Does Islam Preach Tolerance to Stop Terrorism

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Good evening, sir. I'm Tiana rockne. I'm a final a law student, that I believe that terrorism could be stopped by, at least could be reduced when people are taught about tolerance. Does Islam preach about tolerance? And if it does, do people who are in charge of imparting Islam? I mean, I believe there are a lot of

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I don't know the exact term terminology. There are gurus like in Hinduism, who teach Islam to do other

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Muslims. So in that case, do they do they impart preach tolerance ism?

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Question and she it says that terrorism can be curbed by teaching tolerance. And does Islam be colorism? Do the religious leaders of Islam do they teach colorism? Sister I said in my talk, which I said a bit fast I didn't pay emphasis on it. One of the criterias for any human being to go to China to go to heaven, to go to Paradise is tolerance. Allah says in the Quran in Surah Al Azhar chapter 103, was the 123 while us in the in Salah, because lls in amanu, mamilla, solly hottie what was so we'll have to tawassul with sovereign, by the token of time, man is rarely in a state of loss except those who are paid, those who are righteous deed those who exhort people to throw that into

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dava. And those were exhort people to patience and perseverance. Tolerance is one of the criteria to go to Jannah if you are not tolerant upon the food or acid, you shall not go to China, not only should we be tolerant, you should even exhort people towards tolerance.

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But tolerance by definition,

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it has got various meanings. And if you ask experts, that tolerance also has a limit.

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What do you mean by tolerance? Find someone does something wrong to you, you do not retaliate? It's good to know how long

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so tolerance also has a limit.

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And in Islam, xilin is a person who does

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means you could say that

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a person who causes harm.

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The two types of zoom. One is the person who does harm to the others, and is the person who does harm to himself.

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The two types of Allium and both are referred to as solid one who does well on others. As the type who does hold on himself, our beloved prophet Rama Salim said, it's a hadith of a Muslim. If you see anything which is wrong going on.

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If you can, you should stop it with your hand.

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If you cannot talk with the hand, stop it with your mouth with a tongue. If you cannot talk to the tongue, at least curse in your heart, that the act is wrong. And if you do that, you are the lowest level of believer, the lowest level. So what we have to do that we have to be tolerant, teach tolerance, as Allah says in the Quran in surah chapter two was 153 in the llama Sabri that Verily, Allah as we do, do suffer, but while we suffer, we should see to it that does not go beyond limit. Suffer also has a limitation. Tolerance has a limitation to before it goes over limit. If we see that a woman is being raped, you can tell the woman tolerated a problem.

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If God has given me strength, if I see a man raping a woman, I should stop it with my hand.

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If I cannot do is manage alibis, please don't rape

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in Bombay an article

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Oh, dang girl, 13 years girl, she was raped by a man. And there were five passengers. Only one person objected and he was kept quiet. Five people could overpower that man what drunkard was drunk, and they did not do anything. What's happened to the humanity? What has happened to humanity? Five young people cannot take care of one drunkard raping a girl in a train.

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We'll call this tolerance. I would call it cowardice. Therefore, I say that if these five people were terrorists, terrorists in the sense terrorizing the antisocial element, that person won't have the guts to do it. So what sister we have to encourage and fit with that tolerance level of everyman we've increased at the same time, they should not become cowards. They should see to it that the anti social element in the society they are reduced and we should collectively gather together and see to it that these people have antisocial people. They are brought to task of that question.