How do we Know our Repentance is Accepted by Allah?

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How do we know what are the indications and how do we know whether repentance is accepted? What are the indications, the indication as far as repent is to be accepted by Allah subhanaw taala. Number one is that you do not commit the same sin again, and your good deeds keep on increasing in a bad date keep on decreasing lesson number one thing that allows accepted repentance, number two, that you have the fear of Allah subhanaw taala. Number three, is that you regret to Allah subhanaw taala and you keep on asking us forgiveness. Number four, is that you're humble. And you always address him in humility. So these are the four signs which show that your repentance has been accepted. But

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last minute Allah, the signs of non acceptance of the tobei repentance is deficiency in the person's repentance. And he remembers the pleasures of the senses, and he gets preoccupied and continuing the sin. That's number one. Number two, he for sure. That is benzyl accepted as though he has got immunity. And he's immune to it and surely you'd be forgiven. That's number two. Number three, is that his eyes Don't cry, and his heart is hardened. Number four, there's no increase in the good activities that he's doing. no increase in the good deeds. And a beloved partner Salah Salem said it's mentioned in say Muslim one before in the book of repentance, Hadith number 67. That if the

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people do not commit any sins, Allah subhana wa Taala will wipe them out and replace with the people who commit sin and who asked for forgiveness. So there are like and forgive them. Now here if you understand this audit, it will look very odd that does allow us to do sin. If you don't do Sinhala will remove you what it means that there are some people who do sin, and who may ask for forgiveness and repent and make them prove that Allah subhanaw taala and the good deeds will increase and these people will return. On the other hand, some people do good deed and they have a conceit. They're so proud of themselves, and that will take them to the hellfire. So Allah says that if there's a group

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of people who don't do sin, a level plays them with the people who do sin so that they will ask for forgiveness and Allah will forgive them that means you should have immunity to these are the signs for not acceptance of your job. May Allah subhanaw taala continue to accept repentance in October Dr. zakia, there is another question which I have which is just to end this particular session, this particular show, and that is, is there any limitation to the sins that Allah subhanaw taala can accept our Toba for as far as Allah forgiveness is concerned and most is concerned, every surah every chapter of the Glorious Quran, it begins with the beautiful formula Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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In the name of Allah, most Gracious, Most Merciful, every surah except for chapter number nine so Tama

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and alas mother says in the Quran, in Surah sumur chapter nine, verse 53, that all my servants who have transgressed against their souls dispay not the most different lesson pan out Allah for Allah and forgive all sins. Allah is Forgiving and most merciful. The Allah says that whatever your sin, maybe Allah subhanaw taala he can forgive any of your sins, as long as you repent.

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If you repent the right way, and if asked forgiveness, Allah will inshallah forgive you. And a beloved portion of the lesson said, especially say howdy effect reminder. I did number four to five one, the beloved Prophet said that every sin of Adam, he commits sin, and the best is the person who repents, to commit sin, no problem, but if you repent, then you're the best person. Repentance is very important, especially the 300 number 3540.

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But a beloved partner, Salah slim said that Allah says, oh, son of Adam, you may do anything, and I will forgive all your sins, even if your sins reach to the clouds in the sky, I will forgive them. You asked me for mercy, and I will forgive you.

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It for the mission of say Muslim 100 number 6246. The beloved partner cillessen said that law says even if you do sin day and night and ask for forgiveness, I will forgive you. You asked me from pardon, and I will forgive you. This machine say Bukhari

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I'm number 800. Number 5999. There were some prisoners of war with at least religion and woman and one lady.

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She searches for a son and she cannot find a son.

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The moment she sees any child, she breastfeeds the child, the nature of the child she sees, she breastfeed the child. Finally, she finds her own child for the profit as the sabas. That when this woman finds her son, even if he had done the sin, then we'll see, throw the sun in the fire. They said no. Last one out, Allah loves his servants, even if they commit sin more than the lady loves the child.

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So based on this, realize that last minute Allah is willing to forgive any of your sin as long as repent.

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And just the last question, Allah says in the Quran, and it certainly sir Chaplin before, was 14, that if Allah subhanaw taala pleases, he can forgive anything, but the sin of shake he'll ever forgive. Here it means that if a person does Shrek and depends before he dies,

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before the death rattle, insha Allah Allah will forgive even just enough yet, if he repents and comes to the state path, and believes in Allah subhanaw taala believes in Allah will even forgive him as an offshoot, which is biggest sin, but if he died as a mushrik, after he dies, Allah says here, that he will not forgive this nor should any other thing if he wishes, he may forgive but the thing of Shaykh Hillier forgive, is the biggest sin. So from here we come to know that Allah subhanaw taala is the most merciful and willing to forgive the sins of his servants.