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I'm at the Islamic Cultural Institute nursery, in Harare, Zimbabwe. Masha Allah. This is a community nursery.

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Founded by the Muslims of Harare, it's a nursery that I attended a long, long time ago mashallah Tabata Kala and it's still running and servicing the community in a phenomenal way. This is the playground area and they're having an open day today Mashallah. And there's pony rights and jumping castles in addition to everything else the playground has to keep the kids happy and entertained whilst their parents are learning about their progress.

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If we zoom in a little bit more, you'll see they have the spinning boob

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and the children are taking their chances on it

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will go

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children are very happy Mashallah.

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Wonderful, wonderful. Premises well maintained Masha Allah Tabata, Allah.

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There's a range of activities that the Institute runs for the children archery, as you can see the archery targets present there and that is run once a week professionals come in and train them. It also has a little pool

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How many times do you come across the nursery with a dedicated pool for the kids it's obviously winter now in the southern hemisphere.

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no swimming lessons currently, but in the summer hamdulillah the children get some lessons as well mashallah to vertical and this is just the back end of

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the nursery and handler have a wonderful series of classrooms and premises that make up the front of the nursery all the way over there insha Allah perhaps if we get a chance, we will capture that so we are on the other side of the wall Mashallah. And look over here. There's a little garden agricultural patch

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for the children to plant

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and learn

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Masha Allah Nevada law

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and you can see the little flags with the names on them.

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Each child has planted something and have flagged the planting with their names mashallah and we see the classes as well

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and you can see the outer part of the nursery there's some good land and over here there under school sports today

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that's happened earlier in the year mashallah, they have good space for that as well. And this premises is also part of the Islamic Cultural Institute hamdulillah

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So, here we have the land that I mentioned earlier that is used for the sport today there currently, there's clearly some maintenance going on. Well hamdulillah as you can see this Goodsprings mashallah and They line them and the kids do all the different races

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all the different races that are unique to nursery goes Masha Allah and here you can see the entrance mashallah to the university to the nursery, rather, and mashallah the

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mashallah vast plains of the Cultural Institute where the cars get parked. And then over here, you see the entrance

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to the nursery, and

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as mentioned, they're running an open day so they're meeting the parents and letting the parents know off the progress of each child.

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Mashallah, so there's a range of classrooms and very friendly environment, well designed, colorful, vibrant, mashallah vertical law, and you can

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see the different doors that lead to the different classrooms, we won't be going into the classrooms because currently, teachers are meeting

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the different parents so we don't want to disturb that process. But hamdulillah there's so much to see you can see some of the work of

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the children

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plastered on the boards ahead. And the classrooms too, are filled with mashallah much of the progress of the kids as well.

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And here is PD the nursery tortoise mashallah, it's his eight year at the nursery keeps the young kids company Mashallah. And sometimes, if we standing in his way he comes and nudges us.

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He's grown he came here very little

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Let's go

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spirit is having his breakfast

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amazing panel

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while speed is having his breakfast here we see the nursery, kitchen, masha Allah Baraka Allah. And this kitchen churns out

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the middle for daily meals for

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all the kids Masha Allah, Allah Allah

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very humbly while equipped as well

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and mashallah, there's a lot that has been prepared for the parents that are attending today.

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And here we have the library and computers room. But there's some parents having

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a meeting in there so Insha Allah, we get time we'll come back later. And that brings us all the way back around

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to the playground. So that's a nutshell to the Islamic Cultural Institute, nursery and if you ever visit Harare, Zimbabwe, do you paid a visit you'll find it in rich view at the premises of the Islamic Cultural Institute.