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Part 1 of an amazing series by Shady Suleiman.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Javi vena cava Tina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mine, a la Medina, Arizona Tavares water bottle about an hour machine Abba. alumna Maya founder and founder of Mr. lantana was ignited ma

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original minzu lumati la creme de binaural firm wanna Malini Avi rubbish Elisa, Emery

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laquita Melissa Neff, Coca Cola My bad, old Praise be to Allah Almighty and glory and peace be upon His Beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are testify that there's no god except a law.

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And a testify that Muhammad is the Prophet and the Messenger of Allah. And the best of addressing to begin with is to praise Allah azza wa jal, and to say peace be upon His Beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as had been narrated in a matter that does not begin with praising Allah and saying peace upon the LA Salatu was Salam. It's a matter that's cut off from the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala. My brothers and sisters, for tonight to begin with a new topic a new series. On Thursday night, we shall in sha Allah, by the will of Allah azza wa jal, and by the strength of Allah subhanho wa Taala begin this series relying on him,

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trying to fulfill the rights of the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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in which insha Allah will go with explanation and

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explanation of the Hadith, the 40 hadith of Imam nawawi, the fourth the hadith of Mr. manoli, they call the 40, Hadith and our via, which is the one of the most famous and common small books and Hadith. We know the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam are gained in different books. And one of the most authentic hadith books that had gained datacite and mojari, the Sahih Muslim and then you have other books Locke's ohana, sir, a

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lot of them Laughlin, sunon, indossare, sunanda, tirmidhi, and sunan, Ibn avida wood, and also sunan ibn magia you also have mortal Mr. Malik. And you've got other books that these great scholars in the early stage in the early ears, they put this hadith together after put in a lot of time, and traveling and studying the Hadith and analyzing the Hadith to come up with the authenticity of the Hadith.

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And these were in the early stage of the first the second and the third century of Islam. After the fourth and the fifth there was no longer that need of analyzing that Hadith because most of the Hadith, not all the Hadith, but most of the Hadith had already been analyzed and searched and looked into it. So later on the scholars like Mmm, and now we were lucky. marimon Tamia lucky man, so you'll dialogue the other great imams later on they came, they started to take a hadith from those different books and put them in a separate book to make things easy for others. So as I said, the first three centuries of Islam with a time where the scholars had to put the extra effort and extra

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time into analyzing the Hadith whether that Habib is authentic or inauthentic and that job was done then later on scholars like a madman no we came later and put in separate books one of the books that a moment no we had put together from his hundreds of books. We have the solid a in the famous book, Rio de Sala, hey, it's a book that a moment No, we put it in different chapters, and gathered from the different hobbies from the different books of our hobby, and put them under the titles under those chapters. So it doesn't mean that had the full lie. It doesn't mean this hadith is just looking into the authenticity of Hadith authenticity has already been done. He just put it into

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these books. One of his great efforts, Rahim Allah, Allah is he said about himself. He wants to choose 40 Hadith that Islam mostly revolves around. He wants to choose 40 minor Hadith from the hundreds of 1000s of Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, the the aspects or the main aspects of Islam and Islam revolves around Allah hi Muhammad Allah, he doesn't maybe it looks very small effort in looking at that he just fought a hadith together, Baraka mahama he thought about the 40 best and the 40 most authentic

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and the 14 most important ahaadeeth in his view, and he put them together in one book that later on this book became very well known to be named after him.

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Now are we the fourth hadith of Imam nawawi? The fourth the Hadith mmm no we

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speaking about a moment no Rahim Allah He is the famous Imam and famous scholar from Syria from Sham by the name of yah yah been shut off. That's his name. His nickname they used to call him Dean's Islam. They used to call him scheffel Islam, then the shekel of Islam and the revival of the deen. I was a Korea that's his nickname. Yeah, he had been shut off and nawawi who comes from a village or a town south of Damascus called Noah, south of Damascus called Noah and that village to these days exists and not been taught. And he's he's buried there. Rahim Allah tala in a young age his father took him to Damascus and there's about 100 kilometers away from Noah to Damascus. And it took him

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there and he stayed there learning the religion in a school that's attached to imagery the imagery the movie

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and their environment. Nowhere Rahim Allah tala became a great student of these great teachers. And a Mahalo to Ireland learned and he acted upon his knowledge. Aloha Mahalo to Allah became later on in a young age, a great scholar in Islam, and a great writer and also in Islam. And I hit my Hello dad, I lived most of his life in Damascus. And he used to get past Noah visit his family and then go back to the muskers. His school His name is Darren Hardy, his school that he studies when he started that is named Darren Hardy. To this day that school exists, but on a smaller scale due to the buildings around and moved to other places. His school was named out of Hadith about him Allah was

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involved into teaching the LM learning violin or writing the LM and Rahim Allah tala 100. And so so so many books that as I mentioned last week that the scholars looked into his life, and he died at the age of 40. Within 40 years, they did not by logic, common sense, with all the other activities is to do does not fit that amount of Wednesdays right in that time span of his life. And I hate my own load. There's many stories that speak about a moment knowing that I hate my dad and his love. And eager to that lm they say Amendment No wait for two years. He's side did not touch the ground. And another term that he's two years he did not sleep on his side. Two years did not sleep on his

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side, but always just write and write and write. And when he fell asleep and he sleeps while he's sitting down, then he wakes up and keeps writing or writing for two years, Rahim Allah, his side did not touch the ground or lay on his side for the sake of knowledge and spreading the knowledge. And it's also narrated one of the Quran Matt and I kerama is a miracle given to a righteous person. And we ask Allah azza wa jal and we have the thoughts of this man to be one one of the karma that's been mentioned that we remember no way that once he was writing and while he was writing, the lamp was turned off. So one of the karma that's the rights that his fingers start to light and it keeps on

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writing these from the karma lazada gives his Alia and gives his Roger was servants. This Roger was servants and he these cameras do exist, but you've got good people that ever exaggerate in it. Okay, for a moment now, he was very well known to be a a man with piety and zoot suit is someone that's not attached to the dunya he's attached to the after a moment now his heart was attached to the after on the site remember no we had the was the type of person that that did not look into any position of this dunya he was offered to be a judge for the government so so many times and he refused that I hate Mahalo to Allah.

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An Amendment No way at the age of 40 it's been already that he went to perform has on Oh, he went on a journey and then he came back and it was ill. Aloha Mahalo to Allah was ill he went to the mosque as they went to visit his parents in our and he passed away at the age of 40 Rahim Allah to Allah 40s he was a bachelor, lived all his life a bachelor, a single man and never got married. Mmm and Norway and few other scholars lucky Amanda tabari mmm even the Tamia the one of the rare scholars who never got married in their life, they were just busy and occupied in knowledge, although the problem homosassa encouraged for marriage, but maybe because they lived in a short age, and they

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didn't have the time to get married. They were just too busy with the knowledge, learning knowledge and teaching knowledge and spreading knowledge. And they say that a moment No, we had over 400 books. He had written

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400 books Rahim Allah Allah. He was born in the seventh century 600

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51 his law, and he passed away a 676 his law, he passed away 676 cidre. It was buried in our, and they wanted to build a building over him to honor his death and so on. So Subhanallah every time he needs to build something that building will crack, until one day his Auntie saw him in his dreams, in her dreams, that he was complaining about this innovation taking place at the top of his grave, because it's innovation to build something over the grave. So Subhana Allah, Allah made a tree from the middle of his grave grow. And it's now to this day that tree is in the middle of the grave that lead on no one could have put in a building at the top of it. Mm hmm. No, we want respectable

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Ireland. And you hear the scholars constantly praise mm and nowhere in the best way of format. And he was one of the scholars that he was accepted by Iran, even those who disagreed with him. That's a moment No way, Rahim Allah, Allah, a great scholar from the other great scholars throughout the Muslim history that Islam the Muslims have that he has favored over the Muslims because of the great knowledge that he had spread to people but Allah reward him and reward all the other scholars like his example, the best of reward that Allah rewards a scholar of his students.

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fuchal Hadith quani is one of the main subjects they always get taught when you study Sharia. fuchal Hadith is analyzing the Hadith. There is with the Hadith dhwani the different subjects they learn and Hadith one of the main topics and Hadith masala Hadith masala Hadith, is talking about the chain of the Hadith, talking about the chain of the Hadith. And they the scholars look into the chain to find out the authenticity of the Hadith that don't care what's in the habit they care about is this hadith authentic or not. Then you've got the other top of scholars the speaker but the actual Hadith, and they call that Falcon Heavy fit the Hadith is as I said, if you study Sharia, you study

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Islamic Studies overseas. It's one of the main core subjects that you study for Hadith felco Hadith is grabbing a Hadith, an important Hadith in Islamic jurisprudence or an Islamic Islamic library. Out of the hadith of Professor salami they grab that Hadith and analyze that Hadith speaking about the contents of the Hadith and the meaning of the habit. And the reason from behind the blog exactly Tafseer. You grab a verse Then the scholars speak about the explanation of the verse.

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The reason that this verse was revealed and so on. Same thing with the Hadith, same thing with the Hadith and the fourth the Hadith mm. Now he is one of the most famous books that a lot of Institute's and a lot of universities teach and the institute that I was learning out there was one of the subjects for total Hadith in the second year and the two of us Hadith the fourth Hadith mmm now when I do encourage the brothers is all about next week we should print out the Hadith, or they encourage you to memorize the Hadith. And in the Hadith I would take tonight inshallah go home and memorize that Hadith and try and memorize it in both Arabic and English so you could have a portion

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and a share of the Hadith and they are not that big Hadith some Hadith may be good for whatever page Lok tonight's Hadith inshallah and we'll start with this hadith that's been narrated by Armando hapa Brody alota Allah I know that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, in armello beneath or in the medical memory a man or woman cannot is rato illallah wa Sula for his LA to LA he was truly woman cannot is not to hooli dunya you Cebu our Marathi and for his rato a llama hacer la this hadith has been narrated by Imam Al Bukhari Rahim Allah Allah, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says

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the enamel Amala near the Oh, all the actions or the actions are according to the intentions or the actions according to the intentions in Llama Llama nobilia to animal kingdom Ramanathan for everyone they deserve and they get rewarded according to their intentions. For my karate, karate Lama Sula, so whoever the migration is for the sake of Alanis profit phase, rato, Illallah, WA Sula, their migration is for the sake of Allah and His Prophet, why man, karate Serato and whoever is their migration, the dunya You see, Booyah for the sake of this dunya our Moroccan yanka for the sake of getting married to a woman for his daughter who Illa Hazara LA, so their migration is for whatever

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they migrated for this one, he is one of the most important and essential Hadith in Islam. It's so important, it's so essential that most of our evader and most of our belief revolves around the Hadith, if not all are aware that if not all our belief revolves around that Hadith

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in which everything begins from the heart. Everything begins from the heart and what this heart contains. All the actions that you do goes back to your heart. So if you do things for the sake of Allah, Allah reward you to return, you do something, not for the sake of Allah then get anything from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So for example, one it is hard, it is so important, if I pray for the sake of Allah or get rewarded from Allah xojo if I do this action, the actions of prayers, but it was my intention to do those actions, not for the sake of Allah, then I end up with nothing, ended up with nothing, maybe maybe at the end or might even end up being in service. Okay for another even

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note. So the hard one, it plays a big role. The heart plays a big role. And that's where the intention is. The intention is in the heart. The intention is in the heart. The piety is in the heart. The Eman is in the heart, and Allah azzawajal will judge you for what the heart contains. Allah subhanho wa Taala will judge you over what the heart contains, as the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as he says, Allah.

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Allah, Allah has a

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fossa, fossa. Allah here, Khan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says that in the body that is a piece of meat. If this piece of meat goes well, the rest of the organs and limbs go well, if this person piece of meat goes bad, corrupt the rest of the limbs and the organs outside the body goes bad. In the lower heel, as the Prophet Muhammad SAW Sam said, Indeed, that this piece of meat is the heart. Indeed, this piece of meat is the heart. Allah subhanho wa Taala will judge us in the hereafter via what's in our heart, in the hereafter the heart speak in the grave, the heart speak, that's when the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in an intimate one in Arabic, it's a

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confirmation over the sentence that's coming after it. So indeed And verily that that, that the actions according to the intentions, whatever you intend for Allah, Allah subhanaw taala award you and then you realize the problem Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, and whoever migrates for the sake of Allah in His province in their migrations for the sake of Allah and His Prophet, and over migrants for the sake of this dunya of for the sake of getting married to a woman, then migrations for what the migratable name is, this hadith has a reason from behind it. This Hadith was making by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam when the believers migrated from Mecca to

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and there was a lady among those believers who migrated to Medina, her name is Omar case, her name was case, and she was in love with this man that wanted to get married to her, so on and this man was also from among the believers in Makkah. So she told him I would not get married until you migrate from Mecca to Medina say migrated from Mecca to Medina for the sake of getting married to a woman. So some Allahu alayhi wa sallam wanted to correct people's intentions by advising them and guiding them to the right path. So he said that over migrates for the sake of Allah and His Prophet, their migration for the sake of Allah and the Prophet and his prophet, and whoever migrates for the

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sake of this dunya over the sake of getting married to a woman for the sake of someone for the sake of this dunya getting money or getting protection or getting whatever the heck intention to get from this world, then the intention is for that and whoever got whoever my credit for the sake of getting married to a woman, then the intention is whatever the intended for Allah subhanho wa Taala brothers and sisters does not accept from the actions early in which was made for his sake. A lot of zoa just does not accept in an action that's made for a loss of Paradise does not accept an action that was made for someone besides Him. Allah azzawajal does only accept the actions which are made sincerely

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for him. And that's what allows or says warmer O'Meara Ali Abdullah hemolysin Allahu in

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order to worship Allah azza wa jal sincerely if we say Allah subhanho wa Taala wants his worship for his sake and wants the good deeds for his sake and wants everything for his sake. And Allah azzawajal will reward you return when you do it for his sake. That's why Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told one of the companions Atlas a llama Yak fecal Talib, BCC in your actions, you do a bit of actions and you get great rewards. Because when someone does small action sincerely for Allah sake, is in the eyes of a large xojo much better and greater than someone doing a lot of actions. And it's not for Allah sake. And it's not for Allah sake, someone donating millions of dollars for

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the sake of people saying he's a rich man. This is nothing to Allah, someone donating $1 for the sake of Allah, this is great in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's why levy sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said someone that makes half a date. For the sake of Allah this half a date will be equivalent to the mountain of

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sincerity one actions of

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By the actions of other intentions wherever you intend, Allah Subhana Allah reward you and allies are give you for your intentions. That's why it may be some law some emphasizes in them and I'm Albania, indeed that the actions according to the intentions and the he after the first people that will be brought from Allah azza wa jal is a scholar and someone that memorize the Quran for the sake of Allah and a Messiah had died claiming to be in a path of Allah and someone claiming that he donated his money for the sake of Allah. Allah is those who bring that scholar and that half was that an ally xojo told them Why did you memorize the Quran? What did you learn the knowledge so the

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saya Allah memorize the Quran and will learn the knowledge for your sake, allow osika that you're a lawyer, but he did it for the sake of people saying you're a scholar, either for the sake of people saying or you wanted to get the attention for that. And people did this out. So get to the Hellfire got to the Hellfire and they'll be custard in the hole for and then allow bring this person that claim to die in the path of Allah for lamb. Oh person what did you do this for? He said What did you die in that path? Whoa, oh Allah. I'd like for your sake. I fought for your sake. And I should vote for your sake until like almost like that. You're a lawyer? Or no I'd like full I see your heart and

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I know what's in your your thoughts for the sake of people saying you're a brave man. He had thought for the sake of people saying you're a strong man you thought for the sake of people not looking down if you don't get in that path. And people did say you're a brave man so you got what you wanted from them but you didn't get what you want from me so get to the old fire

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and allies those are bring this person that gave his money claiming was for the sake of Allah so all my server What did you do such said all this was for your sake and again, this money for your site? allow that your lawyer, but he did that for the sake of people saying you're a generous man. You said you did that for the people to say he's got an open hand. And people did say so. You got what you wanted from them. Isn't that your intention? You got what you wanted from those people but you're not getting anything from me. You're only getting the Hellfire

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in the malamala Binya in the Maluku, Amano sama brothers and sisters, whatever you do, do it sincerely for the sake of Allah, even if it's small, will be great in the sight of Allah. But if something great and it's not done for the sake of Allah will be so small or nothing in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala in the Hereafter, then what's the difference? If this

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if no one that doesn't action, not for the sake of Allah, then those who worship also should be rewarded, then those who worship cows should be rewarded, then those who worship people, Jesus or whatever should be rewarded, and they doing something but it's not sincerely for Allah sake. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not accept an ACC action for his sake, and a sincere action for his sake. That's why in armello miniato in the Malika limra m Manoa everything will do will do it for Allah subhanho wa Taala. As I said, the smallest thing we'll do a loss sake sincerely for Allah sake to please Allah azza wa jal because when you do for Allah, Allah himself or reward us, Allah subhanaw

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taala himself will pass Allah subhana wa Taala him so for grant us, but what do we do for someone else? gang get your rewards from them. Allah told you can get your awards from them. You don't have for them not for me to go and get it from them get rewards, get your grants, get your happiness, get your price from them. You have nothing from me because you didn't do it for me. This is our Melbourne yet and also one intention, as we said is not

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in the heart, Allah subhanho wa Taala when we wish him a lot zoa jen wants us to worship him with a clear intention that we worship in him with a clear intention of worshiping. We pray to Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to see us that we pray team focused, focused a lot of xojo Allah subhanho wa Taala is the Lord and Allied soldiers above us. And Allah subhanaw taala wants to sit our focus towards him. Don't you realize that your manager wants to see you're focused on work. If a teacher wants to see you focused in class, everyone above you wants to see and focus when you do something. When a lot of xojo wants to see us focus on a worshipping now we're just praying and

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our mind is somewhere else. And our thinking somewhere else and our hearts and everything somewhere else. That's what Allah subhanaw taala wants us to be focused when we pray. Allah wants us wants to see us focus that we are praying to Him. And He wants to see us that we know what we're praying. We're not just praying look, then Then what are you praying? I'm not sure. I didn't even make the right intention. That's why the bed has not accepted with the correct intention. When you

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Stand in front of a law you must have the correct intention for this allowed to be accepted. When you make will do you have to have the correct intention for this photo to be accepted. When you pose account, you must have the correct intention for the record to be accepted. When you first you must have the correct intention for the first and to be accepted. And that's where the scholars say the intention is one it distinguishes differentiate between the better and the other than intention and Nia distinguishes and differentiates and draws the line between habits rather, and between a better worships than cerrillos that when you wake up, you wash your face, you wash, you wash your hair, you

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might even have a shower. What's the difference between the washing, and that will do that you make both same actions. They're both the same actions. You're washing your face, you're washing your arms, you're washing your feet. And the other one is same thing. Then why is that called odo. And that's one called worship. What distinguishes between the two is something called intention. Something called intention that this person when he was making will do he intended to make will do for the sake of praying. That's what Allah accepts him to pray because he made the intention for the sake of praying, but this person that wake up and wash his face and so on, he can't pray because he

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did not wash his face for the sake of the will do and for the sake of the Salah, or for the sake of Allah. That's what Allah does not allow him to pray. That's why the intention plays a big role. A lot of people wake up early in the morning, then eat or drink until after the barista.

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But are they fasting? Could he consider himself fasting? Because he didn't get the chance to eat or didn't get the chance to drink? Or because it's so bizarre work? Is it considered to be fasting? does Allah reward him for that love the one that wakes up from the one that was Tyson stops eating or drinking from Pfizer all the way to sunset? does Allah reward him? No, because this person that wake up with the intention of fasting, Allah reward him, maybe this person did the same thing, but this person didn't have the intention to do that. This person that couldn't didn't get the chance to eat or drink, because so busy I work and then it said, it's a matter of time I'll get rewards for me

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fasting, no, you're not getting no rewards because you did not intend from the beginning. too fast for Allah sake. Although both of these done the same actions, but the difference is one got rewarded. The other one didn't, is because of the intention.

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Another example, someone said, Well, someone owes me $2,000 a year ago, and now I'm due for my zakat. So I said, I'll forgive him for those $2,000 they may consider that as a cat. Is that acceptable to me as the cat? No. Why? Because my Dalai Lama Lama Albania, Allah azza wa jal rewards you and Allah subhanaw taala accepts from you, and Allah azza wa jal will record your great, great deeds when you do a free say. So you did not give us $2,000 to this person that as you know money for the sake of Zika. So just because you didn't get the chance to take that $2,000 off him you consider in a second, that's not the cat your money from the beginning, when he gave it out must be

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with the intention of the cat. That's when your money is recorded as Zakat that's when Allah xojo records for you as a cat. So once again, in Amarillo, Binya, we're in the column ramanamma all the actions are caught on to the deeds or the actions according to the intentions and allies so a gentle will recall Allah subhanaw taala reward everyone for the intentions they make for the intentions that Mike will do things for the sake of ally xojo. Sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala to please Allah azza wa jal to get the rewards from Allah subhanho wa Taala. To be there for lasota. That's why one intention is so important that if someone doesn't focus on his intention, he

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could be combining schilke with his intention.

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He could be combining schilke with his intention. He will when you pray, to please realize that at the same time to make people see you praying, you're just combining your intention with associating another motive the law or sashaying another person that you want to show the worship to as a minor. So the intention is a big thing at one and that's why everyone should look at the intentions. Look at their hearts are what the half contain. And the difference between a believer who've been the highest status in the paradise and a moon, in the lowest level in the fire is what the intentions is what the intentions a believer is someone that does the good deeds and the righteous deeds from his

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heart. And he acts upon it from outside the mana is some other property does even more than a believer from the outside. Probably fast, maybe price maybe even goes in the path of a long fight in the path of Allah. But deep inside is not done for the sake of Allah. So one will be in the highest

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status in the paradise and the other one will be in the lowest level in the hellfire. Why? Although both of them probably are doing the same thing. Maybe one, maybe the one is doing more things than this one maybe is doing more things than this person who is a believer, but the difference is one but for the sake of Allah, the other one done it for the sake of pleasing people, as Allah described them when I 15 would have been a banner Dallek Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah that says case of them, whenever they just look where the heavy scale is, and they go with it, they look where the strength is, if the strength is with the believers, the stand with them, if the strength is with

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the non believers, the standard, the non believers against the believers, that's someone else within and that's why to have them do the same actions. Gentlemen do the same actions. One is in the highest status in the paradise one is in the lowest level in the Hellfire, what makes the difference in them alamelu in the yard. Now all the data according to all the actions according to the intentions, or the actions according to the intentions, whatever you do, he does Allah subhanho wa Taala whatever you do, though, Allah azzawajal to please Allah subhanho wa Taala is a hadith one, and you'll find that Hadith, most of the Hadith of the most of the books of Hadith, most of the

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books of Hadith, when they start the one they start the book, the first half they start with is this book, The first Hadith they start in the book is this hadith. The first half did they start in the book is this hadith. If once I have heard when you opened the first Hadith is that you find a lot of other books when you open to the first Hadith that started with it just to remind the reader to be sincere when they're reading this book, to remind the reader and the person that reading that be sincere and to remind themselves also does offers to remind themselves that they're writing this for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala they wanna enamel armello beneath we're in the Maluku Manoa

00:31:58--> 00:32:06

famine cannot is LA to La La, La La, la to La La he was truly one I cannot is LA to lithonia you see

00:32:08--> 00:32:49

for his rato a llama has a great Hadith inshallah quani memorize the Hadith, namaz if you can in Arabic and English, and sha Allah try and it within 40 weeks or maybe 50 weeks. If you if every week you memorize a hadith it's called good knowledge for you something that you benefit out something that you could benefit yourself and handle or memorize the Quran. also have some authentic Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, they use a weapon against the shaitan because they're one of the strongest weapon against the shaitaan is not Allah here. guns or collection costs are someone the strongest weapon against the shaitan is the element. The strongest weapon against the shaitan is

00:32:49--> 00:32:58

the knowledge. That's our beloved, our best said but Allah for the shaytaan deceive 1000 worshipper easier for him to deceive one scholar.

00:33:00--> 00:33:37

And it's harder for him to deceive one scholar than 1000 worshiper than 1000 person that preys on first Allah subhanho wa Taala knowledge one is a weapon, a strong weapon against the shaitaan when you have knowledge, you have a we have nor when you have that nor you have that weapon. When you have that weapon, you'll fight against the Satan. By worshiping comes in a text, you've got no weapons, you get attacked by the shaitaan. And instead of you going forward to Allah, you find yourself gone behind and that's what shaitan was, for one a knowledge increase your knowledge memorizes a hadith We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us understand from these lessons the best of

00:33:37--> 00:34:17

understanding one shala is the new series that we start for the holidays mmm no on Thursdays also on Mondays we're starting the new series which in for the friends Sharla maybe the series maybe this talk and this motivation tool will guide people to the deen of Allah bring others to the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala which is definitely after I'm starting Monday night the new series definitely after we'll go about this and the process of death and then in the punishment of the grave and name of the grave and then the hereafter and the day of judgment and then the paradox the whole fire. We get into those details, bring your friends remind others inshallah maybe this will be

00:34:17--> 00:34:26

a door opener for for us to guide them to the deen of Allah azza wa jal Subhana Allah, Masha Allah Allah Mustapha Toby like