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Why Is An Insane Person Exempted From Fasting

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Zakir Naik

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Why Is An Insane Person Exempted From Fasting

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One of the categories you've mentioned, an insane person is exempted. But why is this the insane person is exempted, because the same identity could relate to a beloved Prophet musella. Some said, it's mentioned hadith of tirmidhi, Hadith number 1423, that the pen is lifted from three categories of people, a child, till he reaches puberty, a person who's sleeping till he wakes up, and a person who is insane, did it become the sound mind. So this is the Prophet has exempted, and they have free from fasting. The reason is, because one of the criteria for the fasting to be accepted as Nia is intention. And intention can only be made by a person who's seen who sounded mind. Only if the sound

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can he willingly intend to fast. If he's insane, he cannot. So that that even if an innocent person, whether you passed or not, it doesn't make a difference at all. It is He is exempted. And once he becomes saying he does not have to compensate also for the past as well because he's responsible for that. He's not held responsible. So that is the beauty of Islam. They only held responsible those people who shouldn't be held responsible