Zakir Naik – How can a Person become Punctual in Offering Salaah

Zakir Naik
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The next question is from maida

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from Kashmir, India,

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how can one become punctual in offering Salah?

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This is a very good question, that how can one become punctual and offeree Salah, and according to me, each and every Muslim should be very punctual, and should take care that they offer Salah on time.

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All the males, all the Muslim males should offer five times Salah in Jamaat in the mosque, and see to it that they reach the most before a comma so that they are in time. How can you do it? Nowadays, it's very easy. We have several applications of prayers of Salah you just go to the app store if your iPhone or go to the Google Store if you have an Android and type prayer or salah and there are hundreds of apps available. These apps give you a reminder

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at the time of salah and depending upon the app, you can even change home limited before you want the alarm to go on a golf. I find I'm concerned I take extra precaution that I should reach the masjid in time not only before karma, but few minutes before so that I can even offer the sadhana Salah.

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What I do, do I have what various apps I prefer keeping alarms and I keep minimum three alarms for every Salah based on the other end of every Salah the fight em Salah. I put an alarm of five minutes before the other time where I'm staying in Putrajaya in Malaysia.

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This is the first alarm, second alarm if at the time of other and the third alarm a few minutes late. The first alarm indication for me that whatever work I'm doing, I should stop in the next few minutes, X amount five minutes so that whatever work I'm doing, I should wind it up. And I see to it that I never pick up any calls. Once the first alarm begins to ring. I do not take any other work. I do not pick up calls. This time is now dedicated to see to it that I reach in time for the most important appointment. The most important appointment is appointment with Allah subhanaw taala It is Allah

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the first alarm is indication for me that five minutes LFR than I should wind up what am I doing I should not take any other new work. The second alarm is on the dot. When is the time father at that time I leave everything and I go and do my Voodoo I go to the washroom I take about two minutes for that I do my Voodoo that takes another two minutes. Then the third alarm rings depending upon how much time are required to reach before the akarma

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before every Salah there is either to recap or for a customer before further the Trudeau persona before and after that for kosuna mocha and Guillermo cada before Maghrib and Isha there are two two rocket so if there's two rockets I see to it I reach at least three minutes before come because to the to the car takes about two to three minutes. I know the time I take from my house going by lift to the mosque exactly is three minutes. I leave my house four or five minutes before because sometimes the lift may take one minute to come up from time to minutes. Most of the time the staff secret that the lift has already arrived for me I reach on time. So I leave five minutes plus three

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minutes before eight minutes before akarma my bell rings if I have to offer to the customer. That is for the first time for the mugger Manisha time for the Zohar and a short time we have to pray for a cough. The alarm rings five plus six minutes level minutes before the anti or 10 minutes before that time so that I reach in time for my Salah

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where I'm living in Putrajaya. The Chroma time is 15 minutes after the ASEAN time in most parts of the world. It is 20 minutes. So based on that I do my Voodoo exactly at the time of other endo bamboo. I go to the washroom I prepare myself and if it's for us, I have to read immediately after Voodoo and leave the alarm rings and leave the house if I have to offer to Raka Salah that day for further time. Margaret

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I may have one or two minutes after doing the Voodoo, when the alarm rings I leave so that I mean time to be punctual for the Salah is very important see to it that before that timer starts you should read the mosque. You have to base the timing depending upon how far is the most from your home or from your office place you do the timing, set the alarm and believe me, you will find the world of a difference you will find the serenity in your life. You will find the calmness the peace in your life, offering Salah in Jamaat in the mosque on time. And

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for a practicing Muslim. His full day revolves around Salah times what time it depends upon the Salah time what time we meet people depended upon salata what time we get the appointment, everything is related to Salah that if I want to meet someone, it should not be Salah time I'll give him Okay, come to her before Salah awana before Salah immediately after Salah is over and my timetable is everything revolving around Salah.

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So Salah is the most important deed that Allah will ask you the first deed that Allah will ask you on the Day of Judgment is your Salah. So being on time is very important. I have alum for these five companies a reseller as well as from time to

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time is the most important cam will lead along with whatever is the most important Salah after the Salah. democra then is the tour kosuna before the Father salah and many people come and tell me that brothers are here I pray four times four times Allah on time But father Salah

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I cannot get up What should I do? So as the person that suppose you have an appointment, this is a new we sleep in the night, but we don't get up and we can't get up.

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You know, so it's not our fault. I tell him that if you have an appointment early in the morning, maybe one hour before the sunrise, and that appointment is very important for our business.

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And in that appointment,

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that I have high chances that you will earn a million dollar

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So will you be able to get up on time for that appointment? He will tell me if it's a million dollar. I will not sleep the whole night.

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I said Why?

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I don't mind staying awake the full night. So I tell him that our beloved prophet masala Salam said that the Torah casona before the fudger Salah is more valuable than the Earth and the wealth in it

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the earth and the wealth and it would be trillions and zillions of dollars.

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So for a million dollar you know ship the full night of profits that to the castle now before the budget Salah. Imagine what will be the value of the Salah. So if you know the real essence of the Salah, and how valuable it is, there is no question that you will not get up. The problem is because you don't know the value you are very relaxed. Imagine if you have to go and meet the Prime Minister what he will do, you will get up early you will reach before time you will be dressed up in the best of loads. Will you be late for the appointment with the Prime Minister and the answer is no. Allah subhana wa Taala compared to Prime Minister Prime Minister is nothing

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if you have to meet that thing, what will you do?

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The appointment with Allah is the most important appointment of our life. How can you believe

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so if you know that Allah subhana wa Taala the most powerful is the most wife is the most knowing he is billion trillion countless times better than the king

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of better than any Prime Minister president in the world.

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So if you have the faith, if you have the belief, inshallah inshallah you will see to it that you pray five times Salah on time including a touch of salah and if your function your full life will change, it will be disciplined and Alhamdulillah you will find the peace and serenity and Sakina in your life.

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