How Is The Fiqh Of Fashion Taught

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How Is The Fiqh Of Fashion Taught?

Nov 27, 2016

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So in this class, there's two main sections. Number one, we need to tackle the issue of culture and identity.

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Who are we? What makes up our, our identity? And how do we find? How do we put together our identity as, as Muslims? And then as Americans or you know, wherever you're from, how do we balance that? And what can we take from from the culture that we live in? And what Can't we take and understanding those principles, and understanding the general guidelines of the city, the general guidelines of Islam. And the second part, the second main part is taking a practical real life look at issues of clothing and fashion.

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Things like, you know, what are you? What are our guidelines for what we wear

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some very specific issues like haircuts and hairstyles, body piercings or piercings, tattoos,

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you know,

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different images of it, like what can we have on our clothing? For example, are you allowed to wear a T shirt that has a skull on it? These are the types of things that we're going to discuss because hey, I get that a lot. You know

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what these these types of specific real life issues are what we're going to talk about in this class, inshallah.