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Deepa, a Hindu Revert Asks , “Is it Compulsory to Marry a Muslim or can I Marry a Hindu”

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Zakir Naik

Channel: Zakir Naik

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Es Salaam Alaikum I am Deepa I am in Islam from last three years and inshallah I will be till my death but main question is, is it compulsory for me to marry a Muslim guy or a Hindu guy? Since it is very hard task for me in the society to marry a Muslim guy sister said Mashallah she accepted Islam three years back and she intends being honest something she dies Mashallah, as you know, not accepting the state of Islam, most of the Quran Mashallah. But the question is that is it compulsory that she should marry a Muslim boy? Is that capacity? Yes, sister, was Quran clearly mentioned in Surah Baqarah chapter number two was number 221. That marry not an unbelieving woman marry not

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America, and idolatrous until she believes.

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a believing woman. Even if she may be a bond woman. She is much better than unbelieving woman even if she allows you. That means in Quran, a man has to marry a Muslim, a believing woman, a believing woman who's a bond woman, she may be a servant. She may be ugly, she's far superior than an unbelieving woman, and idolatrous, even if she allows you even she may be the beauty queen. She may be the wealthiest woman in the world, a believing woman is far superior. And there was continues, do not marry unbelieving man, do not marry a mushrik do not marry an idolater until he believes

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a believing man. He may be a bondsman. He may be a servant, he may be ugly, he far superior than an idolater and unbelieving man, even if he allows you. He may be the most handsome man in the world. He may be the richest man in the world. But a believing man is far superior than an unbelieving man than idolater. Even if he allows you to sister, you have to marry a Muslim. You know what? If you have a vehicle, imagine a vehicle which has four tires, one tires of a cycle, and the others have a truck? Do you think it will run? No, all the tires should be saved. And if you know that Islam is the way that will get you salvation, and you have accepted it some three years back, and you have

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promised we'll be honest until you die. Why do you want your husband to go to hell?

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When we say to the spouse with a better half, so even husband if not better, at least in the first half. But we do the half. So if you marry husband, if you are a good wife, don't you want your husband to go to Jenna? Don't you want your husband to go to Paradise. So if you are a good lady, sister, but natural, you would even want your husband to go to then you may have some problems I understand they'll be difficult in this world. The society may not accept you. But this life sister is for a small duration average 5060 years. Some people at the age of 10, some 20, some 50, some 90 100, average 5060 years old live, even if you take the turmoil, the pain for 5060 years, the next

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life is eternal sister as a businesswoman. It's a very good bargain. You have trouble, pain, difficulty 5060 years next life eternal, everything good.

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So sister, even if it's difficult for you, yet, sister, my advice to you is bezel difficulties. Marry a Muslim boy, even if he's not good, even if he's poor, even if he's ugly. He'll be much superior than the most handsome man or the most wealthiest man if he's idolater if he's an unbeliever of none so the question is system