Is Beat Boxing Allowed in Islam?

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The next question

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is from Abdullah Mohammed, from Bangladesh.

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If beat boxing allowed in Islam, first understand what is beat boxing. beat boxing is a vocal percussion

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imitating the sound of the drum machine with your mouth, the lips, your tongue, and your voice.

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This is there since a couple of centuries ago, it started.

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In the 19th century, though the word was then called as beatboxing. Originally beatboxing was imitating the drum machine. And later on as time passed on, they started imitating the other musical instruments and now, lately, almost all the instruments are imitated by the human vocal voice using the mouth, the tongue, the lips. And it was made famous in the 20th century in the late 1960s, by the Beatles, Paul McCartney.

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History tells us that even Michael Jackson made it famous and so on and so forth.

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Coming to the question,

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that is beat boxing omitted Islam,

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almost all

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the scholars,

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they agree that musical instruments are haram in Islam.

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There are very few scholars that you may find lately on the past that have permitted

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the use of musical instruments, there are various Hadith which have prohibited musical instruments. I'll just go to one which is very important. It's mentioned in Sai Bukhari Hadith number 5592. The Beloved Prophet masala Salam said

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that they will be among my followers, some

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who will make illegal intercourse that rizona adultery and fornication, wearing of silk, drinking of alcoholic drinks, and the use of musical instruments as lawful as holiday.

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This is one of the signs of the art

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before the day of judgment before the end of the world profits this is a sign that there will be some people from his OMA who will make Xena adultery, fornication, wearing or sick drinking of alcohol and the use of musical instruments as Halal indicating that you they will we can implement is haram. The Prophet only permitted certain times the use of Duff, that's an open ended drum, an IED on weddings.

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But generally all the other instruments are haram. There are various fatwas

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since the musical instruments, haram,

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a human being imitating the Haram musical instrument, according to scholars is also haram.

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And when Shia Potami was asked, that is beatboxing permissible, he clearly said, even imitating the Haram instrument, the musical instruments with your mouth, whether it be drums, whether it be other instruments, it is forbidden, it is prohibited. So beatboxing is not permissible for the Muslims. It is not allowed that the Muslim should imitate the sound of the musical instrument whether it be dumbs whether it be other musical instruments, whether its sound, this is haram, and the Muslims should abstain from it. Even listening to it, and even involving in making sounds of haram musical instruments with your mouth