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AI: Summary © The speaker explains that while it is important to find pebbles in India, finding them in the ground can be difficult. They also mention that while it is important to cast aement at the start of a project, finding the actual pebbles is a challenge. The rule is to find something that is found on the ground as long as it's something that is from the Earth, regardless of whether it's broken or delicate. Viewers are encouraged to subscribe to the channel for more content.
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What is considered to be a pebble

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from the last lesson, so if you have this experience in hajj, you are supposed to pick up seven pebbles in Delhi for for you to go cast the Jamaat and one of the challenges that you might face, I definitely face this in hij was not finding pebbles, meaning Are you going to find stones are you going to find things that actually come from the earth. And so you people are very aware of the size. But even sometimes finding the actual pebbles on the ground might be difficult, especially if you didn't happen to pick them up and was delicate itself. And sometimes amongst the millions of people sleeping there, you might not have access, or you might not be able to get there in time for

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you to find them, a lot of things may happen. And so anything that is actually found on the surface of the earth, would be considered to be a stone that you can throw at the gym a lot. Meaning if you find broken pieces of gravel, not blocks, but the size that's recommended for it to be a hassle, then that would be considered to be appropriate. And that is something that you're able to actually cast at the Jamaat and so the rule is as long as it's something that is found on the earth as long as it's something that could be considered to be a stone even though it's not earthly or it's not something that's from the earth itself, then a lush planet and knows best that is something that

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Shaykh Ammar AlShukry answers

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