The Descriptions of Jannah #8 – The Food of The People of Jannah

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So Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah, He will be here woman with a hummingbird. We're continuing our series about gender and the descriptions of gender. And we were talking about some of the blessings and the pleasures and delights of gender. And again, I mean, before I continue with that, to reiterate, all of these terms that we use are so radically different from as we know them in this world. And each and every aspect of Jenna is infinitely blessed beyond anything that we can understand. And that's why Allah subhana wa tada keeps on reminding us to not be deceived by this world. falletta Horan Docomo hyah to dunya

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Don't be diluted by this world is nothing compared to the next world. And Allah mentions in the Quran is written. Verse 96, not in the Canadian federal, all that you have will eventually run out what are in the law he back and what is with a law will be permanent. You know, if the pleasures and the blessings of genda were exactly the same in terms of quality as the blessings of this world, they would still be infinitely more blessed because the pleasures of genda will last forever. And this dunya is always temporary. This world is always temporary. Allah says in the Quran in the head that is Guna mother whom in the Fudd These are our blessings, they shall never run out. So Jenna is

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constantly emphasized as that which will never finish never sees. Allah says in the Quran aku ha da mo woven Aloha, its fruits and its eating will be permanent, you will be able to eat there forever and ever and ever. Along with its shade. It is permanent. And that is why Allah azza wa jal reminds us that this world is temporary kulu knifes in that particular mode, all of you shall taste that we're in to a phone oduro comb yom Okayama. And you're going to taste you're going to get rewards on the Day of Judgment. femen Zhu Zi hi Nina, you will do the hidden agenda for conifers. So the one who was saved from the fire of hell and who enters gender. That is the one who has been saved woman

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hired to do Nia in lemma towel. Horrell and indeed, this world is nothing but a deluded pleasure. It's not something that is permanent, it is temporary, it is metallic. It is indeed a pleasure, but it is a temporary pleasure. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described that the smallest part of agenda is more blessings than this entire world. He swore in one Hadith is a horrible hottie. He said, Well, law he madonia ferati in Lambeth, ramaiya spy who had he and he pointed to his finger phillium me for yambol biology, meaning this whole world in comparison to the next world is like a person who dips his tip of the finger and he pointed towards it towards that he

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dips it inside the ocean, and then he pulls it out. And he sees how much does he has left compared to the ocean, that what is on his finger is this dunya and the ocean is the art clearer. And even this is a finite example because in reality, as we understand, the next life is infinite. And this life is finite. And so there is no comparison. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the place that your whip that you use for your animals, right, they have the animals with that your place of the whip that you have in Jannah, it is more blessed than this whole world and all that is in it. So you know, the whip has a small place, you know, just the smallest place that that you have

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for your animal, that small little thing that is better in the agenda, that place then this entire dounia and all that is in it. And he told us that if one of the ladies of the inhabitants of agenda, if she were to look upon this world simply to look upon it, then this whole world would be enlightened, the whole world would become bright and the whole world

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With smell beautiful fragrance. And he said that the decorations on her head, you know something that she just puts on her head is more blessed than this whole world and all that is in it. And in another head. He also in Sahib hottie, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was praying, and he stepped forward. And he put his hand out, and then he put it back. And he then stepped back. And then he explained to us along with the phrase, we're interested in, that he said to the Sahaba, that I saw agenda, and I saw a bunch of grapes. And I stepped forward to pluck those grapes. And if I had done that, you know, he thought it is best not to do that for obviously wisdoms that we understand

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that, if I had done that, then you would have eaten from those grapes until the day of judgment, that one bunch of grapes would have been enough for all of you for all of mankind, you would have continued to eat and eat and eat until the day of judgment, and the bunch would still be there. If this is the reality of one bunch of grapes for all of mankind. What do you think then of the rest of the fruits and the rest of the the blessings of gender? So again, My point being, as we describe these blessings, do not ever presume that our minds can comprehend and grasp them, do not presume that the words that we use are in any way fashion or form the same realities of this world? No, it's

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merely a concept that we understand. Allah uses words, because he has to, because that's the only way our limited minds will understand anything, but in reality, as I have said, over and over again, gender is far better and far more beautiful and far more perfect than even anything our minds can imagine. So, again, just to keep on reiterating, because the notion comes that you know, these descriptions, they seem to be some people say, as I said, some people say, they seem to be catering to the sensual desires of eating, and of drinking, and of comfortable clothes and of companions. And we say again, and again and again, that in reality, gender is much more than this. Yet Allah has to

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tell the people and we need to be incentivized. Also, it is an incentive we keep on saying this, we should not be embarrassed or ashamed. Every single human being at some level craves for good food and for good drink, and for companionship and for intimacy. There is nothing wrong, we should not be ashamed about this. And also, those that criticize we said that their lifestyles belie their criticism. And I'll keep on reiterating this because obviously all of these series will continue in different sections. Anyway, back to our again where we were, in my last lecture we had discussed, we had discussed the reverse of gender

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and the springs of gender and the drinks of gender and the cocktails of gender. Remember, we even talked about you know, the mixtures and the cocktails that Allah subhana wa tada will mix together various streams of gender, along with Zen gibi or along with other things, you know, kay Tambo, who misc there's going to be, you know, elixirs of delectable delights. That's something that is promised in the Quran and the Sunnah, we now move on that Okay, these are the cocktails and the drinks and the water and the rivers of honey and whatnot. How about what has been mentioned regarding the food agenda regarding the ambience and the food agenda, and there are many verses in

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the Quran, and many a Hadith of the Prophet salallahu it he was seldom that mentioned the reality of food and the blessings of food engender of them. Sort of the most salads verses 41 onwards in the motel Tina fieldly la Lin Walloon thoroughly the righteous shall be forever in shade and surrounded by springs. Okay, well for a while Kiha me, Masha Hoon, and they will be all types of fruits that they desire Kuru wash Rabu honey and be my quantum timer don't eat and drink in merriment because of what you used to do. So here we have the entire ambience of being set up, that there's going to be shade and there's going to be rivers and springs and there's going to be beautiful fruits and eat as

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much as you want because of what you used to do. As soon as Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What silica agenda to Letty ood is to Moo ha Bhima quantum Cameroon, this is the agenda that you have inherited because of what you have done by the way notice in sort of a more solid and in Surah zakharov and in many verses multiple times gender is linked to our actions, right? And the MMR quantum Cameroon, okay, do not consume time alone, oh, there's too much Quantum Time Alone because of what you used to do. So again, our actions and whatever meager and feeble attempts we have because as we have already

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You explained, Jenna is not in return for our actions. It's not a transaction. Yet whatever meager actions we present, Allah will magnify and Allah will bless much more but we have to bring something in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah says what ticker gender to Le t oo is to Mohan Bhima quantum tambourine. This is the agenda that you have inherited because of what you're used to do. Let comb fi halfa ke Hutton Cathy Ratan Minh Hata Quran you will have plenty of fruits. So this implies that there will be plenty of different varieties and plenty of different types of fruits like comfy hockey Hutton, Kathy or you will have plenty and when Allah who is educated he is saying

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that he is going to give us plenty, then our minds will not even be able to comprehend the sheer quality and the sheer quantity and the sheer diversity of all of the different fruits that will be available in gender. Instead of they'll have verse 24, Allah says that, that they will be told that kulu wash Robbo honey and eat and drink with pleasure with joy Bhima is left to fill a man hollier because of what you used to do, in the days gone by, notice once again, eat and drink and Jenna because of what used to do in the days gone by also notice an interesting point here that in multiple verses Allah mentions honey, eat with pleasure, eat as you enjoy. And this indicates You

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know, sometimes in this world, we're really stressed out but we still need to eat. And we will just eat because we need to eat to live, we don't enjoy even if it's a very, very good meal. If our stress is great, if you know there has been a tragedy May Allah protect all of us, you know, a loved one passed away or any type of tragedy, we still have to eat food, right? But it doesn't register for us the quality of the of the food is doesn't matter. A lot always says when it comes to the food agenda, eat with pleasure, why? Because we are not eating for survival, we're not eating for sustenance, we're only eating for pleasure, it is going to be an experience it is going to be just

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for our palate for our senses, just for the beauty and the the the the taste of the food, it will not be for nourishment. So Allah says honey, eat with great pleasure and enjoy what you are eating. So, the notion of the very food will become a part of the joy and a part of the happiness in general as well. We are told that we will not have to stand in line to get food you know when you go to you know a fancy buffet let's say right you have to you have to stand in line No, in Jenna you will be served they will be a constant group of waiters handsome waiters, that are another creation of Allah they are not you know a human species they are a creation that Allah has created for this purpose.

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And there will be a constant buffet that people will be sorry the the the food will be brought to you on platters. You do not have to stand up and get it. Allah says in the Koran you fall for I lay him beside him and they have been

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that golden trays and cups will be passed around them by servants you thought food there's going to be servants there's going to be you know and the other versatile man, there's going to be you know young boys that are the servants of gender. You know they're going to be walking around and they will be golden trays and there will be cops. And Allah says what fee hammer tiszta he unfussy whatever rule Are you in gender will be whatever the soul desires, and whatever pleases the eye. One Two fee how hard you don't and you shall be in it forever and ever and ever. The famous companion I believe now what happened is he commented on this verse and he said that when Allah subhana wa tada

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says that you will offer it to him to say half him in the head that the that golden platters are going to be going around them that he said that there will be colors within colors that every platter will have multiple colors in it and whatever platter you look at, there will be an entire variety of colors of different items for you to take from and so when the platter is placed in front of you, when the large trays are put there, you will have plenty of trays and in each tray, something else will be there with different items and different colors. And by the way, the trays themselves. The platters themselves are works of art. They are works beyond beauty. So even the

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trays and the platters, that's why Allah is saying you'll offer it to him basically have him in them. They will be trays of gold. So

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The very trait itself will be and of course Allah is using a language that for us is the highest in this world, the reality of gender is even more than this much more. So Allah is saying that they shall be served upon platters of gold. And another verse is written in son, verse 15. Allah says Utah filing in the idea Tim Mayfield button will acquire been, they will be weighted upon with vessels of silver and acquiring and cups of audio of crystal kawara de la min fifth, but the crystals will also be silver, so crystaline silver, right, and filled according to desire filled precisely a daru ha choco de la, this is sorted in Sun, beautiful section here that Allah says Utah

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for it him basically half in Utah. And yet in that there will be servants that will be waiting upon them with vessels of silver. So the Quran mentions plates of gold, and vessels of silver, and glasses of crystal, and then other glasses and goblets of crystaline. Silver. And again, this is simply the language that we understand what higher language could there be, there is none. But the realities of gender are higher than the language of the description of gender. And that's what I keep on emphasizing. And that's why Allah himself says that you will have what you desire, words can't even describe it right? In the context of food and drink, Allah says there's much more much

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more than this, it is what you desire. And Allah zildjian mentions the platters and the vessels, and the cups of all different types. And then Allah says, Waka daru, ha, taco de la, that this is a very interesting phrase, very interesting phrase that Joe had to have zero means that they have measured it in accordance with correct measure, cut dharohar taqdeer, the sizes of the plates are going to be perfect, and the measuring amounts are going to be perfect. So another interesting facet is that, you know, another thing is that sometimes you go to a restaurant, and they present, you know, sometimes too small of an item, especially the fancy restaurant, you go, you know, the smaller the

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food item, you pay an exorbitant fee, and the main dish comes in it is so small, you eat it, I'm still hungry, but I'm not going to afford you know, this, this price here, or you go to some and they give Marsh outlets about a cola like three for people's plate. And you wonder this is for one person is this raffia How can I eat this, but Allah is saying that, in general, what is presented a Del Taco de la, the sizes and the amounts and the platters and the cups will already have been decided, and you will be completely content with the amount and the size will be proportional to the amount. So if the plate is going to be, you know, a small amount, the food is going to be perfect

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for that size, and vice versa. So even the aesthetics, you know, there's a reality of how you present the food, right? You go to the What do you call the the Michelin restaurants, right? You go to these fancy restaurants. So it's not just the taste of the food, it is the presentation of the food, right? It is how it is done. It is the size and everything. And that is what a lot is referencing here called da da, da da da, that it's something that Allah azza wa jal is going to make within exactly the amount and the quantity and the realities of what we want, but we'll have taco de la and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us that do not eat from the vessels and the

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plates of gold and silver because this is something for them. Those who don't believe in Allah in this world, and it will be for us in the next world. So multiple ayat and a hadith tell us that the plates and the cups and the utensils and the vessels will be Gold, Silver Crystal, you know every material that is the highest quality that you can imagine. That is what is going to be in gender. And so we are told if you want the realities of gender, if you want to get you know over there, then make sure that in this world you do not eat from the gold and the silver. Plates now by the way, pause here footnote, golden silver what is prohibited is solid silver and solid gold. This is

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something that you know, the rich and the royalty will do and sometimes you still find something you know a solid silver where and this is something very very, very rare in modern times asked for silver plating. Majority of scholars have allowed it silver plating because it's a different thing and gold plating, some have allowed it and majority have said that it should be avoided, but that is the plating the molecule one little layer is added so the material is not silver. What is prohibited is

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solid silver, what is prohibited is solid gold and it is very rare to actually find that it is also exorbitantly exorbitantly priced but nonetheless we should avoid it in this world because it a part of our study is that we do not each of these utensils rather we wait for them we wait for our turn in the next life also of the blessings of Jenna

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and I'm sure many many of my sisters and brothers as well inshallah to Allah will appreciate this is that of in the blessings of gender is that there is no cooking, no cleaning, no dirty dishes right now. Isn't that Jenna for so many people? Can you imagine all of this food and you don't have to worry about cleaning up. You don't have to worry about cooking it. You don't have to worry about the dishes. Even Masuda. rhodiola who said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us he said to me that you will simply look at a bird flying in genda and you will desire it. And lo and behold, it shall immediately be placed cooked in front of you for your Hirotaka beignet. mushiya is

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going to be grilled and cooked the way that you want it right in front of you. And so here we have again, you don't even have to there are no kitchens, in your houses in gender, no need no need for any kitchens, no need for any dirty dishes, all of this is taken care of. And is that not indeed gender. And we have we also have a Hadeeth in the notion of bird meat. And by the way, you know that bird meat which is called game in English, some the technical term for bird meters is game, not game that you play the same spelling. But that is game is a different type of thing here. So you have different types of bird meats and bird meat is typically the most choice easiest and the most

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delicate, and also the most expensive meat you know, so you have that fowl, then you have other types of birds. And bird meat is mentioned a number of times, not that there are not going to be other meats. But bird meat is considered to be the highest choice when it comes to meat. And this is why it is mentioned in this hadith in another Hadith as well. of Rodolfo around the Allahu Tagore and he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that in gender, there will be birds as large as the back, bacteria and camels. So, you know, there's two types of camels, there's the Arabian camel, and then there's the bacteria and camel, and they are slight differences between

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them. And and of them is how many humps you know, so the bacteria has two humps. And so the Prophet system said that, in general, there will be birds as large as those types of camels a massive bird. And the Buddha said, they said that they must be so soft and so gentle, or messenger of Allah, and they must be blessed and fortunate. Right, so that means they're spoiled and they're taken care of right? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, more blessed and fortunate than those camels are those who will eat them, and you your abubaker will be eating from them, okay? You your abacha will be eating from them. So these are birds that are as large and maybe even a bit of a shape like

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the the, the the next will be very long, let's say maybe, right so a magnificent bird, beautiful bird. And so workers to do, that they must indeed be so soft and delicate and beautiful, you know, so blessed and fortunate, and prophets, as Adam said, Those who eat those birds shall be even more fortunate. And you are one of them are workers to do who will be eating that bird. And so this shows us as well that the the choices of meat are not restricted only to one there will be plenty of choices of food, whichever food that you desire, it will be prepared and presented to you now, all of that food will be there but of course what comes in must come out right? Well that's in this

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world, that is in this world, what comes in must indeed come out. But as for the Hereafter, everything is different there. You do not need you know internal organs, you do not need digestive system you do not need any nourishment, it is Jenna, you will have a different type of body in general. It is narrated in the sight of a Muslim that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said yeah, Kuru Allah jannetty or your Shara boon, that people have gender they will be eating and they will be drinking. So we affirm that they will actually be eating and drinking, they will be eating and they will be drinking while itema Hakuna whether it'll go to Nevada boon, they will not spit.

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They will not need to use the restaurant to defecate and they will not urinate. So

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The Profit System is explicitly saying things are going to come in, but nothing will come out. Not even a spit, nothing will come out from their food shall be converted into burps, and those burps in our world those verbs don't smell very nice. And the process of said those verbs will smell like the real of Musk, like the fragrance of Musk, and they shall be inspired by a law to say to be, and to say to be, just like all of you are breathing now, as naturally and as effortlessly without even thinking the people of Jenna will be Suppan, Allah, Allahu Akbar, La ilaha illAllah, just Vicar and it's just going to be natural, it will be just be coming to them without them giving a second

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thought. And so, we are told that in general, there is no natural set, obviously, how can there be the just set in gender and in fact, this is explicitly mentioned in Hadith in Sahih, Muslim as well and other books of Hadith without and others that a person of, you know, another background, Christian background, he came to the Prophet salallahu it he was seldom, and he thought that he would present to him a trick question, a question that would, you know, silence him, and he said, that

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old messenger, and he's not a Muslim at this time, you know, that, oh, he calls him a messenger, but he doesn't believe in him that you're telling us to believe that people have genda eat and drink, but the one who eats and drinks must expel. And you have also said that there's no negative or known evil or no niches in general. In other words, the man thought that he has found a contradiction and the Prophet system explained to him that they shall eat and drink but it shall be converted into a fragrant musk infused belching. So, whatever has been eaten, it will simply come out in air, it's and the air is going to be smelling like musk like the work that we do, but it's not going to be any

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negative smell, this indicates therefore, that the food of gin is not for nourishment, the food is just for the taste and for the pleasure and we also of course, I mentioned this headed before that as the food is being served, there will also be fragrance and musk and there will be an ambience of you know the wood that is burnt, you know the the aloe wood that is used, you know the expensive wood so sometimes it's also rude and whatnot we have over here so, the ambience is going to be a one of great you know comfort and this is mentioned in the Hadith si Muslim near to home

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shelter home in the hub will feel that their plates are going to be made of pure gold and even their combs are going to be made from gold and silver one my job Mutoh home alua my jam euro home, so, the matcha Mir is that which you put you know that so, in Arab culture to this day, you know, you have that box that you put expensive wood in right and then you leave it in the corner, even in Indian culture you have sometimes have this you know, you put something of a fragrant smell so that the whole room smells in a very beautiful manner. So, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that they will have a low wood, you know, the most expensive wood will be there for the ambience here, and

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what our home will miss school and when they sweat, even the sweat will smell like Musk, it will smell like musk. So we have there for all of these descriptions, puts it together, the ambience is there, the fragrance is there, the food and drink is there. And there are two sections of the Quran that really talked about this in vivid detail. And we learn one more thing as well that definitely we need to explicitly mentioned in the series, and that is that I already mentioned, you know, some some lessons ago that gender has many, many, many levels to it more than we can count. And I already mentioned that some of the scholars of the Sahaba they said that the levels of gender are in the

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1000s and sometimes it even more than this. And we know from the Koran that you know there's something called a ward off which is the VIP Okay, now, we learn another distinction from the Quran which is very explicit. No doubt there are 1000s of levels no doubt, right 1000s of levels of gender. And the highest level is of course the highest category is of course for those. But there is a one dividing line if you like it's not a real dividing line, but there is a dividing line between what is called a higher level overall

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And between the average level so Allah mentions in the Quran two primary categories, okay, too generic within each of these are obviously many, many, many levels. So in the Quran we are told that there is a higher level and then there's also a common level and the higher level is for them to attain and the solid hain and the righteous those who feared Allah subhana wa tada and the lower level is for the Muslim in and Muslim at those who did what they needed to do and they got into gender there in Jeddah Alhamdulillah. But they are not in the higher level. And within the higher level there are many levels and the top of that is Alfredo said Allah. So what what the Quran talks

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about as the higher level it is not just for those for those is the highest within the higher. And the Quran mentions this explicitly in multiple verses. And if you look at the language of each section, you find differences between them. So of the the the verses that that are mentioned in the Quran, that that that talk about these two different categories is sudo tanwar, para su rattle Walker, and the Walker has an entire section dedicated to these two verses. So we can begin with soda and Walker. And Allah subhana wa tada says, Well couldn't tomb as Jen said, Arthur will come to as Jen said, Arthur, that you are going to be three categories. You're going to be three categories.

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What are these three categories? Allah says for us, how will my amenity metals, how will my manner so as for the right category, what a beautiful category that is how blessed that category is, was how will mesh Emma and the people of the left how miserable they will be? Was sabya una sabya corn and the winners of the race, those that are at the closest to Allah subhana wa tada there indeed the closest and the winners. So this verse divides mankind into three categories. You have the people of the right hand, good, positive, they've done well. You have the people of the left hand, they're going to jahannam then you have the Savio Cohn, the winners the best, the elite, the creme de la

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creme, you know, the example I give sometimes, you know, if people understand you enter the airplane, and you have the business class, and then you have the rest of us, you know, economy class, okay? You got into the plane, you're getting to the destination, everything is fine inshallah. But hey, do we want to be an economy or want to be in business? So that's the decision we need to make over here. So that is the Sabbath on that is the one in the front. That's the business class, the VIP lounge, right? And then the restaurant there are hamdulillah You know, they're getting to the destination. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the sabich hoon, the one who

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are the winners of the race, una economo, Cora Boone, they are the ones closest to Allah subhanho wa Taala Fijian tin him in gardens of bliss, Thriller two minute awali in large groups of people from earlier generations and very few from later generations. In other words, piety is going down as time goes on. And as we get closer to the AMA, it becomes more and more difficult, because piety becomes you know, rarer in our times, and then Allah subhana wa tada says, How describing the people of the highest level, Allah sudo, rim mobu nuttin, they will be upon jeweled thrones, the thrones are going to be jeweled either pseudonym or Luna muteki in La haematoxylin. reclining and facing each other.

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Each person has a throne and each person has that throne that is jeweled and they are facing one another. You'll fall for it him will know mohalla Dune they will be waited upon by eternal youths will then they are young and vibrant. mohalla don't they're always going to be young and vibrant and active and always helping out the acquire been what about with cops and pitchers, pitchers of water or of wine? What will be acquired What about that what gets him in marine and drinks have flowing streams of wine and milk and honey? Now you saw that Luna and her well are Yun Zhi foon, that drink will neither give them headaches, nor will they have any intoxications What I mean by eating mimma

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sorry, what faculty will find get him in my room. They will have fruits, whichever ones they want to eat. What I mean by you, they mimic your stone and they will have the meat of birds whatever they want. So the ambience, the setup, the chairs are there, the servers are around. The chairs are comfortable and decorated. They're having the drinks and they're having the appetizers of all types of fruits and then the main dish and the main course comes and that is Lambeth laden mimma you

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Hoon and along with this well heeled owner in come 30 Lulu in Baku, they shall have showrunner in and of course the concept of code we will have inshallah, don't worry we're getting there we'll have an entire lesson inshallah about that as if they are pristine pearls jezza and Bhima. Can oh yeah Maroon as a reward of what they used to do, like a smartphone. He has one wallet theme app, they will not hear any idle talk any sinful talk only good and virtuous speech. This is the highest level. Now move on. Verse number 27 is sort of walked out was heavily emini, not as heavily amin and with regards to the people of the right What do you know about the people of the right do you know

00:35:41--> 00:36:31

what their their reward is going to be? fee see, they're in my dude. fee. See that in math Dude, that they will be amongst trees that are sitting, there are beautiful trees of cedar. And what Paul hin mumbled. And lots of you know, trees have said these are banana trees, you know clusters of different types of fruits, lamb up to it, and voila, they're never going to be stopped. And never out of season continuously. There were fuutarou, Shin marpha and elevated you know, furnishings elevated soft things for them to sit on. And they will also have inertia known to ensure they will have companions that we have created for them. For Jana who count on uhlmann atrovent, we have made

00:36:31--> 00:37:12

them untouched of a similar age. Because heavily I mean, for the people of the right time. Now, what I want you to do as homework for all of you, what I want you to do is to go over this section of sutera walk there and to compare and to contrast, the higher level, notice what Allah is saying that of the higher level, all types of fruit will forget him no matter how you run in the lower level, we don't quite get the exact same, you know, connotation fruits are there, but not the same quantity in the higher level that the the real man and the servants are going around them. And in the lower level, it's not quite mentioned, even though there will be but it won't be to that level. Once

00:37:12--> 00:37:52

again, in the higher level will let me play mimma yester hoon. And in the lower level, you know, it's not quite mentioned the same thing that whichever bird that you desire, that phrase is not there, still they will have whatever they desire. So very clearly, we have differences, subtle differences. Now again, I like to reiterate that nobody in Jannah, nobody in general is going to feel deprived. No matter which level you are in, you will not notice you will not care it will not bother you that somebody is higher than you. That's something of this world. There is no jealousy in gender. But the question is very clear to me until you find you're not going to care when you're

00:37:52--> 00:38:25

there. But right now, don't you want to go to the highest? Don't you want to be in the business class? Don't you want to be in the VIP? Don't you want to have you know the best of the best for all of eternity? If the answer to that is yes. Then look to your life right now look to this world see the maximum benefit that you can do so that in shallow data you can get to the highest of the high inshallah we'll continue from where we left off in our next lesson. Until then Jessa qumola, who later on was set on wanting to come to LA he went barakato