

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To then if reading of the Quran, read the Quran as much as you can, maybe in the manually you read in the Quran, but after Ramadan, you stop reading

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seafood you start reading, if you are reading maybe for 15 minutes before I'm done after I'm landing that is half an hour if you already half an hour before a man started reading for 45 minutes, read as much as you can, that is a great you know, so increase in your supplication in your door as many as you can after the Salah. The other dua for daily activity feed to to increase increase in istikhara in asking for forgiveness, asking for repentance

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if as much as you increase it's better so after I'm done, you should find a mark to change in most of your Ibadah as compared to before I'm done.

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And today is the last day of Ramadan in most parts of the world some parts of the second last day we hardly have about maybe one and a half hour left in Malaysia before we ended up done few other other parts of the world maybe more as in other parts of the world. See to it that before the devils are unchained you make a decision you make a commitment to yourself that inshallah after I'm done I'll primo

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beside the for that fella so not the market that's another girl Maka you should read the cam cam longer if you're reading 15 minutes to read for half an hour already half an hour read for one hour seated you do read her salads, as much as you can see, did you increase in your charity before that I'm done and see to it that you you keep more some what you were keeping before I'm done.

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Increase in your recitation of the Quran in your application in your spec file in asking for forgiveness. See to it that you're a badass and as a whole, what your life was before the start of this Amnon should be much more after this remnants.

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People normally ask me

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that why very often the Muslims after Ramadan, you see that many of the Muslim they bother goes down they do the Adam goes down. Why? What is the reason?

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One of the reasons is that many of us Muslims, we do the activities of Ramadan more as a custom rather than a bother. You know, it's customary for most of the Muslims norm that has come Okay, we have to pray that they will not be Cerave they will miss the projects that had the body here, but the photo that I have with the Makeda but because it's a custom,

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they follow more of the culture rather than the dean for the particular board the custom and they neglect the fright. The other reason is because many of the friends are doing the activities, they join them. And as though it's part of

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a friendly gathering, rather than a bother and they do the activities without paying attention on the main reasons. And the purpose of these activities are from that. The third reason can be because of the weak faith

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that they're enthusiastic, they do in the month of Ramadan and they will do it and you find in in many countries in the first few days of Ramadan the mosques are full for Dharavi, then it keeps on declining and keep the least towards the end, which should not be the case. And the last and the major reason is because the Satan and the devil is they are chained

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during them done for you find the bad guys more activities more after I'm done the unchained and that's the reason that we go back to our old Ron habits. What is the solution for this?

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The solution was if if that number one, you should have faith in Allah subhanaw taala Allah says in the Quran in surah Imran Chapter Three was 160 If Allah helps you then you know for me if Allah for six you then who is dead who can help you. So let the believers put their faith in Allah subhanaw taala put the Trishna last man on. Number one is have faith and trust in Allah. If Allah is with you, no one can overcome you. No one can defeat you. If Allah forsakes you, then no one can help you.

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The best you can do if from southern Lebanon, chapter number three was the eighth which is Rob Bonilla to the Lumina bodies or Daytona or habla.

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Mina Don Kurama.

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In the control Wahab

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Robina la Toluca Rob Robina the Oh my Lord, let not my heart Devi

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It let not my heart deviate after the Dow has guided it. You are the one who are given bounties and you love forgiving people sin. So you are praying to Allah subhanaw taala Rabbana Allah to the Kulu banaba did Hadith and our Hublin Amin lagoon Kurama in the control Wahab that lead not my heart gave it after you have guided that mean Ramadan, we were the highest of iboga we were the best. So we're praying to Allah subhanaw taala that once you have guided us, let not the heart DVT

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and you are the one will give her a bounties and have mercy and blessings. So ask Allah for help. Pray to him, that he keeps you on the same path, and steadfast as we are in the month of Ramadan. Number two, see to it.

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That you are in the company of Turkey, you're in the company of those who are more pious, were more righteous, because the company influences you a lot. See to that your friends that those friends that have a fight and Salah in the mosque, see to it that your friends are those which keep away from the major things as well from the minor sins, see to it, that you have friends who always do all the friars who do as much as much stuff as possible. So when you and the company and the Satan tries to deviate you, the friend will keep you on the straight path. So it's very important that you keep friendship of the people who are more Turkey, who are quantity and who are what he wore devout

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who on the straight path

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number three, regularly as often as possible, keep on attending the doors. The lectures are talks of the scholars who are authentic and who get you closer to Allah and is an evil soul.

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Number four, read books. Read the Quran, read it along with the translation. So let your heart soften, let your heart

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cry, read the translation of the Quran if you don't understand Arabic If you know Arabic read the Quran insufficient. Read the Book of the seed of the profit off of the whole fresh clean of the Sabbath.

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Yeah, the lectures

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of the scholars, the videos,

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you can hear the audios, you can go on your social media of the Islamic sites that authentic like Islam q&a, you can go on my website Zakir which has been drawn to recently on the first off from Dan, you can go to other authentic site to the social media, but see to it that goes to those social media those sites which authentic So, this will keep you reminding of Allah subhanaw taala of the Beloved Prophet of the Akira and recede to it that keeps you on the straight path. This was in short, the guidance that I can give the viewers regarding the activities of from this Ramadan to make some nun so that our iba increases our closeness to Allah subhanaw taala increases and

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inshallah our chances of entering the Jannah also increases