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If Islam is the Best Religion, then why are Christians More in Numbers than Muslims

Zakir Naik


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The next question if Islam is the best religion, then why Christians are more in number than us.

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mytho Vasa vary from Dhaka, Bangladesh without the question of Islam is the best religion then why why number one number one those who are in the maximum number though and majority are not always right.

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This is the wrong concept that those who are in majority always right and that which is in line numbers can I can use several examples

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if you ask someone which is the best car available in the world, some messy Rolls Royce, some may say Bentley but you know that the number of rolls was in the world a very few number of Bentley a very few the number of membaca very few the largest company of cars are defaulted is Toyota and Toyota is not the best it may be it may not be for knowing what is the best you have to analyze the specifications. If you want to know which is the best car you have to know what is the average of the car? What is the safety measure? What is the look of the car What is it made of what is the pickup? What is the horsepower all these things, then you can decide not just who using it maximum.

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And even a person who is eager to read will agree that Rolls Royce better but he would not want to spend that much money, he may not have the money, or he may not want to spend the money may have the money. Let me tell you, I do agree with you. People who fill the census form today in the world maximum attrition, they are close to two and a half 2.7 5 billion. And Muslims are about more than 2 billion in the world. So I do agree with you. But the people who practice religion number one Islam, out of the 2 billion people majority practices now at least the main pillar.

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Maybe 75% of them may be close. But in Christianity, there's a small minute percentage, maybe 5% 10%, who may be following the religion, they may fill the form. How many people go to church?

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How many people attend the services in the church?

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If you ask them, most of the Christian don't believe also Jesus is God. Most of the people don't believe in the teachings of the Bible, but yet they fill the form and they say that Christian because after mentioned religion, so as far as following the religion is concerned, today in the world, the maximum religion that is followed is Islam and the Muslims, surely more than a billion. But those people who claim a Christian then according to survey, inshallah, in the next maybe 50 years, Islam will also overtake Christianity even in numbers in filling of census form. So the number which is maximum is not the best, the best is that which you have to see the criteria. So if

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you compare the Quran and if you compare the Bible, there is no doubt at all, that if you compare it with the test of science or with logic or with religion, surely Quran will pass the test and the other scriptures of other religions will fail the test. So, if you see which religion is practice most in the world, it is Islam and hamdulillah Islam is the best religion and Allah clearly see then sort of eliminate chapter three verse number 19. In Edina in the Assam, the only reason acceptable in the sight of Allah in Islam