Abdul Nasir Jangda – Seerah 126 – The Battle of the Trench Continues

Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of the Prophet sallavi alayhi wa sallam and the importance of protecting the community during major events like the Battle of the trench. They also touch on the profit margins of Sahaba digging trench and the loss of profits from eating healthy food and the "naive" culture in cities in Japan. The segment also touches on the chaos and chaos of the trenching during the previous year, the loss of profits from eating healthy food, and the importance of faith and belief in achieving victory. The speakers emphasize the need for dedication and faith in achieving victory and building a foundation for future generations to benefit from it.
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In these podcasts we uncover one chapter after another from the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in an attempt to learn about him, love him and better ourselves through his example, immersion, mentorship, companionship and tibia. These are just a few of the things we offer, alongside knowledge of the prophetic Biography at Sierra intensive, two weeks dedicated to the study of the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and his noble characteristics. So this winter, join me in Dallas, Texas, alongside your classmates from all over the world, to learn the story of the life of the best of humanity, their mercy to mankind, the prophet muhammad

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Smell like you will have the love of salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He was a marine. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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inshallah, continuing with our series on the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a siracha number we had the prophetic biography.

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In the previous session, we started the discussion about the Battle of hand up, also known as hospital,

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which means the battle against the Allied army. And we discussed about how this transpired in the fifth year of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his residence in the city of Medina, the fifth year of his law, and we discussed what were some of the events that led up to this situation to scenario and talked about how there was an entire plan and a conspiracy that started with the McKinnon's involved some of the other Bedouin tribes, from the Arabian Peninsula. So some of the Bedouin tribes are around the area of the city of Medina. We also talked about how some of the Jews that we're in and around the city of Medina had also conspired in regards to this, many of the

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Jewish tribes that were ousted due to violating the Constitution of the city of Medina. And they had taken up residence in the city of haber in the area of K, but they were also at the forefront of leading this entire, you know, leading this entire battle and front against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and against the Muslims. So we talked about the beginning of the battle, what led up to it and what transpired exactly how the army gathered together the Allied army. Eventually they all came together and were marching towards the city of Medina. We talked about how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam consulted with the Muslims and said exactly what do we do? Because we

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are in no position to go out and fight, you know, 1000s upon 1000s upon 1000s of individuals out in the battlefield, that's just marching people out to the slaughter. So that's not really an option here. So what do we exactly do?

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And at that point in time, we talked about how salmonella Farsi radi Allahu talanoa and I mentioned how we discussed

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way further back in the beginning of the, you know, the study of the Sierra, where we talked about the prophecies before even the revelation to the prophets a lot a Salaam and how Solomon and Farsi radi Allahu talanoa had a very remarkable story. Well, his story further develops because he shortly before the Battle of the trench Battle of conduct, he ends up being able to earn his freedom. And he becomes a full fledged member of the community at that time where he's able to participate in the offers a suggestion of digging a trench around the city of Medina, to obstruct the path of the army that is headed towards the city of Medina. So now we last time talked about the fact that the

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prophets a lot he said him, distributed the Sahaba into different groups. And he assigned them different portions around the city of Medina where they started digging the trench. And we talked about how the prophets a lot of them himself, took part in the digging of the trench. The Sahaba talk about how they saw that the entire chest and the stomach of the prophets allegedly entire front of his body was completely covered in dirt, and how the prophets a lot even was out there working and digging as well. And we talked about the beautiful narrations where the prophets a lot he said them, notice that the Sahaba were hungry, they were weak, and they were struggling but they kept on

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digging and they kept on working. And the profits allowed you to was making these beautiful flowers for them. I love Malaysia Illa I should ask her Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, O Allah, there is nothing better than the life of the hereafter fulfilling and sada will Mahavira that Allah forgive the unsought in the Mahajan forgive all of these companions who are working so hard and diligently to protect the community. And so and we I also mentioned about

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About how they were chanting manual and when they would hear the prophets a lot of them say this they would respond national Latina by your own Mohammed ah Allah jihadi mabati na vida, that we are the ones who have given the oath of allegiance to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam that we will continue to defend the deen of Allah, we will continue to strive and struggle as long as we have a single breath left in our body. And when they would say that the profits, a lot of them would say Abba Abba, he would also respond to their chance. And in this manner, everybody with all of this vigor and conviction and energy and enthusiasm in spite of their condition, kept on going to keep

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digging this trench to secure the defense of the city of Medina.

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What I wanted to talk about here is that where we will be transitioning to is talking about the actual arrival of the Mexican army, the Allied army, rather, I should say, the Moroccans, the Jewish tribes, the Bedouin tribes, that entire allied army, we will talk about their arrival outside of the city of Medina outside of the trench, and then exactly what transpires between them, and how they end up interacting with one another. And what eventually is the outcome of this entire situation. What I wanted to talk about here today is still the period where they are still digging the trench. And what I was going to

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what I was going to discuss today or present today is some very miraculous, breathtaking stories and incidents of the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala coming in the most, you know, unpredictable and unimaginable fashion, coming to the aid of the prophets, Allah to summon the Muslims. So one of the things I mentioned previously is some of the Sahaba say that we, we were digging the trench, and Jabba bin Abdullah the Allahu taala, who relates this, he says that he stepped into a lake in FIBA 100, he could do for shakuhachi la Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that they ran into certain large rocks, or boulders, if you will, while digging, that made it very difficult for them to continue

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digging, and they couldn't break it, they It was so huge, they couldn't lift it. So they finally it's, you know, figuratively, they hit the proverbial wall, and they didn't know what to do. They tried everything that they could, but they couldn't figure it out. So they went to the profits, a lot of these women, they sent a messenger of God, please help us we don't know what to do, for the IP not being a member in a couple of things here. And I always, you know, try at least attempt to try to do this, during our discussions on the seat that instead of just telling the story, and mentioning names, and dates, and places and facts, what what I find to be very beneficial for me

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personally, as I'm researching and preparing and reading, and what I like to try to share with the brothers and sisters is are some of the observations about the character in the behavior, the conduct the methodology of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. And similarly, some notable things about some of the conduct and the behavior of the Sahaba, the companions, may Allah be pleased with them. So what's very fascinating here is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in terms of leading the community and leading a major operation here. And we can take guidance from this not only in the realm of community, but we are supposed to, contrary to popular thoughts, we

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are supposed to take guidance in this regard, even in the area of our own personal, maybe business dealings, right, that somebody might find themselves in the position of being an employer, or a supervisor, that the methodology of the profits, a lot of them is just as relevant in the realm of business, as it is in the realm of community. And we have to understand that that a lot of times somebody else might be telling us something, but we have we returned photo do in Allahu wa soon we go back to God in His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and their guidance is the ultimate guidance and the best guidance. So what I wanted to elaborate on here is that the prophets a lot

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Nizam is leading this major operation, major project, consider it, right you have 1000, over 1000 Sahaba digging a trench, you know, miles long, all around, you know, along one side of the city of Medina, from mountain to mountain.

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And so all of this is going on, but the profits a lot decent rather than sitting back at a perch and the profits a lot. He said I'm kind of like overseeing the operations and supervising and you know, directing traffic and telling people go do this, go do that. And if you have a situation, you go talk to somebody else, but don't disturb me, I have to maintain kind of my, you know, position and I have to keep a view over what things are going on. I understand the practicality of having maybe a particular, you know, chain of command or having a particular department or so on and so forth. But at the same time, one thing that's very relevant here is that the profits a lot at the end

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The day this is not to comment on the lack of professionalism by the Sahaba, the laquan home will either be loved God forbid, but the lesson here is the objective here is the prophets a lot of humor at the end of the day is available the prophets a lot ism is ultimately available. So, if somebody wants to talk to him needs to talk to him, they can talk to him and that is something that is very important and very, very relevant in this particular instance. So they go to the profits a lot and they sell messenger of God please help us so the profits a lot of him for the Rb enyimba and he calls and he had himself is not only available to speak to, but the prophets Allah who was so humble

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and so gracious and so generous, that he himself comes forth to help rather than tell someone do this and do that he comes and he calls for a bowl of water and when they bring him the water for a fee the prophets a lot of the some applied some of his saliva into that water, Suma de RB Masha Allah, Masha Allah who and yonder OBE and then the prophets Allah these are made to Allah. He prayed to Allah subhanho wa Taala Summa Nava Halima Allah telcordia then the prophets Allah a some sprayed and sprinkled that water he put that water on to that big old boulder whoo man Haha, all of those who are present all of those who are present. They say for one levy by Arthur who've been happy that

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we that we swear by the one who sent the prophets a lot of them with the truth, Len ha let's have that can Cathy be my two motto to fasten? Well, I miss hearten that the boulder just completely crumbled up into dust, to the point where the Sahaba or the Allahu jalon were able to remove it, when prior to that they were striking it with their tools made of iron, and they couldn't even make a dent in it. And the profits allowed him sprinkled this water and just completely crumbled in front of them, so that they could just scoop the dust out of the way. So this was one of the beautiful and miraculous events that occurred. Another very beautiful miracle that occurred and it shows like just

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some very fascinating and even at some level, you can say

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amusing interactions between the prophets. allottee summon some of the Sahaba and amongst one another job it had been Abdullah the Allahu taala on who the same one who narrated that, he said that after I saw the profits, a lot of ease and roll up his sleeves, so to speak, get down into the trench, and then deal with the rock. And there's another incident I'll talk about a little bit later, where the profits a lot of them actually smashed up a lot of rocks with his own hands, right, he took the tool and he was smashing even big rocks and tough rocks that nobody else was able to smash. He saw the profits a lot from doing that in the profits a lot to him, as I described was

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covered in dust and dirt. And he saw this and job it had been Abdullah the Allahu taala, who said I just it just really struck me that look at the profits allottee center. And so he says that I after we were done dealing with the little bit of a situation we had there in the trench in terms of removing some of the stones and rocks that were obstructing the digging the project. I asked the prophets a lot he seldom jasola evenly will fear then Li elbaite and I commented on this in the previous session that Allah subhanaw taala said the ones who take permission before they even visit their homes, they are believers and the ones who are going around being absent.

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Right and the ones that are skipping out and hiding and ducking and avoiding responsibility. Those are the ones who have those are the ones who are hypocrites. They have a problem with their Eamon so he sought permission so messenger of God allow me to just go and check in at home and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said absolutely. So he says I went home and I said to my wife for a job interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he and Makana Fie Valley cassava when

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I saw the profits, a lot of these I'm in a situation today that I cannot be patient with. Meaning I saw the profits a lot. I'm in a situation that I can't tolerate. I can't bear to watch. Meaning that any one of us when we're hungry, and we're dirty and we're tired, and we're overwhelmed, that's fine. But to see the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Beloved of Allah. May peace and blessings be upon him in that situation. It broke my heart. I can't I can't watch that.

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So he said that for in the cache? Is there anything you can do? Is there some food maybe you can prepare, I can bring him away from the trench just for a little while, sit him down. You know, tell him to get off of his feed rest himself, eat some, you know, fresh made food just a little bit. And so she said there Andy Sherry don't line up. I have a little bit of flour, and I have a small little like a lamb or a sheep.

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That I can you know, prepare

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for the battle or not. So she prepared the sheep the lamb she sacrificed the animal and prepared to meet what the Hannah Tisha ate. And she ground up the flour. Right she she ground up the grain rather, and you know, made flour and was preparing bread. And she had a pot in which she was cooking the meat, so kind of like a meat stew. And then she had a an oven in which in the ground in which he was baking bread.

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So he says that I came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and I in this is really fascinating. He says that I came I I crouched down next to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and I whispered in his ear, because I knew how little food it was. I whispered into his ear, and he said, my wife had told me it's just a little bit of food. I said, Okay, so I whispered into his ear, and he says, very fascinating. The Arabic said for kowtow to IBM,

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to IBM Napa arm to IBM. Right to him. It means like a little bit of food. Just a little bit of food or messenger of Allah. Do I only Hakuna Antigua Rasul Allah, wa Raja Luna radula

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messenger of God, I have a little bit of food a little bit. So please, you come with me and maybe bring one or two people. I am the messenger of Allah. It's in the Hadith of the Shema. In the prophets, a lot of them never ever ate by himself.

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He never eat by himself. He always shared food with people. Right? And that was the advice of the prophets. A lot of the time when he came to the city of Medina de la we established a culture here in the city of Medina. What is the right type of culture he said, after a move apart, I'ma feed food. And that doesn't simply mean after a while Masaki. He didn't say feed the poor. Obviously that means charity, but he wasn't just talking about charity. He said, even when you're eating food on a daily basis, call your family members. Call your children call your wife, call your husband, right or call your neighbor over or if you're at work and pull over a co worker, ask a friend Have a seat

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with you. This is a brother walking out of the masjid and you're sitting outside having your lunch Brother, please come have a seat have a couple of bites share food. Because it builds relationships. It wins the hearts and so the profits a lot he's never ate by himself. So he knew so he's got a messenger of God little bit of food. Please come and bring one or two people with you.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked

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how much food do you have exactly? For the curriculum? So he says I told the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I have a little bit of food. Right another narration says llama adaminaby salon. He said, um, that's the narration of bodywear he says that I told him I have a little bit of food. In another narration that they have. He has he said llama lmnop sasami mcdata

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that I when the processor knew exactly how little food I had, and yet there's a lengthy narration that's also found in the Sahih. Muslim, in which he also mentions that I told the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that I just have a little bit of food. So I made it very, very clear to him that I have just a little bit of food.

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So the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He says at that time, and I paused for a fact, because it's quite fascinating. The Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says to me, he says, cathedra one by one. That's a lot of food.

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Cathedral, that's a lot of food. Mashallah 21 and it's good food, Mashallah. And he says, I have some instruction. Before we proceed. I have some instruction Bula ha lattanzio Alberto Mata

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willl hubbs aminata moody Hata atiya. Please tell your wife not to remove the the meat, the stew from the pot not to open up the pot and not to remove the bread from the oven until I get there. Tell her leave it there, go in and turn off the stove, turn off the oven, but leave the food covered up in there until I get there. And then the profits a lot. He said I'm stood up and he said.

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He said let's go everybody.

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In another narration, the narration of

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bei huffy, he says cool Elijah, everybody we're going to Japanese place.

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And he says that I just stood there in awe.

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What's going on? And it says the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, you don't argue with the man. So I just quietly proceeded

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and I got home because he told me good now go we're all coming. In another narration the profits a lot he said him. He also said

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He says, Yeah, you Elmo hace una de PUE. Oh, Mahajan, and salt. Let's go. So the Prophet sesamum sent me ahead. He said, Now go tell your wife this instruction. So I ran ahead. When I got home. I told my wife that I said whenever he says way hockey, he says you're ruined. Right to his wife. She says What happened? He says, john, Debbie Salatu, somebody mahadji Vina will install

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the prophets, a lot of them brought them on hygiene, he brought the unsought and everybody else.

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In another narration, the and then she says, * solokha. Did he ask you for permission? Like did he ask you if it was okay? And he says now? Yeah, he, meaning she knows sorry. She says, Hi. In another narration, she says, Did he ask you how much food you have? Does he know how much food we have? And he says, Yes, now I'm yeah, I told him exactly how much food we have. In another narration. He says for lucky German, and he, mala yalom, who in the law at that moment, I was so embarrassed and ashamed when the prophet SAW said him said, boo. Let's go everybody, boy, Elijah, but I felt so embarrassed that all these people are going to show up at the house and there's not

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going to be any food for anyone. And I went home and I told my wife job unhealthy Allah sorry, menceritakan Why not?

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I said that the Messenger of Allah Salam is coming with all of mankind. Right? And all we have is a little bit of bread and a little bit of meat. And I told my wife if

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you're going to be humiliated today, right, Jackie Rasulullah insalata, admiring the profits of Addison brought everybody from the trench. So she says hello. Hello calissa Allah Campo amok. Did he ask you how much food you have? Come to Nam? I said yes. So she said, Allahu, Allahu Allah.

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She said, Allahu Allahu, Allahu Allah.

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She said, You people you say this all the time. Allah and His Messenger know best. Do you believe it or not? Do you believe that God and His Messenger know what they're doing?

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So he says, For cache of Akasha Annie Hammond, she didn't. Immediately I stopped worrying.

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Said the Messenger of God has a plan.

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So I stopped worrying. And at that time, he says that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam walked in and he sat down next to where the the pot cooking the meat was, and then where the oven where the bread was being baked. He sat down and he told you know, my wife who the weather Eenie, Milan,

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he said that let me handle this. Sister Have a seat. Let me handle this. I got this, which is Allison Yeah, through Do we agree for LACMA for Mohammed ohada. Mohammed ohada.

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He says, then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam started taking without opening up the oven, he said, Bismillah he reached inside, he would break a piece of bread, he would reach inside the pot, he would put some meat on that bread, kind of like wrap it up. And then you would hand it to one person, then he would reach down, get a piece of bread, put a piece of meat in and hand it to another person, and the third person and a fourth person and a fifth person and a sixth person. And the profits, a lot of them told everyone Hulu blah, blah.

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Keep on walking in. But don't push don't shove, single file order. Right, just get in the line and just keep coming in, get your food and proceed out and let others come and the profits a lot of them kept serving like this, taking a piece of bread putting a piece of meat and handing it to people with his own ends. And one narration says that he served 300 people. Another narration says he served 800 people

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and he sat there and serve them himself with his own hands.

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This entire meal was prepared for the sake of the messengers a lot he said them but he was more worried about everybody else eating than himself.

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That's leadership.

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When that type of compassion when that type of mercy

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when that type of selflessness is found within leadership, then that creates breeds, the type of followers that the Sahaba

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and so he sits there and he served for masala you caribou illa nazjatar, shabby, oh edge Marine, and he kept on serving people until every single person had been

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had been fed had been helped.

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And then finally, Java says that after he was done feeding everyone, he says in another narration

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that the pot that the meat was cooked in was still completely full. And the oven in which the bread was baked in was still completely full.

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So at that time, the prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to jab at his wife that cooly

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cooly wa t. Now please sister you go gu Li hava de you eat and give to others share to others give it to your neighbors for in the NASA Saba to majah because the people are very hungry. So please, sister you eat and share it with your neighbors and call other people to come and eat.

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And you know what the fascinating thing is, and of course, you can kind of I guess to some extent maybe assume that of course the profits a lot of people must have eaten, the Sahaba would have ensured that he ate, but a little bit of just a little thought to entertain. There are four or five different variations of this narration in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim and Bay hockey and they've been his heart and they've been copied so many different versions, not a single one of them mentioned some profits a lot from eating, and mentions in serving food and mentioned some calling the family of job and giving them the food telling them to call their neighbors and said please eat

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and also shared the food with people because the people are very hungry. And he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam got up, wiped his hands and walked away.

00:26:14 --> 00:26:20

So this was a very beautiful and miraculous event that shows just, you know the remarkable

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nature of the messengers allottee summon how the help from Allah subhanaw taala came, you know, in such an unexpected fashion.

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Some manual fallacy, radi Allahu taala anhu, who we've talked about before, and I believe I've kind of mentioned this earlier as well. But this is where, you know, to point out another very powerful and miraculous event that occurred at the digging of the trench. semana Farsi radi Allahu taala and who tells his own story? And he talks about the fact that Whitechapel Mahajan, avanzado, faesal, man,

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and so that some of the Mahajan and the anzar they started debating about whose groups A man should be a part of because man, not the language Jelani was Persian.

00:27:10 --> 00:27:47

Right. So he wasn't exactly a Mahajan. He didn't come from Mecca, nor was he and then Sati he didn't come from Medina. So they were arguing and debating the Mojito and said, but he's still an outsider. He's not a muddiman native, so he should dig with us. And the ansara said, well, but he was in Medina before you guys came to Medina. So when the prophets a lot of them came, but the Medina he was already a resident of Medina as a slave of the of a Jewish man. So technically, in that sense, he's and I'm sorry, because he was in Medina, before the prophets, a lot of the Muslims came. And so much like we would probably argue about you take him No, you take him. I don't want you know, the

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person on my team, some outsider, no, no, you take him No, you take him. They're saying we'll take him and they're saying we'll take him and it became such a serious disagreement, because of the sincerity of the Brotherhood, and the love that they had amongst one another, that they started debating and arguing. And when it was brought to the profits, a lot of them's attention to profits. A lot of them said, some man will not dig with the unsought nor will he dig with the Mahajan, Sandman Amina elbaite. So man will dig with me and my family.

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So salamander the Allahu taala on who he describes a very powerful thing.

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He says that the Prophet of Allah there was a big old rock inside of the trench, that nobody was able to really smash or break. So finally, as we used to do in these situations, we called the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So in one narration, he actually says what also Lysa lolly somebody Bomani, he said I was in there just pounding away at that stone and I couldn't even make a dent in it. And the Prophet salami someone was close by for Lama Rani Audrey boo Rashid McCann Alia when the Prophet salani some saw that I was like putting everything I had into it and I was getting fatigued and exhausted the profits a lot of them descended down into the trench. He took the axe or

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the the pick or whatever, from my hand the tool he took it from my hand and the profits a lot of a sudden reached back and he said in one narration, the prophets Allah vsam recited and I have the Quran, where the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, what some might Kalamata Rebecca said the palma de la llamada de la de Matic Eva who was semi Allah Allah and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam struck the rock. And he says a third of the rock cracked and broke off but this like, almost like this glimmer or this Spark, kind of like came out shot out from it.

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And he says that I was watching all of this then again the prophets a lot of them reached back and he said, What telepathically Mathura because of the coma de la, which translates as that the promise of God will be fulfilled with truth and justice. There is no one that can change the decree of God. What was semilla Elohim and Allah subhanho wa Taala is all hearing and all knowing he recited that particular ayah Surah to an army

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I in number 115 and so he struck the rock again saying this ayah and another third of the rock, you know, cracked and fell it crumbled. And that same spark blucon like burka, like this little spark came out from there, and I saw it. And then again he said whatever Matt Kalamata Rebecca said upon wha de la llamada de Cali Mati wahoo was Samuel Allium, and he struck the last third of the rock and it crumbled. And again, that same light came shooting out of it. So when he was done the profits a lot, and then got out from the trench. And he took office, he, you know, he had given a shawl. He was wearing a shawl he had given a shawl to someone to be able to hit the rock. He took his shawl

00:30:41 --> 00:31:19

and he wrapped it around himself and he sat down. So I came to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and I said, Yeah, Rasul Allah, Simon says, Raja Hina barbot laptop reboot orbital mechanics Mahabharata when he says that I saw that every single time you struck the rock, this light came shooting out of it, but also like a lot of some guests a man or a tactic. He said, Sir, man, you side too. And he says, Oh messenger of Allah, He will lead the bar attackable hockey, Ursula. Yes, on messenger of God, I swear to the one who sent you with the truth. I saw it as well. The Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at that time, he commented. He said, when I struck the rock the

00:31:19 --> 00:31:25

very first time, Allah subhanaw taala showed me the palaces of the emperor of Persia.

00:31:26 --> 00:31:30

And when I struck the rock a second time, Allah subhanaw taala showed me

00:31:31 --> 00:31:33

the palaces of the emperor of Rome.

00:31:34 --> 00:31:42

And when I struck the walker third time, Allah subhanaw taala showed me the palaces of the

00:31:44 --> 00:31:57

he says that he showed me the the land from the east to the west. In one narration, he says, so Allah subhanho wa Taala first showed me Persia, then he showed me wrong then he showed me from the east to the west.

00:31:58 --> 00:32:39

And he said that what does this mean on messenger of Allah? He said that Allah subhanaw taala is informing us that basically all of these areas will enter into the Muslim lens, that Islam will spread far and wide to Persia to Rome from the east to the west, Islam will spread and all of the Sahaba when they heard this, they said Alhamdulillah Odin Sadiq Khan, and they recited the eye of the Quran of sutala HAZOP it was revealed that this time, how am I done? Allahu wa sallahu wa sallahu wa rasuluh Masada Camila, Eman And what is Lima, that this is the promise that God has made us that Allah has made us and this is the promise that the Messenger of Allah has made to us and

00:32:39 --> 00:33:04

align His Messenger speak the truth always. And this promise from a lion is messenger did nothing but increase the faith in the belief of the companions, the believers, the Sahaba. But the Manasa goon as they saw, they heard this entire interaction, the Muslims are saying Allahu Akbar Alhamdulillah and they're celebrating this good news, right? The mafia, the hypocrites. They started to say that you've been

00:33:06 --> 00:33:52

through mania from hero to Medina kusa, then he tells you from Medina that he can see the palaces of Persia in Rome, one nahata hula comb, and that Islam was spread far and wide wantem Daffy Duck, lattice Tatyana and Deborah Zoo when in reality look at you look at you people right now you're digging a trench. You don't you don't even have the ability to be able to go out there and fight your enemy openly in the battlefield. And yet you sit here and you talk about conquering Persia and conquering Rome. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed about these particular people in the app una una una Valentina v punto de Mirage on marijuana, la hora, Sulu, Illa. Ron, that the hypocrites and

00:33:52 --> 00:34:36

those people whose hearts are polluted or diseased. They say that what a line is messenger promises is nothing but lies. They they're just promising us delusional things, little run, they're deceiving us. And this exposed the faith of the believers in the hypocrisy of the hypocrites and the disbelief of the disbelievers. So this was another very miraculous incident. That at that particular time, in the hard work, when things got to the point where the Sahaba couldn't even crack this, these rocks, they couldn't even get past these stones were the prophets, a lot of them had to remove his shawl and get down into the trench and get dirt and dust all over him. And he had to reach back and he had

00:34:36 --> 00:34:57

to strike the rock with all of his mites and finally smash and crack the rock that at that particular time, Allah subhanaw taala gave them the good news of how far and wide Islam would spread. What I wanted to kind of emphasize here at the end of the session today is the simple fact that the greatest victories are achieved in the most difficult of moments.

00:34:59 --> 00:34:59


00:35:00 --> 00:35:26

This is an example from the life of the prophets, a lot of them this is the legacy of Russell life, a lot of them. This is why we setting this era. And why we studying the book of Allah, to realize and to understand that victories are not achieved, real true victories of victory that are not only results in good in this world, but especially the good of the life of the hereafter. These things are not achieved, you know, in moments of glory.

00:35:27 --> 00:35:47

And these are not just simply achieved through dominating and overpowering your enemy, but rather, in the most difficult, arduous moments, when it seems like everything is closing in on you. When you're at your very last, you know, you're on you're very, you know, you're at the very end of your ability and strength,

00:35:49 --> 00:35:51

where you're crumbling and falling under the pressure,

00:35:52 --> 00:36:29

when you have very few options left. And it seems like things are becoming very bleak, and the world is closing in on you. But in that moment, when you stand firm and you have conviction, and you turn to Allah subhanaw taala and you pray to Allah, and you turn to the example of the messengers a lot, you draw inspiration from the book of Allah, from the life of the prophets, a lot of them that is where the greatest victories are achieved. Because Allah subhanaw taala says, one to Allah, Allah Allah, meaning that you will achieve the ultimate and true victory, if in fact, truly you are believers.

00:36:31 --> 00:36:43

Has he been able to rock and use Roku in your own life, and true faith and belief is realized, not just not just manifested or proven.

00:36:44 --> 00:36:55

But rather true faith is even realized your eemaan will reach levels like never before. When it seems like you have no other options available to you and you turn to a line that moment

00:36:57 --> 00:37:03

where it becomes that either your only option is Allah, which was always your only option.

00:37:04 --> 00:37:08

But sometimes in our human delusions, we think we have a multitude of different options.

00:37:10 --> 00:37:47

But there will be a moment there will be moments where all those other alleged or suppose that options will be taken off the table. And there will only be one clear and obvious option left and that is Allah subhanaw taala and turning to Allah and when you turn to Allah subhanaw taala at that particular moment, and you pay Place your full faith and trust in Allah have done Allahu Rasulullah sallallahu rasuluh when Masada Camila, Eman And with us Lima, that's when you realize true Imani true faith. And that's when Allah subhanho wa Taala grants victory to true believers, and people who truly place their faith and trust in Allah.

00:37:48 --> 00:37:54

And at that point in time, they were told that you might be down in the trenches right now quite literally,

00:37:55 --> 00:38:18

hungry, tired, exhausted and fatigued. But this sacrifice, you know, a lot of times as almost like a cliche, we say that, you know the sacrifices of the earlier generations, the hard work of earlier generations made possible for us what we're enjoying and what we're doing today. At some point in time, it has to be more than a cliche, or a fancy thing to say.

00:38:19 --> 00:38:21

We actually have to understand

00:38:23 --> 00:38:34

that the profits a lot of the some in the cyber digging, digging, they're in the trenches with full faith and conviction. We're told that Islam because of this sacrifice today will spread far and wide. And we are sitting here halfway across the world.

00:38:36 --> 00:38:54

Sitting in a house of Allah subhanaw taala, talking about the life of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam realizing that legacy and beneficiaries of the sacrifices that they made. And the reason why I mentioned this is, of course, first and foremost, not only develop a sense of respect,

00:38:55 --> 00:39:07

and appreciation for the Messenger of Allah Salatu, salam, and a sense of admiration for that generation, the Sahaba, who stood firm by the sight of the prophets, a lot of them and did what had to be done.

00:39:09 --> 00:39:29

But at the same time for us to internalize the fact that we might also be called upon to make sacrifices to set forth to do what needs to be done, so that future generations can benefit from Islam and emaan the way that we are benefiting here today. And that don't at that moment, it will be our test.

00:39:31 --> 00:39:38

Do we stand do we answer the call or not? are we up for the challenge or not? And the going might get really tough

00:39:40 --> 00:39:59

but always realizes, well? Why am I lost kind of what Allah says, Well, I know the scene in Kerala never wastes the reward the efforts of those people who've put forth a sincere and a remarkable exemplary effort, the help of Allah will come to us as well in sha Allah miraculous

00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

As it came to them, and we will have the opportunity to lay the bricks in the foundation for generations to come and have a stake in a share in the reward of what those future generations will achieve and accomplish. Make no mistake as we pray to Asia here. And we sat here in our listening in the house of Allah subhanaw taala, to the discussion about the Koran and the life of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, that all the reward that we're earning and all the blessings are being achieved right now. The Sahaba, the Allahu taala on him, those people who stood there in the trench digging that day, over 1400 years ago, they have a sharing a stake in the reward of all of this, our

00:40:37 --> 00:41:14

teachers used to always remind us whenever we would sit and study elements, study knowledge, they used to always remind us that from the Sahaba, to the tablet, or to the tablet or tablet, all the people in the chain of narration, the isnaad, and the author of the book and all the teachers and the students that taught that book since that time, up until today, all of their book of deeds, they're long gone from the world. Many of them maybe the world even forgot their names, but all of their book of deeds are still open till today and as we sit here reading this, they are collecting reward equal to whatever we are getting as well. That's the opportunity that we have. May Allah

00:41:14 --> 00:41:41

subhanaw taala accept us for the service of the deen May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to benefit from the legacy in the life of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to follow in the footsteps of the prophets Allah determine the companions in the serving of the deen And may Allah subhanaw taala grant us all the ability to practice everything that was said and heard Subhana Allah He will be hungry he Subhana columbium Nick Nationale de la ilaha illa Anta Masako and it will take

00:41:42 --> 00:42:10

notice we were joined by a few extra brothers and sisters here today. So if you would like to inshallah catch up with the series and benefit from the series that we've been having over a span of almost three, four years now, here at the Irving machine on the life of the prophets, a lot of them, you can go to the column website, column institute.org slash podcast, you can go in iTunes as well and you will find all the previous sessions on the podcast and that's where you can inshallah download them, listen to them, and share them with others as well. So how are they going after law?

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