What is the Solution for Stammering? Is there a Dua for it?

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AI: Summary © The causes of st alternate speech, including genetic reasons, therapies, and fear/anxury, occur in children between two and five years old. The non- Muslim speaker describes a situation where they were staring and their st spoken, but they did not strow. The Muslim speaker discusses "has" meaning "has" in a speech, meaning "has" is a positive expression, and emphasizes praying for Islam's grace and helping people speak for him.
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The next question from Sega verse a or a mansha

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from novel pindi, Pakistan, what is the solution of stammering I know you also had this problem. So, please tell me a dua by which I can solve this problem. But this is a last question that what is the solution for stammering and he knows that I used to stammer in childhood. For the solution, what is the word that he can play

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stammering is a speech disorder, which affects the flow and the fluency of speech. And there can be various reasons, they can be a speech motor disorder, it can be genetic, it can be due to a brain injury, it can be a neurological problem. So, the various reasons that they can be the stammering or stuttering stammering or stuttering in young children, between the age of two and five is common.

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After that, if it continues with this prolonged gap, or the repetition of word, then there's a problem and you should have it checked. If you have a stumbling F to find out what is the cause of stammering? Is it due to a speech motor disorder? Is it due to psychological reason? Is it genetic, and there are therapies available speech therapists are there. You can go and show to speech therapists and they will try and find out what the causes and try and give you remedy. As far as I'm concerned, as many of you may be aware, that I used to stammer since childhood and I continued stammering till I was in college. And if someone asked me, What is your name, my name is da da da da

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da K. This is our present time I understand a lot.

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And I realized that when I met chick, Emma did that in 1987 December the first time.

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And I got involved in the field of Dawa.

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I realized that when I used to speak with the Christian missionaries,

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and then we used to stammer,

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it was like a medical emergency.

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In 1991, when we started our foundation, Islamic Research Foundation, there was one of my friends

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who was also going to come by to religion. So I said, let's have a question answer session, and I made the platform for him.

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But when he went to answer on the stage,

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he got cold feet. He said to stammer, and this is common. A person when he was on the stage, it is common that a person who goes the first time on the stage each time words. So that is not an organic stammering or it's not due to speech disorder due to fear. So my friend, he got cold feet. And there was no option but I went on the stage.

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And I started answering and I realized that on the stage I did not stammer. At that time. Most of the audio for Muslims was weird. A normal person on the stage time was the person whose cameras on the stage ustomer mo, but there was a modular from Allah subhanaw taala

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whenever on the street that did not stammer and then I realized that whenever I spoke on the stage, I started speaking on the stage, my stammering vanished when I came down from the stage it again started when I spoke with a non Muslim while doing Dawa, my family vanished when I spoke with the Muslims. Again it started as we speak on the phone, I used to stammer.

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Then my last grace Alhamdulillah you know, I kept on doing more and more data. As I kept on doing more and more our mesh tamari kept on reducing.

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And whenever I started my speech, I have to recite the dua, therefore recited by masala salam, by Prophet Moses peace be upon him. And this door is there in Surah Taha chapter number 20 was number 25 to 28 we save rubbish recently. Why is suddenly angry? Why hello, Melissa Annie. Yes.

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This is a duar recited by masala Salam in Surah Taha chapter number 20 was number 25 to 28 Joe in the Quran says all rubbish, really sadly, why is certainly Embrey wallaga Tamil ehsani Jeff cocconi

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that means that musala salam preached Allah subhanaw taala that oh my lord, expand my breasts for me. Rubbish. Really sorry. Why you're suddenly angry and make my task easy for me.

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Well, hello, Melissa, Annie, and remove the impediment from my speech. Yes, Gokhale so that they understand me. Yeah, we know from the feeder that musala Salama stammer, he's to stutter. So Praise to Allah subhanaw taala Oh, my Lord, expand my breath from Make me bored, make me capable

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and make my task is

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For me, and remove the impediment from my speech. Now here this has two meanings. One is the stuttering that was there in the speech of masala Salaam and even I used to stutter. The second meaning is that if there is a barrier between the speaker and the audience, so even a person who's not stammering he reads this door

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to ask Allah subhana wa Taala to remove the barrier, the impediment between the speaker and the audience. And the next one is so that they may understand.

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And we know that when musala salam was asked by Allah subhanaw taala to go and deliver the message to Pharaoh on he said that why don't you give me support and then last minute Allah makes his bread, the heroine in the salon, who was good in speech to accompany him. In my early youth age before I got involved in the field of Dawa I used to stammer so much, I could not have dreamt of speaking in front of 25 people I could have dreamt of becoming the best surgeon in the world. In your dreams, you can dream anything.

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But I could not have dreamed of speaking in front of 25 people because I was a stammer I could have dreamt of becoming the best doctor in the world, the best surgeon in the world. But I could not have dreamed of speaking in front of only five people who could have stammer. Now Allah subhana wa Taala through His grace, through His mercy hasn't been translated. It is due to the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala when I got involved in the field of Tao, my stammering vanished now yet I stammer, but then know how to overcome it by the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala as I kept on going more on the state mash, demining kept on reducing and Mashallah Bella's Grace has started addressing

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audience, it was first few 100 then became few 1000 then became 10s of 1000. And now hamdulillah. The largest gathering that I've addressed live is in kishanganj, in 2012, where there were more than a million people.

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So this is nothing but a miracle from Allah subhanaw taala a person who cannot speak

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in my school days in public speaking, I have to get pf, pf is pass fail. But when the teacher knew, that has to stammer, Allah makes me a public speaker. I never dreamt of it.

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I never got involved in the field of Dawa to become a public speaker. And I was started IRF Islami Research Foundation to become a public speaker. I started as a platform for people to get some information and let other people speak for Allah has his planning. Allah has his medical has I mean physiotherapy. So as far as the doula the best treatment is Allah subhana wa shafee. Our request to Yes, you can go to a doctor. Allah save first Allah Allah Zicree in gundula dahlem in Surah hell, Chapter 16 verse 43. And so chapter 20 verse number seven, if you don't know as the person who knows, so button he will go to a doctor go to a speech therapist, check it up, then we give you a

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therapy. But the dua you can decide is of Surah Taha chapter number 20 was 25 to 28 and this is the dua I always say in the beginning of my speech, and even before today's speech, I said that, so if we keep on deciding this dua, inshallah this door can help you, relieve your stammering and inshallah pray to Allah subhanaw taala that may he completely free you from the stuttering and stammering and inshallah make you a good speaker and a good dyers