Zakir Naik – Is Bathing Permissible While Fasting

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the concept of bathing during fasting, which is considered a violation of privacy and confidentiality. The bathing act is flexible, as long as the person doesn't follow the rules of the bathroom. The bathing act is linked to a book and a person named Billie who claims to have been sexually assaulted by a man in a bathing bath.
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The taking of a bath bathing

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sometimes it is taken the bath

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in order to call the body down due to climatic conditions and other times it is taken to remove sexual impurity.

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Is this a permitted act during the past Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah cyberdemon a MOBA, also Billa administrate Tony regime. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. prohibitionists agree with Sylvia Marie

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As far as

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painting is concerned, that is crucial,

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whether it's done for

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religious further, if you're in the state of June, that sexual development or whether it is done to clean your body to remove the dirt or you're feeling sticky, or whether bathing is done, because you're feeling thirsty, or you're feeling hot, whatever reason it's done for as long as the person does not follow water,

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the past does not get invalidated. So bathing is permissible while fasting. And there are several Hadith

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to show that it's permitted.

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It's mentioned in say Bukhari one number three, in the book of fasting, how did number one nine to six

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that Ayesha Mallaby please. She says that the Prophet, he got up from asleep

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in a sexually defiled state, in the state of

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mind you Miley was fasting, and he took a bath, and he continued as fast that means bathing was obligatory here, because he had * with the wife. So it was compulsory anyway that for the feed.

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So number

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one, number two, in the book of fasting, number 2359

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Hezekiah Walker, men love him. He says that, he heard a man saying that when the Prophet had gone to church, and while he was fasting, he poured water over his head

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because he was thirsty, or he was feeling excessively hot. So even when you feel thirsty, or you feel hot, you're allowed to pour water over your head, or have a bath in the state of fasting. Furthermore, it's mentioned in sale Buhari.

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More number three in the book of fasting, chap number 25.

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Abnormal Milan visit him. He stroked his garment in water, and he wore it

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in the same chapter, salable Hurry, or number three in the book of fasting, chap number 25. It's mentioned that announcement like pizza Tim,

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he says, he had a tub of water in which used to sit by leaves too fast. So all he said was that taking guzzle pouring water over your head, whether it be for religious purpose, whether it's for whether it's optional MOBA whether if it exists, the hot weather feeling dirty, we're definitely thirsty in the state of fasting all the the permissible as long as we do not follow water by having a bath

Is Bathing Permissible While Fasting

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