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alhamdulillah a christian man finds the true peace in islam

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Cameroonian by nationality

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serves as a good chief in a private company here in Dubai. I've been on this situation I've been associating with Muslims. And they've been telling me a lot about Islam. And with the aware of life, I've been cherishing or admiring it so much. I began yesterday here with a question which was rightly answered. But we've some other questions in mind. I cannot accept Islam, till all such questions have been answered. So it's a privilege once more again today, to bring before the audience. This one more question, after which, I'm going to declare my intentions, and my view of Islam.

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So my question is this. When you get to a company, let's say you purchase a new car,

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you take this car on the road,

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and you get to discover that there is something missing from this car, let's say that you discover that it's lacking.

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I don't know, in your mind, what do you think is it that they did not put their hand or something happened for that horn, to just cease? Or what I don't know, reading it to the world in which you are in. I want to ask whether the world as a whole which is created by an almighty God, somebody who is so powerful and the most intelligent being

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in the world.

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He created a world we got into it. And we are today looking for peace, peace, peace, peace. Where does this peace go to?

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when the world was created by the most intelligent being on earth? Is he that he made an error somewhere, or we are looking for something that he did not want it to be in his world? Thank you.

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was asked a good question. And he gave an example, that if you buy a car, new car, and then you find that there is no one

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so is there something missing with this analogy?

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He says that today, in this world, there is no peace. Everyone's looking for peace. So did Almighty God. Did he create peace? Or did he want human me not to get peace?

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Brother You asked a very good question.

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I'll give you an example. About the car. You know the new BMW car.

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The latest model 2012, the high model euro seven series, or even a Mercedes

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and it's a true story.

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One friend of traveling with my friend, he told his friend that go and park my car. So when he went to the car, he said he could not find the ignition key.

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ignition key.

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So he phoned my friend and asked him the very the ignition key all

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the new cars don't have ignition hold. It is the latest technology is the key comes close to the car. Automatically senses you push the button it starts latest. So if you outdated you may not know that there is no key hold required in the latest car. These automatic so you're searching for something. It is very close to him. But he could not understand it. Because he did not know about it. So Allah subhana wa Taala first pieces concern. The main source of peace is a Salam.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala the Creator is the main source of peace. If you cannot understand the Creator, you will never come close to true peace.

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There are different types of peace. Some people think that if they get luxury, if they get facilities, they get peace. These are all temporary peace, not the true peace. The true piece is peace of heart, peace of mind, peace of soul. When your heart is at peace, when your mind is at peace, when your body is at peace, and this can only be achieved by understanding the Creator. So those people who don't understand the creator

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they are running after mirages. You know when you go in a desert, you see mirages. So you run off the Mirage is because you don't understand and to understand the Creator.

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As I mentioned earlier require instruction manual. You did not read the instruction manual, the latest BMW and you're trying to find out where the ignition key where is the horn, you read the instruction manual, you will find hon you will find the ignition key hold as well as peace

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I do agree with you. Many people talk about peace. Many countries talk about peace, they are talking about the personal material thing

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about the security, then you get peace, the true peace of mind, peace of heart, peace of soul. I don't know about what you're talking about other human beings, Marshall, I'm at peace.

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I don't know how many human beings you interacted with. I can tell you Mashallah, I notice, I'm at peace, Mashallah. And I found peace, because Islam comes from the word salam, which means peace. It's also derived from the Arabic word film, which means to submit your will to Almighty God. So true peace is Islam means peace acquired by submitting a will to God. So until you do not submit a will to God, whether you will never acquire two piece

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of dances, the question I

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hope that answers the question whether, yeah, I've got the question. But are you prepared to accept the new piece? Really, doctor? Thank you very much for the clarification, at least with that in mind, I freely acknowledge, allow us to acknowledge Islam, as a learning institution, as a school, where we learn to benefit ourselves. So As from today, I want to be part of that school to learn the right way of life. I do believe that there is one God, I do believe. Do you believe that Jesus is not God? I don't believe you believe in the Messenger of God, I believe. Do you believe Prophet Muhammad peace be upon the Messenger of God? I do believe is anyone forcing you to accept Islam.

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Nobody is my free will. is a free will or your own conviction. Exactly. No one is specialized in you know, praise of masala gelato in Arabic. And then you get repeated.

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eyeshadow. eyeshadow, Allah, Allah Ilaha ilaha illa Allah illallah wa shadow, a shadow Anna anna Muhammadan Mohammedan Abu Abdul, we're Sulu rasuluh I bear witness, I bear witness that, that there is no God. There is no God but Allah, but Allah, and I bear witness. And I bear witness that, that Prophet Mohammed, Prophet Muhammad is, is the messenger, the messenger and so it of Allah and soil of Allah, Mashallah you're a Muslim

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and upgrade to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Let me guide you further and inshallah through you, may he make more non Muslims enterpise under the region of peace, and a paid role as mother who can do the best in this world as well as the Akira