Is Training Required for Doing Dawah?

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Assalamualaikum My name is Nevada Ahmed and I'm a surgeon to be a good surgeon, you need to be well trained. I just wanted to ask Dr. Nayak to do Tao. Well, how important do you think training is? Without the question that he's a surgeon and to be a surgeon, you have to be trained to dowe Don't you have to be well trained? Yes. But the question is a beloved prophet masala Salam said in say Bukhari, balego unevolved Ayah propagate even if no one was, so, if you no one was at least go and convey that

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if you see that I will wait till I become like shake emojis and then start doing Java that time will never come. So, the thing the criteria for doing surgery is you have to get a degree if you don't get a degree and if you do surgery, you may be arrested or you may put behind bars fine. Similarly, for dava even if no one was as long as you noted correctly, you have to do our now as in medicine, human MBBS then there is MD then there is dm MSC, then m ch is there, fine. The more you keep on spending time, the more you'll become an expert. Now for doing your surgery may spend minimum about six, seven years correct. Only after passing at West standard or a level whatever it is here.

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How much time have you spent? How much

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so when we want to become an engineer, you spent four years when you're a doctor, you spent five years dava you'll do one eight.

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You can't become an expert overnight, but at least you make a beginning at open your mouth.

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As far as I'm concerned.

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In my childhood, I was a stammer. Even in my adulthood, I was a stammer. If you asked me what was my name, my name is Azam Sasaki. That was me. When I mentioned emojis are inspired by him. And I started with Java. And I realized when I spoke with non Muslims, I never used to stem

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normal a normal human being when he comes on the stage even stammer in my dreams, I could have dreamt of becoming the best surgeon in the world.

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I could have dreamed you know, in your dreams, you can dream anything. But I couldn't dream of speaking in front of 25 people, I have the stamina. And now hamdulillah with Allah I

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am giving talks in front of 1000s of people hundreds of 1000 I haven't given a talk in front of a million people live in LA.

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So if you go back, if you see my life back, I would be the last person, one of the last category who could do Dawa. But I did jihad. Jihad means to strive, I didn't take a sword. to strive and struggle, I did jihad. I strive and I struggle. And Allah opened up the pathways. Allah says in Surah and Kabuto, Chapter 29, verse number 69. If you strive in Allah, Allah will open up your peace. I strive for hamdulillah. And the moment I got involved in the field of Dharma, my stammering went away yet I do stammer, sometimes of the stage, but on the stage at hamdulillah Lakshmi, it's a miracle.

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I was inspired by shigematsu, that whatever I learned, whatever I heard from his classmates, I started talking, I started talking, Allah kept on helping me more and more now I'm here. Even if I had been the best surgeon in the world, all of you will have gathered here correct.

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And the respect that Allah has given me at this young age, even if I had been the best surgeon in the world, the people that want to meet me, the people I meet the kings, the shakes the ministers, and

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I never did dava for fame or popularity. I took up medicine. I'm a medical doctor, because I thought it was the most noble profession. It is along the line. I'm not saying no, but I found a noble profession. Therefore I change from a doctor of the body, the doctor of soul.

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But the best thing better whatever you have heard today,

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people normally enjoy the clap. Tomorrow back to work. They are the same. And they go back towards they should try and repeat something for me what they heard at least 10% if not 10% 5% at least 2% start and the moment you start,

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Allah will help you.

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So the moment you keep on doing that will help you haven't done any course. I haven't been trained by anyone.

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Allah, Masha Allah helped me and without help. It's not possible. But we have our training courses in Bombay, maybe 10 people it's a short course of about 30 to 40 days, maybe 10 people. And believe me, if you hear the speakers have a foundation, all of them can catch up number one number Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Hadees Khurana hamdulillah at the fingertips. Firstly, the help of Allah second is hard work. Third is technique. So number one is Allah help. Hard work is from your technique we gave that is the least important. But don't wait till you become an expert. What do you know start and then I'll help you move from them to the question.