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AI: Summary © The importance of reciting Prophet Alayshi's words in a clear and concise way is emphasized, as it is crucial for the audience to have grandiosity. The church's desire to avoid confusion and avoid misunderstandings with the Prophet's teachings is also discussed. The importance of learning the Prophet's teachings in the context of the church's teaching is also emphasized. The importance of staying true to Islam is emphasized, as it is crucial for personal experiences and struggles. The segment also touches on the importance of not giving up and not complaining to the Prophet and treating the experience as a "has been a privilege."
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Hello, Leo Safi here as you may know, but

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continue with the attributes of the prophets some of our honey earlier so have you seen them yesterday I talked about the first aspect of his worship within Salah and invocation and today I'm going to talk about his, the way he recited the Quran and the way he supplicated Allah subhanaw taala is the second aspect of his worship of Allah. How do you stop yourself from the whole audience salatu salam, Hadith sahih Al Quran Al Quran in now who do myopia Matthew Shafi on the hobby he recited the Quran and deed on the Day of Judgment it will come will intercede for those who recited it and those who adhered by it.

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The Lacanian visa dilemma does a nice little paragraph of describing the Prophet alayhi salatu salam he says kind of a pseudo Allah He said Allah Allah, Allah Jacobo Khurana ba Iman, baka Aden amo pajeon Omotola

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decent Willem meconium now whom you know Pilar de la Genova, he said the Prophet alayhi salatu salam recite the Quran standing up, sitting down, lying down with voodoo without it the only thing that stopped him from reciting the Quran is if you had the Hadith tilaka if you require Dawson,

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Cordoba con la who his bone mineral Quran Isla, you can Looby he had a certain portion of Quran that he recited every day, he never ever missed it. And this is something he taught the Sahaba allele Salatu was Salam. You must have a Hezbollah. Just like yesterday we talked about us to have a word of vicar of invocation of ALLAH SubhanA you must have a Hezbollah a specific amount. It doesn't have to be a lot but it has to be something even if it's as simple as one day or two. But you have to make sure every day you recite something of the Quran, with the intention of God or the intention of contemplation or reflection, whatever your intention doesn't matter. You can make whatever intention

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that you want, you can make five intentions altogether a million doesn't matter. But you have to have a certain amount of grandiose ideas because you always did this out of your salatu salam

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ala Kirner, your Corolla Quran HRT LA and LA has been wa Jalla used to recite slowly and he wouldn't you wouldn't rush it. You don't understand kind of kabocha and this was almost sentiment tells us in the Hadith, Muhammad in determining what kind of Quran and MUFA Salat and how to find how to recite it in a way where it was clear letter by letter. You can hear every letter from Komodo salatu salam was full clarity again Al

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Quran your cocktail who yet and he will stop at each area yeah what do if you're a rock Murni Warfield Rahim and he would do them to do that extra dose I mean clearly so Allah Azza wa sallam

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your guru in Hadith also here. I enjoy because me I do Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah you sell them your Corolla and FE JioFi Lail quali JioFi as easily as easily Mira gel, I came by the Prophet alayhi salatu salam once at night when he reciting the Quran and I could hear his his chest as an added something called an Aziz Aziz mean it's easy to measure it you know, when you put water on in a pot and just before it starts to boil as it boils, it makes a sound. The Prophet Alia says that when he recited the Quran, he would be in such a state of Kushina that you could hear him holding himself down Allah you saw this I mean, something is fighting its way out and he's holding it down

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out of your sorrow to some to clarify the words that he was reciting. So Allah Allah was like to sell them that either in the sahih Alia salatu salam once called Abdullah had been Miss Oh, then he told them to

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recite gum and recite the Quran to me, Nakata yah rasool Allah, Allahu Allah Azza wa alaykum goons if you want me to recite the Quran upon you and the Quran was revealed to you a plethora of numbers I would read in numerous Lavanya began reciting the Quran we don't know exactly where he began, we think he began as within the set, and he kept on reading and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala Sokka Rockabye tea he broke the tea. He's sitting on a saucer on his knees and touching the knees of Massoud and Mr. was reciting the Quran to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam Kurata was all to Allah holy he until I came in my recitation to diversify kefir either jitna mean coolly met him be

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Shahid Vika either her hula Isha he and how are you going? What are you going to do? When we bring from each nation an example their role model and we bring you As in Yeah, Mohamed salah. I'm humbled some of them, we bring you as the role model for these people. So the Prophet Allah you saw those and put his hand on the thigh, even Massoud as in any stop if we're going to fight Alright, so you went over to Fidel Rasulullah he started selling Yong ki Allah later he's sitting there and he was in tears that I thought was only told him enough Salalah honey CIBJO seldom used to love Allah your salatu salam to engage the Sahaba and in the Quran, and a really nice story is when he called Raven

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kabe McCobb was one of the known who followed one of the most Yanni renowned researchers of the Quran, Yanni historically among the Sahaba so he called upon him in urban gardening said yeah, we'll be in Allah and Zara la Laylat or anything yet and you know, Qurani I'm already an operator. He told me to recite it

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Kuan Yew Allah gave me a verse of the Quran today and he asked me to recite it upon you. So even Godfather era suit Allah as a man he beats me did he? Did he call me by my name? Hula? Yes, he called you by your name. The Prophet audience doesn't want to recite the Quran to me as a man he missed me. Allah subhanaw taala called me by my name, I call it sort of it will be your poo analogy some money or be walked away saying I'm the one who my Lord called me by my name. But when I do when Debbie Ali is when he probably died, I didn't recite the verse to you. So you're saying to him and it was sort of let me Hakuna lady in a coffee room in a halal kitchen you will machete Kena over key

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in a hut to whom will be you know the students who are the beginner you asked him once earlier salatu salam a wave in Karnataka Allah will be a yo yo Quran album, which which is the most which the greatest verse of the Quran but violet will be yellow suit Allah Allahu Allah Allah in who will hate you will pay you but what about Saturday the Prophet Allah is I'm hitting me on my chest to Bacala Lea nickel in Elmo I Bellman there may you may your knowledge, benefits you may you find your knowledge beneficial and beautiful in your life because he was knowledgeable about the Allahu Anhu there was a man by the name of muawiya had been more Sahabi who accepted Islam a bit late and every

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time he prayed he would recite people who Allahu Ahad

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like many of us today

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that's all he did. He that's all he recited. He never recited anything else every time he would make the first Ellicott in Asia follow Allah who had this like good luck on Asia follow Allah who had and then same thing for them and the same thing for Muslim so they will someone told him he was going to tell the property somebody is this so he went goes to the Prophet SAW to suddenly tells him this is what he's doing. I've got a doll Why are you doing this? Carla Hibou her fee house if I told Rockman I love it is the description of the Almighty God and her whole book I let her at her local Jana your love for this will have you in German and Sharma.

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If you want to do a Go ahead, but be like that guy. I need at least if that shouldn't be the reason behind it. We should he can't give to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam says we're talking about the surah and the Hadith of the Sahaba also learn Arabic.

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It's very weird, the Mushrikeen the people of that age or that era, the only way someone would have any status is you have to know their background. You have to know their lineage, their genealogy, who's their grandfathers and forefathers who is it that in their family that they can be proud of? So they came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said I'm so blown out of but give us the genealogy of your Lord tell us who he's from like what tribe he's from and whatnot is how they think. So when Debbie Ali Asad was recited upon them Paul who Allah Who Had Allah Who Samad them Gilead, William you that I'm Nicola who went ahead, excited about the upon them are your thoughts on this verse, as

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he does not was not born, nor does he bear children nor does he has anyone before him know anyone after him subhanho wa Taala

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he would walk Salalah Hardy also like Mr. Lim once by the house of a bee Musa Shatin, Musa was sitting in his in his backyard, he was citing the Quran and he was reciting it in a voice and he had a beautiful voice to the prophet Isaiah Serrato sound would pause and stop your stand behind the wall listening to Abu Musab actually recite the Quran. And then the next morning he would see him and he would say yeah, but Musa Allah in Nakatsu teeth and his mouth and minimizar immediately that would indeed you have been given one windpipe amongst the windpipes of Aldo dallies Salam had a beautiful voice to the point where I need ya G Balu. A Wiebe ma who a player in the not only the

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animals gathered to listen to him, but the with the mountains would would move enjoy of his re citation Alayhis Salam, so the Prophet alayhi salatu salam told Musa you have a wind pipe from the wind pipes of the wood, the color of the yellow suit Allah no I didn't mean to anecca testament to who like me or I don't know like it's not fair. I didn't know you were listening. I knew you were listening I would have done it way better than this I have more than I have better than that because he was hoping for more than one min pipe or the low I knew what Allah yeah what are some advice and if and how do you dislike and say you know the Quran maybe also article, beautify the Quran with

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your voices, how do you lay some in millimeter one bill Quran is not one of us the person who does not recite the Quran in a beautiful way, almost in a singing manner meaning you're trying to make it giving giving it a beautiful rhythm or tone.

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You will say some of the audience will have you will send them to your local mentor LML Quran Allah Allah the best of you are those who learn the Quran and then proceed after that to teach it and he would say earlier Purani Allah he will hostile to the people of the Quran or the people of God and there his special group subhanho wa Taala okay now either stemma and doubleness or Aurora do a new version with their people and they want to leave a Marathi him he would make make sure there will be a mute of someone who the leader no group will function without a leader. They'll call a Yukon XL who then little Quran which of you know more of the Quran? Baraka, yeah, Pula who enter a mural.

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You're their leader if you know more. More of the Quran.

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A man came to say, Shalom Allahu identificar that yeah

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Omar who

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pays Mokona Julio Rasulillah Salam salam how was the, what was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam lake like in terms of his ethics his morals, the pilot Allah Tala Al Quran, don't you read the Quran or kala Bella Of course they do for Palatka and Hulu will Quran. His character was what was in the book of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada.

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transition to the heady and dua, Allah salatu salam, I'll use the Hadith and even Hepburn, where the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam would make a beautiful diamond give us a few examples of some things he would say Allah, he'll soften his drawing his supplication, most of it you've heard before, because we still use them today. But I want you to think about it from his aspect. I used to love to see him as someone who's making this talk personally. It was a Allahumma in the Abduch webbing logic, problematic Indeed, I am your servant, the son of Your servant, male servant, the son of your female servant. Now sia T be a dick. The control of my matters is in your hand. Mauldin fear

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wherever you command will occur upon me nothing can stop it. I don't feel about justice is anything that you decree upon me it is fair, whatever it is that you'd agree upon me.

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As a little girl, the policemen who were like I asked you buy every name that you have, the Mater the enough sick name that you gave yourself? Oh, Olympia, who hadn't been halted, or a name that you talked to one of your creations.

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Oh and Zelda who vikita Big are a name that you descended and put and revealed in your book? Oh is filled with Debbie Heath here in the middle of Arabia and the girl named The only you will know about and you haven't shared with anyone. And Tagil Purana Robbie will be to make the Quran the spring of my heart will know what I was told to read and the enlightenment of what's in my chest. What Gela Hosni or Hassanein and the erasing or the deletion of all of my of my sorrow and pain, but there have been me wells on me and the love and the elevation of my of my stress and my worries, what I will do and be heard, I have Allahu Hamba there is no servant that makes a dog with this with

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the intention of Allah subhanaw taala relieving, relieving his stressed in his difficulty except Allah subhanaw will relieve this stress and relieve his difficulty.

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Hadith I already did yesterday and collection email Muhammad where after the Muslim will say the Prophet Allah your Sato said I'm gonna say it's still it's still healthy had dealt with me Allah rubbish down here behind me I want to make I want to pray and want to praise my Lord. So the rough out was 10 in the private alley, your Sergeant would bring in his prayer, but it was tough and so called for who's to fulfill and then all Sahaba came and joined and you had like five or six lines of people standing behind him It saw to his son and he would make a dua to Allah Who Malik Al hamdu Kulu indeed All praise is due to you. Therefore be Allah Lima

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will steal polymath probably nothing can hold back that which you open and nothing can open that what you hold back.

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Allah Mercado Libre, Lima oil Mobile Email corruption anything you draw near nothing can take it away and nothing and anything that you push away nothing can bring it near what I had De Lima Abuelita while I'm little Lima Hadith and nothing and anything that will guide nothing this misguided and that wishing misguide nothing will guide it. What are more aptly Lima moneta. What a man yeah Halima are plates and that what you give no one can hold it can take back and that's what you take back. No one can give Allahumma in the Illumina email mapy Mala de la Yahoo whether your Zune I asked you the ongoing everlasting pleasure that never changes and never runs out as a Luca

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um Amina Yo Ma ala t. Well, I'm naomh Well hope I asked you to be safe on the day where we have nothing and on the day that we are all scared Allahumma Habib Lal Iman, was a yin, who physically will be worker Lal COFRA well for Su lcwr and watch I mean our law she does that make email and beloved to me, and make it adorned in my heart so I find it beautiful, and make

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makes make it unbelievable to me or something that I dislike, dislike to me.

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Just disobedience and disbelief, and it makes me amongst those who are Rashidi and those who find their way to the right to the right path Allah whom, you know mostly mean whatever funnel Muslimeen while Heppner, the saw the hidden layer of Isaiah well MF Dooney is what he will say all your source and allow you to live a Muslim, die a Muslim and then add me on the day of judgment to those who are pious and in a state where I'm not humiliated and I have not lost my Deen so Allah Hadith sahih Hadith Imam Muhammad as well he would say to yourself that Allah Houma

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now Shahidan and Nikka enter Rambo wa Dekker Cherie Kolak Allah and witnessed that You are the Lord and there is no one but you love them and that Shahidan and now Mohammed and Abdullah our pseudo Allah I am the witness that Muhammad is your prophet and messenger Allah whom an ASHA

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he'd and Eva Kula whom EFA Oh ALLAH and witnessed that all your servants are brothers and sisters. Allahu Madani laka Mahalia Simon fee early on early make me someone who's sincere in the way I deal with my wealth and the way I deal with my family. But Allah hottie when you're trying to sell them, the beautiful Hadith, more than doubled when he went to

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lead prayer, Appalachia and he took a long time and there was a bit of a disagreement between him and one of the people who were doing it to the point where he took so long that there's a man by the name of Salim who is is a farmer. This guy is doing a show at 930 and it's 1015 He's still reading the first locker so he just does sit up and just pray he on his own and goes to sleep because you have to wake up at four in the morning and go and work so they told him by the way this guy left prayer in the middle of it so I got Yanni self righteous self righteous God, I'm gonna go tell the Prophet alayhi salatu salam today him on his way home they told him by the way, this is what he

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said. He said he's going to tell the profit on me I'm gonna go till the profit on him. Let's go and no, we're not also gonna sell them. So they went they both go to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala they got there first and telling him this guy left. And then this man came to the profits of your social club. He also Allah, you'll suddenly Endeca I see the two Maya T Lena for your clean. He prays with your Aisha we wait for him. He comes to pre Eman with us. And then he takes forever to finish. When you know how thin we are. We are people who have land and we have animals and we have to sleep and the Prophet li so somebody's upset. He would say eternal and TMI, you're someone who's

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going to bring fitna that's what you do here and and then he would go on. And so they now feel a little bit more, you know, supported to get the proper audio so I'm yelled at the EMA not to do it anymore. So he says yellow suit. Hola. We're in nee Nila who then then we're done dinner tomorrow and I don't understand all the agenda in Arabic is when you're making noises that no one understands what they need to say I don't understand that then dinner that you make an agenda and

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I want you guys make dua for the heck and maybe honestly last taco and what is it that you say? Because according to Allah who has a local agenda or Oh to become an inner I asked for agenda and to be protected from the hellfire. Bacala sallallahu alayhi salam Yeah. How would a human who then or then denies around these two things if nothing else that we add to it? It was on the members that Allah Hardy sell him one day and then he would walk into the masjid and start calling ya rasool Allah. Allah Katina my washi photo it is suitable order Allah and yes, Vienna. Everything is dying, the crops are dying, the animals are dying. There's a drought to make ask Allah for the Hadith goes

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whether Youssef is similar. It's a hard one, because there's nothing in the sky. But if I woke up and maybe you're either your soldiers from who I remember apply Allah Who Messina Allah Who Messina Allahu Messina, but if ACARA German HelpAge Jebel Ali seller, right sahaya But to get to us, and then from behind the mountain of salaries are this huge, this huge

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cloud come and it was like it was like a shield. It was so thick it had like there was this black color. But if I managed to throw some data Yeah, for seven days it continued to rain upon us. But I've had at the Illuma to let him by the hand and the next Friday he's the member and the man comes in. We don't know if it's the same man and as was asked is it the same man who came in he's like oh, no, I don't know the man to begin with. But if I follow through, I look at my wife she will call Titus two but everything is dying and we have nowhere to go but follow somebody Selim Allah whom how Elena Elena Allah may have a T shirt show God Why don't lira be wider wider baboon elodea Oh ALLAH

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around us and not upon us. Big me it may it grant Yanni irrigation for for other for other valleys and for other trees and authority of Virginia and MC fish Shamsi walked out at the masjid and we were under the sun so Allah How are you I used to sell them. I would say Alia salatu salam in a beautiful Hadith narrated in more than one collection. I have an intermedia amongst them. Paula Rob, I shatter el Dora the three Mulaney metaphor in Bilderberg no Oksana Allah Hina Ababwa that how many are there in the world a shot about us, meaning his hair is all over the place about it. He's you know, he's he's he's covered with dirt, the altimeter and he only has two rags that he's wearing.

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But for him when he's pushed away from doors when he comes in, stands asking for something. Now Oxfam and Allah, if He makes DUA and says Oh Allah, I swear you must do this for me about Rahu Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will see through what he wants.

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And he was any would teach Allah here salatu salam. This forward Hadith helped him up on the stage of Dawa to make sure you eat halal. And then your Dawa will be accepted, eat halal and your data will will come to you. You'll be someone who Allah spot accepts that. If not, then that's a whole different story. I'll end with the

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with the story of a but if, as I think it's an appropriate way to talk about the value of salatu salam if you walked out of thought if

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he was broken that day

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and he broke him to a certain degree really did.

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After Khadija died in Abu Talib died and Quraysh was his own people were trying to assassinate him trying

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Kill them. After three years of the boycotts and people are tired and hungry and it goes to pot if hoping that maybe he can get people who are reasonable to listen to what he has to say, and they mistreat him horrifically,

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you leave the thought if as people stoned him on the way out,

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he's bleeding from his feet in his head Allahu salatu salam ala is at bin Khalifa who's his adopted son watching all of this yet the 17 year old boy with him that's watching all of it and he felt he sat under this tree Salalah hearty Slap yourself in a moment of just just to weakness and then the DUA he made on that day. Some scholars will debate the authenticity of it but I'm not aware of of I'm not aware of any other limb that refuses it or does not only accept the narration just so I'm Yanina clear on it. He will say Allahumma ileka school, but I felt Guwahati Oh ALLAH is to you that I complain. I bring my complaint of the my lack of strength to you. Well can lead to hail a team and

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my lack of options and I don't know what to do next. Well, Hawaii Island nurse and the fact that people have no respect for me.

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And terrible Mr. boffin we're entitled be You are the Lord of all those or weak and you're my lord. Iran Turkey Rooney who is it that you're going to leave my matters in the hands of either Caribbean? Mahamuni

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I do when your teacher Hemani to do an enemy that's trying to kill me. amela Caribbean Malacca who Emery or to a relative that controls me does not give me not give me the ability to do anything.

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lamea Qhubeka alejado Boone, Bella Moberly, as long as that you are not upset with me as long as that you there's no God within you. upon me, but that will barely Alright, it doesn't matter to me. This is all fine as long as this is not a sign that you're upset with me. I just that's why I'm scared of Oh, there'll be nobody where he can let the extra Rocklahoma I seek refuge in the light of your face. That lit up the cosmos in the earth. And every dark every dark thing I

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was trying to hide saleha Li Mo dunya will ask you about all that is good in the dunya and urquiola is good because of it. Like Allah Azza Turla relativize when someone reminds you of a mistake, but they're not upset with you, you're just just sad that you did it like a lot about hetero turbo. You can do that with me as much as you like I don't mind if I if I if I have my shortcomings or a reason for this then go ahead and do HR for as long as you want. What else Oh Lola who was in Lubbock and there was no strength but in you that Allah on your side do

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you listen to these NDI and hear him speak out of your soul to ceramics, it tells you because the differences that we make throughout we're just reciting something that we memorized when he made dua this is what he felt is the difference between the two. And he actually this is what he felt is what he thought he was saying what was in his heart on a usados and by the way, this hadith is impossible that anyone would say this beside the Prophet. These words. This is impossible that anyone could see these words if they weren't the prophets of Allah, he's abusing them. Even our best and rapes that he was he's going to end the Hydra Team A Munna is Maimunah is one of the Prophet Ali's awesomes

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wife and it was his aunt. He slept at her house one day and the Prophet alayhi salam was there. But if a farmer never used that Allah sent them I mean a lady got up at night to pray of course also Lima and the VLA so I was pray with him because if you need to Africa Allahumma antineutrinos center it will have the woman fee in our like a hand and Tata yo Musa it will all be women fee in our local hand and Taarab Buscema it will all be a man fee in our local hand. You are the light of the cosmos in the earth and all praise is due to you you're the human you're the protector and provider for the cosmos in the earth and praises do to you and you're the Lord because the earth and all places due

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to you Allah him and that help. Well I do well he thought okay, well Jenna to help when or

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when maybe you help someone I don't help us to help

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anybody counsel by selling eight truths. You are the truth. Your promises the truth. meeting us the truth. Jana is the truth. Hellfire is the truth. All of your profits are the truth. I am a truth of yours. And the Day of Judgment is your truth. Allahu Malacca slumped the UAE submit when we get a mountain in you I believe while you get our curtain upon you I depend with mica has something any different dispute it's through you buy like a hot company accept your judgment regardless of what it is Allahumma fiddley, Malka dumb to a halt? Forgive me for all i did before and all that I will do later. These are examples of his rights civil rights of them. I think during these nights it's a

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it's a good thing to think about his adherence to the Quran. So Allah Allah use IV Salam, he's reciting it. He's a citation of this book. His love for this book is his legacy audio Salatu was Salam. It's true legacy is the book there. He put in

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He put in so much effort to make sure that we have it. He spent so much time he taught so many peoples. So many people, he, he invested so much time with people to make sure that the book would combat his legacy, Alejo saw that that's what he truly loved. That's what he recited. That's what he lived. That's what he practiced. Everything he said and did in his life, I think it's awesome was just trying to practice that better just have to explain to us how to understand it and how to interpret it and then how to actually implement it in our lives. So we need to treat it that way. And this is the month of the Quran is the month where the Quran leaves the shelves and enters

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another part of your life hopefully, that that content can it could continue to continue later to be a part of your life in the future. And the part of the united together because the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam, his ability to speak to Allah Subhan Allah is what kept him going. What allowed him to continue to succeed is the ability to speak to Allah subhanaw taala in ways that when we listen to him speak to Allah, we understand that there's more than just asking for things is the conversation it's it complains to Allah subhanaw taala that's what Apple did when Yahoo lost his son and then lost his second son, and he lost his eyesight because he was so sad. They told him stop

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crying over your sons and he told them leave me alone in my school best it was me it Allah I'm not complaining to you. I'm not coming to you with my complaints. I'm taking my complaints exclusively to Allah. And that's who you're supposed to take your complaints to complain to him. subhanaw taala not about

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very careful. This is so important. You have difficulty you don't like you don't complain. You complain to

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complain to your object. You complain to him supine and what's it because life is life, or things that are decreed there's there's plenty of there's going to there's going to continue none of us are there's nothing personal about how things go through life. We're just a part of this. We're a part of this story. It's part of the story is not going to be great. It's gonna be ups and downs don't don't don't take things personally as if it's about it's not about me or you or anybody. It just happens. And when you're in a difficult situation, complain to him supine, which is he did sort of like you would take all of his sorrow all of his pain to the one who will embrace it supine what's

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on them? I hope that was helpful. How they will have you become sala de sol Allah Allah you also have you send them some Hunkeler behind action Allah Allah in the understanding of people to relate also to Allah Who was telling me about like, I don't have enough Muhammad in order to just make us look more like them. I love them and show them yes to things. Please, on your way out. Just pick up food and take it with you. Whether it's yours or not, especially if you're a young single gentleman or living in LA just take food, just take don't leave any food here if possible. If you brought food in, please take it with you. We don't have the facilities to put all that food away or it will stay

00:27:26--> 00:27:35

here it will go rotten. And that's there's there's sin in doing that. So please take as much food as you can on your way out and inshallah Jamar will be 230 and welcome love him. So don't want to go to