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The first question, remember the audience, he asks, or he or she could be different to us, are recited at the beginning of the fast during the soul, which is the most authentic, as far as defining any dua, or not know of any say Hadith in which the prophet has recited any dua at the soul time, or any of the Sahaba has mentioned in dua. I don't have any. In fact, what a prophet said, it's mentioned in the hadith of pyramids. In the book of fasting, I did them with Henry and petit, a beloved Prophet said that anyone who has not intended to fast before dawn, there's no fast for him.

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The prophets have said hundreds of us only say, in the book of fasting, I did. Number 231, a beloved prophet Muslim said, there is no fast for a person who has not intended to fast the night before. That means intention is compulsory. For fasting, it should be done before the break of dawn. Or that it says that the night before means any time before the break of dawn, you can intend, but when you intend, you need not say it loudly. It's not required. Rolling 10 in the heart. So the main thing is in 10, in your heart that you're going to first and that's sufficient. When you want to pray you intend to do near for praying, and you pray, you don't have to say it loudly. To say me, you don't

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have to say that. I intend to fast. But many people, many of the Muslims have invented words in Arabic or in different languages that I intend to fast tomorrow, et cetera, et cetera, which we don't find any of the say Hadith, and neither do we find in the sayings of the Prophet of the Sabbath. So the best is to intend in your heart. That's it, and there's no particular to offers over.

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Okay, that's very enlightening can answer. Hope that answers the question of the participant the audience. Next question from our audience. If a person has the intention of waking for the so hot, but unfortunately, he or she doesn't manage to wake up is his or her fast still accepted. If a person before sleeping has the intention of fasting tomorrow, and had the intention of getting food but could not get up first? Or because the overslept etc. Having sued is not fun. So now, our beloved Prophet said inside Buhari worm number three in the book of fasting, number one, nine to three, he said that in the Sahara is a blessing. It's the Sunnah, recommended sunnah. But if a

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person always sleeps, it's not a further to have so because he had the intention of getting up here the intention to fast, fast will be accepted.