Zakir Naik – If Bible and Quran have Similarities than Why Only Muslims are called Terrorists

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses similarities between Islam and widow's Islam, including the use of "three" in English to describe Muslims and the use of "three" in conjunction with "three" in prayer. They also mention that they are aware of the potential threat posed by Islam to women and women in their religious circles.
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This is regarding the many books which were written against Islam, which led to the belief that a lot of people worldwide, that our religion was wrong, the Quran was wrong and prophets were wrong among these people who believed in it. There were a lot of Christians who believe in the Bible to and the Bible and the Quran have nearly the same prophets we have Jesus Christ Do we have Moses to? So why today is the term terrorist used only in respect to Muslims? This is another good question that when Quran and Bible there are so many similarities to why this world specifically used in terms with Muslims, as a tournament talk, sister, this word fundamentalism initially was coined to

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describe a group of Christians in America in the early part of the 20th century when they objected to the church. So this word was coined for the Christian Initially, the first time it was used in English language, it was coined to describe the Christians but today, as I told you, they have turned the tables over.

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So now they use it more to describe Muslims. Why it is the case. Regarding similarities I have given the talk sister similarities between Islam and Christianity, when I've described that there are various similarity between Islam and Christianity in the Quran and the Bible. So at least we as human beings, let us agree to follow these similarities, the differences you can talk later. But the reason that they are doing this as I told you because Islam today is the fastest growing religion in the world, the people may be fearing that of Islam girls, may be what they call as pleasure. They may have to give it up.

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