Zakir Naik – Hinduism is Universal. Is Islam Universal and Forever

Zakir Naik
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My profession is training in yoga and public speaking skills. Chandra Kumar, the good evening my dear soul friend Can I just one thing I am basically Hindu and I am have equal respect for all of these systems also and I could learn some techniques of Christianity and Islam from my father also fine. So I would like to know from you and in other systems all are not universal only for a particular community and particular segment Islam but the Quran is for you're telling us Surya superhard 2428 some difference for universal fine, the crisp of the Vedic I mean to the best of my knowledge, it is survey Jana sukhino Pawan to survey one two sukeena it says but it doesn't say

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survey Hindu sukeena survey Hindu sukeena no it is all the human beings should be merciful, happy and pleasant. It is one thing and another thing, whatever the you're describing for Allah in such a coup de la hora de la semilla millaa millaa millaa millaa Hakuna had like that, in our Vedas also.

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Verses 24 to 28 Samadhi pata of yoga it is describing place karma v Park RCA Abram Krishna purusha East Asia high East varaha doctrine era TCM service in Abuja survey Shama Guru carlina, Machida de Vaca, pranava, he has not given to any but to not even but it was not bound to any person and he is a superior to even five basic elements and he is it all the times omnipresent, that is Ishwara whatever the a lot you have given, it is appealing to the same issue of what we got. And in Bhagavad Gita since you know sloka 31 of chapter three, I mean, karma yoga, it says yet a Mata madam, a moto medium, for MANOVA

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shuddha yo anasuya tone macentee p karma P. What he says, Whoever follows my religion, all the human beings, Lord Krishna says not only the Hindus who follow all the human beings who follows my words of Bhagavad Gita, I am with them. That is a thing. And to the best of my knowledge. I know know that sooner you see me young scholars are getting ready already has three questions already. Please. You have asked one question the police is saying the time is up. We have to respect the law. Other days I'm not a good Muslim. I got the check. They have to end by 1030 1030 is already up. I'll just try and reply and brief all these questions answered on the website. You can go to my video cassettes.

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I'll give you a copy of similar with some in Hinduism. The weather said an unsigned short for more details refer to my other cassettes. The brother said that even Hinduism says that soak for all of humanity. Brother, I said that whenever the scriptures came, it came for that time. And for those people, that means look for whole of humanity of that time.

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of that time, not till eternity. Otherwise your Hindu scripture wouldn't have said there is a Rishi to come. If everything was mentioned in the Vedas. Why was the Vedas say anthem Rishi will come forward. If the VEDA has mentioned all the truth, why will they say one more Ishiguro come forward. So this proves that the way that did say about human me but for that time, it doesn't sit for the whole of humanity forever. So all the scriptures when they say another issue going to come that means he's going to come to say something is in the Quran. It says prophet mama Salah Salam is the last messenger after him, no one will come. If anyone says I get avahi Highgate revelation today he

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requires a psychiatrist

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mithuna ship is over. Come into other question you said that your VEDA is a second and third question. Your VEDA said God is one who should not worship Him, etc. I agree with that what I said kumala was what is the question but do you worship such a god? You said you believe in God is one who is not begotten. Who has got no image that nothing like him. So I am asking you Yes, I believe in that. Do you believe in such a god? So the moment you give it to God that means it is going against your VEDA and as I mentioned earlier, is clearly mentioned in the data set or Punisher chapter number four was number 19. And as you read chapter number 33, Natasha mosty of that God,

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there is no prathima there is no statue, there is no ID, there is no image, there is no photograph, there is no sculpture, you believe this and worshipped as a god like the full criteria of surah class, then you're worshiping the true God otherwise it's a false god. Hope that answers the question mark Ravana Alhamdulillah Allah Allah me

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