Mohammed Hijab recites Quran and shares Islam with Jordan B. Peterson (Ready To Visit a Mosque)

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Why did that make you smile? I just smiled and one of the names of God from the Islamic tradition is that he's the loving one I will do because many Christians don't know that Muslims love Jesus. Because a Muslim cannot be a Muslim unless they believe in Revere, love and respect. All of the prophets including Jesus name the mosque, and I'll give you an invitation that's not only willing, eager one of our hopes, okay, is that people embrace Islam and become Muslims. That's why this conversation was so important. We will our ruler, the

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ILA, hi.

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Ali Malloy viewers. Come on. Jordan Peterson now you've been delivered a true testify that does nothing worthy of worship except the Creator of the heavens and earth empty

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam alaikum Greta peace How are you guys doing and go ahead and hit that like button so we can go ahead and build some traction and help get this message out to the world subscribe hit that notification bell very, very important. So you are not left behind when a new videos come out. Just like this one. Now. I was looking forward to talking to Muhammad he Job himself in sha Allah. We set a date for some time in January to have on the program back on the deen show to talk about his interview with Jordan Peterson. Now much respect goes out to Mr. Jordan Peterson Who's Mr. Jordan Peterson? Well, he's a professor of psychology. He's a clinical

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psychologist, and a best selling author. And he was courageous enough man enough to go ahead and do what many

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fail to do talk to Muslims, not about Muslims. Learn about Islam instead of talking about Islam. And he stepped up and much respect for you Mr. Jordan Peterson much respect inshallah God willing others. follow in your footsteps. Now want to get into this beautiful conversation back and forth with Jordan Peterson and Mohammed II? John, it was a very affable, enlightening, amazing conversation. Well, so I'm going to ask some some really basic questions wants to ask basic questions. Because the the, it's very difficult to understand another culture from outside, he talks about you have no idea how much you don't know about what you don't know, you're blind to your own

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ignorance. For as an outsider, you have no idea how much you don't know about what you don't know, even you're blind to your own ignorance. He admits that he doesn't have a tangible understanding of Islam. And so I'm going to start with basic questions. I don't, I wouldn't say that I have a tangible understanding of Islam. Look how intelligent this man is the kind of degrees that he is a professor in academia. And he's coming out sincerely, and he's coming out. It seems like he's authentic in what he's saying. He's genuinely sincere. And he's coming out and saying, as a religious system, a system of thought Islam has remained relatively opaque to me, he talks about how

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he's done a reasonable amount of historical reading, despite the fact that I've done a reasonable amount of historical reading. And so where do you get this information? Where are people getting the information from? SM legitimate question, a very important question. I mean, Time Magazine did an article in 1979 that talked about in a span of 150 years 60,000 books were written against Islam, by the Islamophobia by the hate machine. So it was he reading some of those books because you can read 100 200 books, but it was one of one of these books, you know, compared to one real authentic book written by a mainstream Muslim scholar, right, someone has some credibility. You could throw all

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these 200 300 in garbage at the end, you come back to you got it. We got to come down like somebody when it comes in to learn from our professor of Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A lot of times it's harder to reach teach someone who comes in and learns, you know, on his own in the wrong way. Now he comes in we got to fix all the mistakes rather than someone comes when a blank so many people like to Jordan Peterson and others, they're getting the wrong information but much respect to Jordan Peterson, that he's been humble and he's being sincere that he really is starting from the basics. He wants to know the basics. What do you what what is it? What is it in terms of practice and belief

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that are absolutely core as far as you're concerned to practicing the Islamic faith and Muhammad hedgehog gives him the barebone basics. Well, the first thing is I think we should start with the bare bones basics and this is just a reminder how the misinformation has permeated the world. It's saturated, all over the place with the lies misinformation, half truths, distortion, deliberate distortion, the list goes on. And the is very sad that the naive credulous majority has swallowed all this hook, line and sinker but in fact,

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What the I will actually argue today that the New Testament representation of Jesus Christ in His Second Coming is way more violent than Muhammad's conquests in the Medina, okay. The term warlord that you use with the Prophet you've never used with Harry Truman you've never used with, with Roosevelt we've never used with Winston Churchill, all of which conquered countries literally in wars. That's why this conversation was so important. And much respect goes out to Jordan Peterson, hopefully others will follow in this example. And the Bible is basically says first to say that we believe in God. So as beautiful the beginning right away starts with the pure monotheism to Tawheed

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that there's nothing no one worthy of worship except the Creator of the heavens and earth. God Almighty Allah and your make Allah Ha is one God, worthy of worship. And we say Allah, you know that the Jews and Christians who are Arabic, speaking they also use the term Allah is in the Bible's in the first book of Genesis, Allah. This is what Christians would believe is like the the Father in heaven. There's the Creator, God, Almighty, Allah, so nothing is worthy of worship except the one creator, not your ideas, not your desires, not a human being, not the money you make, not the material possessions, not the material things, not your ancestors, nothing is worthy of worship,

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except the one who created you, God Almighty Allah. So it's beautiful. How he starts off with this belief that nothing is worthy of worship except the one God Allah, the pure monotheism to Tawheed Alhamdulillah it's one god worthy of worship. Let's go on to the next clip where Muhammad he Giada says, you know, kind of sensitive and you're worried about, you know, if you're going to offend somebody, but our brother Muhammad he job goes in, addresses something that's very important. He talks about the Trinity. Now, what I would say though, sorry to kind of drag this on a little bit, is that this would disqualify something like the Trinity from being true. And in fact, the Quran

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this is the Islamic position is vehement in its opposition towards a Triune God. So for example, in chapter 23, verse 91, it says Mata Holloman. Well, I didn't want my camera who Manila is another Baku Illa Hamby, Mahabharata, Allah Allah Allah Malabar that God hasn't taken the sun and he doesn't have any gods with him. If that had been the case, each blood would have taken what he has created, and they would have tried to dominate one another. The idea that for that they can be more than one all powerful entity, is an inconceivable and unintelligible idea from the Islamic paradigm. So it seemed as problematic to say the least, or conceptually impossible, to say even more to suggest that

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something like a Trinity can be true. When it's talking about, for example, a Mary and Joe Mary. And Jesus says, something very simple. Can I call any time that both of them used to eat food. So in other words, the impossibility of something the emitted like Jesus, a man being God at the same time, this next clip is really interesting, the point about spark of divinity like you know, many people think that they can have a little bit of divineness in them. I mean, this is something that needs to be cut from the root, because divinity only belongs to the creator, the heavens and earth you like do you think that there's a divine spark in human beings? No, we don't think there's any

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kind of divinity at all, Islam is categorical about this. Because the way we define divinity is extremely strict. We say that the divine attributes of God are specific only to God. Now this next part is extremely important, like he did defining the words how many times we're using words Allah hood, but Alhamdulillah, Silla, Moloko Muslim Islam, and people in the average person has no idea what you're saying. They're like, why are you using these Arabic words, once you just speak English definitions with God, people don't realize this, especially in the Christian tradition. But one of the names of God from the Islamic tradition is that he's the loving one I will do in Arabic in the

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Quran, as well. So we believe that the relationship that human beings should have with God is a loving relationship. But it's, it's one of submission. This is the only thing. Islam doesn't mean peace. Islam actually means submission. Islam comes from the root, our record is to Islam. And what it means is submission. Because if someone like Jordan Peterson, who's humble enough, sincere enough to say, look, let's start from the, from the basic basics he doesn't know, as red as he is, he doesn't know. So you have to take people like the Prophet says on set, talk to people according to their level of understanding. And the majority of people know nothing about Islam. Everything in the

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universe is submitting to God. Everything the laws of nature have been placed there by the law maker, which is God. And this is what's the beautiful thing about Islam is not something esoteric, abstruse, hard to understand, it's clear, it's simple. This is the metanarrative of Islam. Abraham, Cain Moses came, Jesus came on all of them came with exactly the same message. And that message is to worship to believe in one God and to worship in only one God. Look, you have the six articles of faith. This is what

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We believe that there's only one and only one God. He's only the only one worthy of worship belief in the angels and the messengers who went and conveyed the message who are given the books, the divine Scriptures, the Torah, the Injeel the which is the living miracle that we have testable the Day of Judgment, predestination and then once the action is the five pillars of Islam testifying come on Jordan Peterson now you've been delivered a true testify that there's nothing worthy of worship except the Creator of the heavens and earth, and Muhammad is his last and final messenger. And then you'll establish the prayer five times a day at its fixed times, then you'll fast during

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the month of Ramadan, you'll give the poor to test the circuit and inshallah one day you'll be making Hajj with Brother Muhammad hijab with me with all of us with your brothers, over 2 billion Muslims worldwide, you'll be entering the family these are the five pillars that Hamdulillah we have to voluntarily submit to God during Peterson gets into this quality admits that were created to he talks about imitate and I do believe that there's compelling evidence psychological and biological Yeah, that we human beings have a remarkably strong instinct to imitate, but not imitate the Kim Kardashians not imitate the Kanye West and the Jay Z's and the 55 cents. No, no, it's very sad that

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many people end up you know, because those are the modern day idols icons, that people end up imitating and almost like worshipping, but the messengers were those who were sent for us to imitate and Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. Jesus at His time was meant to be followed that worshiped Moses as his time was meant to be followed not worshipped and Muhammad peace and blessings be upon them all. He's the last and final messenger he's meant to be followed. And the question is, well, what is it that we're oriented to imitate? There's a verse of beautify in the Quran where God Almighty saying cool income to him Boon Allah for Toby O'Neill, Viva como la jolla Fiddler condo

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novacom Allah hoga photo Rahim say if you really love Allah, if you really love God Almighty, then follow me. And Allah will love you and forgive your sins. So if you follow if you really love God Almighty, you have to follow the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him because he is a brother to Jesus, Moses, Abraham, he's the last and final messenger. He is the one teaching you showing you how to get to Paradise, how to have the most noble character, how to know God's, so you can love God, He is the example the best of mercy for mankind, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. So those are the ones we imitate. Well, hang on, hang on a sec, I'm not I don't want to

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I don't want to knock it. You even had the prophecy that's in the Bible that he covered, beautiful that hamdulillah there are clear verses in the Bible. Like for example, we point to Isaiah 4211.

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Where there indicates a new prophet that's going to come and in fact, Isaiah 4211 in particular is extremely important because it even specifies the region. It says it will be sent to the people of Qaeda and the people of Qaeda as in Genesis, Qaeda was the son of Ishmael. And basically, from him is the lineage of Muhammad or the Arabs, if you like. And so it has a whole discussion in the whole of Isaiah 42, about a new prophet going to come. And he's going to come to the people of Qaeda and the people will be rejoicing on the mountaintops. And in fact that the name of a mountain in Medina which is present a Saudi Arabia is mentioned, which is the mount of Salah. This part of the

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discussion was extremely important because many Christians don't know that Muslims love Jesus, that you cannot be a Muslim unless you love and revere Jesus as the Messiah. As Muhammad hijab goes on to say, in many ways, we are all followers of Christ. And that's another point of commonality like, we we see the Messiah, Jesus Christ as a man who had done wonders and miracles and science as the Bible states. We believe that he was immaculately conceived, we believe that he killed the blind, he raised the dead with God's permission, we believe, like most of the things that you'll find, we actually believe in those things. There's huge commonalities between Islam and Christianity from

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that perspective. Now you have a BD, I have a BD a birthdate, we have a departure date. But God Almighty, the creator law has no the major differences, we would say that it's not intelligible or conceivable, or pardonable. To believe any human being with a date of birth can ever be called God, birth date, and no human being who has a zip code an area code, or in this case, a beedi can be God. And and this is what where we kind of diverge from the Christian mainstream so it was beautiful to see that he pretty much went over all the fundamentals This is very important to all of the viewers when you're sharing this Deen when you're sharing it is very important. We call it the OMG Oh my

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god, all for the oneness of God until he you talk about this em, the messenger ship, because a Muslim cannot be a Muslim unless they believe in revere love and

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respect all of the prophets, including Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and all of them,

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follow all of them and in their way and once again, we believe that they were divinely inspired. That God Almighty out of His love is mercy. being the one who wants to guide humanity he sent the messengers and then the G for guidance. He talks about the Quranic This is the final revelation sent to mankind, you cannot go ahead and bypass it thinking you're going to go get to God Almighty, the Creator. Now if you're somebody living in a jungle, and the message didn't get delivered to you, that's a different story. You probably like they talk about this innate nature would raise you up to worship one and only one God, but you now is a different story. You're hearing about the Quran,

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you're hearing the evidence that's being presented, different case, different story. And he hummed, Allah addresses this point very good about the Quran, that submission is actually impossible without a guidance. And the guidance, we believe, obviously is the Quran.

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But we also acknowledge the we also acknowledge the Torah, the original Torah that was sent to Moses, Moses, and the original Injeel, or the gospel that was sent to Jesus. But what we have is you can call a doctrine of grief, which means corruption. So what we believe is that what happens is with these books, you've had basically corruption happen to them. So we don't know what is what is part of that book and what is not part of that book. We don't know exactly what Jesus said and what isn't. They also had a very nice breaking the ice moment when there was a prophecy. When Jordan Peterson asked Mohammed II job, why are you smiling? Why did that make you smile? I just smiled. It

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was a very nice moment. And then problem and then Muhammad talks about the prophecy that's actually being fulfilled today we see Islam being the fastest growing way of life in the world. And this is a prophecy that's being fulfilled.

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Because because that would make me happy. I mean, quite quite openly and honestly, because we want the best. I mean, to be honest with you, if you want me to be totally honest, yeah. Now that's what I'm hoping for. Right? What you asked me before we start the show, I mean, one of our not objectives, but one of our hopes, okay, is that people embrace Islam and become Muslims. That's Islam isn't evangelizing religion it's a religion which aims literally to enter every home there's a there is actually a prophetic thing that says that Islam will enter every home not necessarily mean everyone become Muslim, but will enter every home in some way shape or form. You mean like what's

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happening right now with this podcast that you have he sees as part of it, he goes ahead and lets him hear the Quran. This was one of the most powerful moments of the interview. Are you okay do what you will. So the Quran states in the end of chapter 59

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will allow

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Ali Malloy viewers Shahada.

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could do is

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realize ease down which I can be sober Hi now

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listen via hola who is

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well, Oahu, ZZ hockey, our friend, our brother and humanity this is so important for you to understand and all of your followers and just humanity in general, that the Quran is a guidance for you. For all of us. The Quran has Allah, that there is no God worthy of worship except for him, the King, the holy, the one free from all defects, the giver of security, the watch over his creatures, the Mighty, the Compeller, the Supreme, Glory be to Him, glory be to God, highest he above all that they associate as partners with him. He is Allah, the Creator, the inventor of all things, the Bestower of forms, To Him belong the Best names. All that is in the heavens and the earth glorify

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Him and He is the Almighty, the all wise and this last part was very, very nice to see and we invite everybody to visit your local mosque and we invite the Muslims to go ahead and open your Masjid have open houses so we have Jordan Peterson. Eager, not just looking forward to but eager Jordan Peterson is eager to visit the mosque. The Masjid just named the Moscow gate imitation I'm certainly willing to do it that's not only willing, eager, and I mean that I mean eager. I would love to be welcomed in that manner. That would be a tremendous

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privileged as far as I'm concerned, and the Muslims are excited, elated to welcome him, I think you will be surprised as to the amount of acceptability that you have, in particular the Muslim community. So come on Jordan Peterson, we're looking forward to seeing you in the masjid in the moss. And there's one thing left advice we give you to do. Very simple, very simple. There's a statement that God Almighty is saying, narrated through Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him that God Almighty is saying that all my slaves are misguided unless I guide them unless God guides them. So ask me on my guidance, that's the homework really view and everybody out there to do

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ask the creator the heavens and earth because sometimes a person can get crippled they get held back by all their intelligence because they end up worshipping their mind their selves they end up thinking that now they get ahead of themselves let's call it but to be guided you to ask for the guidance. So go ahead and ask for the guidance from the Creator of the heavens and earth directly without no intermediary say God Almighty the creator the One who created me guide me guide me guide me what do you have to lose? But everything to gain it make sure to stay tuned? We got Inshallah, God willing. We set a date for some time in January to go deeper into this with Muhammad hijab his

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interview with Jordan Peterson. So subscribe right now. Get that notification bell so you don't miss that show and many others, they'll come out and then you miss it and you don't benefit. Don't forget to pick up your free copy of the Quran for Jordan Peterson if you'd like one, go to the deen or anyone else out there. Go ahead, visit the D And we'll get one out there directly to you. Thank you very much peace be with you. A Salam alikoum let's see what we can do together, man. Thank you for watching the D show. Continue to tune in every week. In the meantime, you can watch this episode here are this one right here, support us on our Patreon page. Follow us

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