If you are going through difficulty – REMEMBER THIS

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Prophet teaches us some love wanting him send him that if all the people of the world were to gather to harm us, they cannot, except by the will of Allah. And if all the people of the world were to gather to help us, they also cannot, except by the will of Allah subhanaw taala, the pens have been lifted, and the ink has dried. When you think about it from that perspective, it doesn't matter if that person in your life, or that boss, or that neighbor, whoever it may be, that's giving you a hard time, it does not matter who they are exactly, because ultimately, Allah is greater than them. And every person who is has a frown, there is a lot above them. And so when you put things into

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perspective, it shrinks down our anxieties and troubles back to real size. And that is really important because you realize that no one can harm you except by Allah's decree. And if it happens, it was written, and if he brought you through the struggle, He'll bring you through it as well.