Dawah to Non Muslims is a Fard for Every Muslim living in a Non Muslim Society

Zakir Naik


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of Islam in bringing out the message of Islam to non- Muslims. They explain that the message of Islam is the duty of every Muslim to fulfill the job of their job and that it is the responsibility of every Muslim to show their faith. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of not letting anyone know of the message of Islam and offers a chance for the audience to earn a profit reward.
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So it is the duty of every Muslim that it conveys the message of Islam to the non Muslims dava is horrible.

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But unfortunately, we Muslims, we give excuses for not doing the job.

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When we tell them I don't Rudaba they say inshallah, when we get the knowledge we start with the time will never come. If you think you'll wait till you become like shaders and then start doing Java, the time will never come. Our beloved Prophet said, it's mentioned Sai Bukhari balego omniva ayah propagate, even if no one was, even if you know one verse about Islam, as long as we know it correctly, you have to do your job. At least the Muslims know there is one God at least that

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we know about masala solomid the messenger is the last and final issue of Allah subhanaw taala at least tell that

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if they ask you the question, how do you prove it? If you don't know come back and do your homework. I gave the talk on the foreign gods but there is no last minute Allah I've given a talk on how masala some of the various religious scriptures come home and do your homework.

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In this way, inshallah Allah will help you and you'll be able to convey the message of Islam

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some Muslims come and tell me the arcade first we want to make the muscle man factor muscle man. We want to make the Muslims practicing Muslims and then we'll do our to the non Muslims. I say that time will ever come. A Beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he himself could not convince his own uncle. Do you think you're better than the prophet

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in the favorite pilgrimage

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abroad program masala salam, it was a Savas there 110,000 sabas that did I deliver the message to you? And all of them said patient Yes, verily you have done it. The Prophet told them that all those are present here deliver the message to those who are not present here. And out of 110,000 Saba, more than 100,000 sabas they were buried outside Arab land, doing what make a Muslim and Councilman became Muslim festival Muslims. They went into taba

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in Medina

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there were Muslims who did not come for the capacity Congress Salah did not come from the Juma Salah. The Prophet said he felt like burning the homes. Yet, he sent messengers to the king of Abyssinia, king of Persia, King of Yemen, asking them to accept Islam. He did not say first I'll make all the Muslim 100% pedophile Muslim and then do our

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doing dava is Park on every Muslim its complicity.

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But many of the Muslims tell me that when we start doing that, or to the non Muslims, they tell us to mind your own business.

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I tell them if a non Muslim tells me to mind my business, I will say that's what I'm doing. It is the duty of every Muslim to mind other person's business as far as Dean is concerned.

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So by doing that, by minding my business, that is my business.

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It is the business of every Muslim to mine other person's business as far as Dean is concerned.

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It is further on every Muslim to convey the mystery of Islam.

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And one of the criteria to go to China as Allah says in the Quran in Surah Al Azhar chapter 103, was the 123 of Allah says well us in Salah because he lives in amanu Romulus Ali hottie at wasabi lacquered wasabi suffered, by the token of time, man is well in a state of floss except those who have faith. Those are righteous deeds, those who exhort people to throw that into dava. And those eggs are people to patient in proceedings for any human made to go to Jannah. Minimum four criteria required Eman, righteous da da, and exhorting people to patient proceedings. If any one of these are missing, you should not end agenda you may be a very good Muslim you may be offering 510 Salah you

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may have gone for Hajj. But if you don't do that, you should not end agenda only the hours also not sufficient. All four are equally important Eman, righteous deeds dava and exhorting people to patient proceedings. If you do not do dava under normal circumstances you should not enter agenda. If Allah wants to forgive you and put you in Jannah that says business as Allah says in Surah chapter four verse 116 and verse number 48, that

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Allah will never forgive the sin of shall endure the sin if he pleases, he may forgive you. So if you don't do thou and Allah wants to forgive you, that's a different question. But under normal circumstances have understood Al Azhar if you don't do Dawa, you should not entertain and especially to those Muslims who are living in a non Muslim society. It's an hour further

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it's compulsory for every Muslim to convey the message of Islam with a non Muslim.

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And Allah says in the Quran, in no less than three different places, instead of Toba chapter number nine verse number 33. Instead of Fatah chapter number 48, verse number 28, and sort of stuff. Chapter number 16 was the main analysis who will Lizzie Ursula

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Hoban, Rhoda. What did you lose Ito Allah de Nicola Malappuram shikun Allah has sent us messenger with guidance and resin of truth so that it will prevail over all the other religions, over all the other isms, all the ways of life, whether it be Christian ism, whether it be Judaism, whether it be Hinduism, whether it be Buddhism, whether it be communism, whether it be atheism, Islam is the stand to supersede all Colin master them all. Well Okayama shikun How am I the machine don't like it, and enough is Allah as a witness, Allah subhana wa Taala has promised that his Deen will prevail will supersede all these ways of life. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not require you and me the rubbish

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that via Allah Himself is sufficient to make his Deen prevail. He does not require you and me the rubbish that we are. He is giving us an opportunity to do a prophet Job and to earn a profit reward. I would like to end my talk by giving the condition of the Buddhist Quran from Surah forcella chapter number 41 verse number 33 says woman has a new column in mandorla law he

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will call indian indian Muslim men who is better in speech than one when wife to the view of the Lord works righteousness and says that I'm a Muslim Walker Dhawan are hungry layerable alamy