Is the Qur’an Grammatically Correct

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Dr. Zacher you said there isn't any mistake in Quran I see more than 20 mistake in Arabic grammar. And I will tell you some of them

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in Vietnam annuel Athena hadoar SEIP worn

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in Bukhara, and hatch in the Latina Amanullah, Lavina Hardwar serene, which is a sub or Asahi?

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Nom, nom, Brother, brother one question at a time. Yeah. The same thing he said in Psalm 63 In Danila, Huron mistake in they kneel us out on can you explain that

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and there is more than that.

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Brother will allow you only the first part of the question. The second part will not allow because we are stated will allow on time so others get a chance to Okay.

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The brother has asked a very good question. I would like to be more concardis and agreeing he had mentioned all 20 grammatical points. And the book is referring to Babel Fadi identified the correct is the Quran infallible, I can see some things Yeah, I'm gonna my site is good

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I will answer all 20 together because I've read the book

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too and inshallah inshallah fine number one brother. Why number one, point number one to be noted that all Arabic grammar is taken from the Quran. Quran was the highest Arabic book, a book which has the maximum level of highest literature. All the Arabic grammar has been derived from the Quran. Quran is the textbook of grammar, since Quran is the textbook of grammar and all the grammar is read from the Quran. The Quran can never have a mistake, point number one.

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Why number two?

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Point number two, why number two, it is like you know, take your ruler and the ruler is they have a measurement and nothing the measurement is wrong.

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Sounds illogical point number two

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in the different tribes of Arabia, and you know Arabic and Dr. William Campbell also will agree with me in different Arabic tribes, the grammar keeps on changing in some Arabic tribe, the word is feminine, the same word even masculine, the other types of Arabia in different tribes, the grammar keeps on changing, even the gender keeps changing. So will you check Quran with that faulty grammar? No. And furthermore, the eloquence of Quran is so high

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is so high, it is far superior. And you know there are various books on the internet to go 12 grammatical mistake 21 grammatical mistake or bill for the 20 grammatical mistake. Do you think that Christian people go the mistakes? Who do these mistakes do you wrote about the Muslims? The Muslim scholars like some actually what they did that the Quran grammar is so high that it goes against the conventional use of the Arabic.

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The Quran grammar is so high to prove the Quranic grammar was high. They give examples, and I'll give you a couple of examples which will answer all these 20 questions. They give the example like reading the Quran, it says that the people of Luth la Salam, they rejected all the messengers. They dissected the messenger that mentioned Tara William Campbell said, the people of Noah, they rejected the messengers. We know from history that there was only one messenger sent to them. So it has a grammatical mistake. Quran should I said the people rejected the messenger not messengers. I agree with you, with layman grammar like how have you and I know it may be a mistake, but if you read the

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books written by Arabs, what is the beauty of the Quran? The beauty of the Quran is why does the Quran differ messengers instead of messenger? You know why? Because we know that the basic message of all the messengers was same, that there is one God about the heat of Allah subhanaw taala by mentioning the people of Rutila salaam, the people of Noah rejected the messenger it says they're rejecting Nutella Salam, they are indirectly rejecting all the messengers.

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See the beauty see the eloquence Hamdulillah you may think it's a mistake. It's a mistake. Similarly, people are new sources that Quran says, confer can be and it is, it should be confer cannot be and it was a good past and this confer can in Arabic. It's not confer cool, but the confocal is more superior. It's

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Did Allah it was it is and can do past present and future thank you Dr Naik