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Let us understand what is the meaning of the word Lockdown.

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Lockdown means a situation where people are not allowed to leave or enter a particular building or a promise or a complex or a city or an area

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due to an emergency. The emergency can be if the bomb scare. Schools are not allowed to leave or enter the school. They can be right they can be war, but today, majority of the world more than 50% of the countries in the world they are under lockdown. And the reason is because of COVID 19

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Corona virus disease 19 or Coronavirus, disease 2019

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And I have received hundreds and 1000s of questions on the social media, especially on the Facebook. That why is Dr. Zakir Naik silent as far as the issue of Coronavirus is concerned it's more than few months. It's more than three months since the issue there. And today we see every Tom Dick and Harry every second person is talking about Coronavirus. So why is Dr. Zakir Naik silence

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and I have two reasons why a silent and I'll break into the silence today. Number one today the world has become a global village

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and especially because of the social media. You have a lot of information

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and a large portion of it which is the fake or is it false news. And we find today every second person whether Muslim or non Muslim is coming to Coronavirus and because of the fake news on the social media about Coronavirus about COVID-19 and about the fake news that has been made by different people. It's causing more harm than good. So I didn't want it to add to it.

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I will give you a few examples.

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In the month of January 2020 The video clips by made by some people showing the Chinese being affected by the COVID-19 And they're barking like dogs, the baby like animals. I being a doctor, I know that this is not true. Because the COVID-19 does not affect the brain. It affects the respiratory system. So these are fake videos of videos recorded during other times and attributing it to Coronavirus or COVID-19.

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There's one person who's giving the treatment for Coronavirus saying you have onion and he gives the basic description in detail how should the onion be cut how you should eat it and he said within 20 minutes the Coronavirus will be killed in your complete body and you will have negative testing all these are nonsense and causing more damage than good to humanity. I'll give one more example.

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There's a person who's trying to be very logical and he showed on the video on the metal bottle it's mention that this that all it kills Coronavirus, anything fee. The manufacturing date is 2019 that means that all which was made in UK they knew in advance that Coronavirus will go to spring 2020 They made this that all before that to kill. That means everything is planted. This is nonsense. The person is the fool. He doesn't know the basics of Coronavirus. Because Coronavirus was discovered in 1930s.

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What we have today is COVID-19 It's one species of Coronavirus so that there isn't we have to be careful. We don't have to unnecessarily pick up news from the media from the social media from the news and repeated without verifying it. And I'm shocked

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I'm shocked that even many days many who are popular. Some of them have been my students. They're talking about the treatment of karamba of Coronavirus number one when they say Coronavirus is not the same as COVID-19

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COVID-19 is one type of Coronavirus which I speak later on inshallah and be the solution even though I'm shocked even solutions about Coronavirus how to treat COVID 19 which is not the speciality

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and the E will speaking about Islamic aspects which is not the field most of us die is we are not forecasts. We are not pushed the hit and they are giving instruction or not to do something which is

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let the forecast do that. Let them which they do that they cannot and imagine if you're wrong what will happen because a beloved personal salon said that while giving fatwa if you're qualified if you give a right foot five you get double Sava if we give the wrong opinion wrong fatwa yet

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gotta figure this out. But if you're talking about medical aspect which is not your field, whether right or wrong, you are responsible for the damage cost. It is wrong because today, very few people in the world know about the details of COVID-19 Even I don't medical doctor I'm not qualified to speak on COVID-19 There are few people like virologist like immunologist, those who are specialized in epidemics are specialized on virus, a small section of the medical field they are qualified. So how can a digest read a newspaper and repeated without verifying, even if it turns out to be right later on you will be responsible. Similarly giving fatwa is not our scope. Let us do that. That was

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one of the reason that I did not

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about COVID-19 But since the people requested me 1000s of them and all the requests are talking about Coronavirus. I will speak a couple of minutes on Coronavirus to show you the difference to give information Coronavirus. People know about Coronavirus virus since decades. Let me tell you that the Coronavirus have got very species. There are

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about 20 species of Coronavirus and most of these species of Coronavirus they do not affect the human beings. So when they say Coronavirus there's this damage actually, they give me the information. Most of the Coronavirus doesn't cause damage to the human beings. There are five species that are each species which cause the problem. Five of the species cause a very minimal problem to the human beings.

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There are three species which really are detrimental and cause great damage to the human beings. If you read the Coronavirus, was first discovered in animals in 1930s.

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It was first discovered in chickens, which caused a respiratory

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tract infection in the chickens later on in 1940s. It was found in mouse and in human beings. The first time it was found was in 1960s that was called human Coronavirus.

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And the first time the word human Coronavirus came in the print media was in 1968

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As I mentioned out of the 20 species out of the 20 species available of Coronavirus only eight effect the human beings five

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are very mild and doesn't cause a major problem with human beings. The three are detrimental. Number one is the SARS Coronavirus SARS

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is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome FA RS Coronavirus cov.

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This mainly spent in the world and rejected a pandemic in 2003. It started in 2002. In China, it mainly spent 2003 and 2005 was 2004 was the life last that

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last that it was

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seen Suicide Squad Coronavirus mainly spent 2003. It started in 2002 and in 2004. After that it wasn't seen. It was mainly a respiratory tract symptoms were seen. It was declared as a pandemic by the WHO.

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And the second one

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is mirth Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus.

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This Middle East Respiratory

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Syndrome expired in 2012.

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And it affected about 2484 people in the world. And about 858 people died because of MERS it spread in about 24 countries and yet the keeping a track as late as the end of 2019. The report said there were 2484 cases in the full world over all these about 10 years and it killed 858 human beings that means a mortality at that rate of 34.4% When I first

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Coronavirus it that infected 8098 people in the world and killed 774 people less than 10% death rate that is 9.55% death rate.

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Recently, a few months ago came the third Coronavirus species which was very deadly for the human beings

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And that was COVID-19

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Corona virus disease 2019 also called as SAS code two that is Severe Acute

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Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus two

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This was first

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came into existence and notified to the who was in the end of December 2019 and the infection started a couple of months some say November some sector but some say

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earlier into the other 90

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What I gave information is the word Coronavirus which is there and you can it is already established information. You can go to any medical journal, any medical site and the information was somewhat similar COVID-19 Coronavirus, 2019 disease, it is new. We aren't aware of the details. There is no established treatment for it yet. The research is being done. So if the medical fraternity who has specialized in the field if they give the comments it's okay. But every Tom Dick and Harry talking about the treatment talking about how to take care about it and the die is doing it is not our field.

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Even if it turned out to be right tomorrow out of flow. That doesn't mean what we did is that because Quran clearly mentioned in surah, hoorah chapter 49 Verse number six, when you get the information to check it up, check it rabidity. So if the medical experts themselves don't know the authenticity, how can we talk about it? That was the reason I kept silent on this issue. And now what is spoken is on Coronavirus which is not COVID-19 it is it is the family the Coronavirus what I can tell you about COVID-19 that as of today

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if you read the WHO it gives the case one year,

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one day before, according to who report regedit a few hours before as of yesterday 24th of April to see HD, two M CSD timezone there were 2.6 3 million people infected all over the world of which 182,100 died.

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But when I refer to the world o meter, which gives update every minute,

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as of today, that one day later than the 30 the quoted of who, as of today, the 24th of April 2021 58 GMT 1:58am or 10158 hours, GMT 2.8 3 million people all over the world were infected in more than approximately 20 different countries.

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And 197,245 people died.

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And if we calculated the percentage, it comes to 6.97% death rate.

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I don't say this is accurate one because you know, there are

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10s of 1000s hundreds of 1000s Maybe millions of them yet infected by the COVID-19. And because they have not been tested and most of them are asymptomatic. If you come to know that children, number of people infected will be much higher so that they'd also but naturally come low. So this will brief information about the COVID-19 and for the people to take care when talking about Coronavirus about COVID-19

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Let us understand and try and find out what is mentioned in the feed of the Prophet and the Sabbath.

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About the epidemic diseases

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our beloved Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem

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it's mentioned in sable hurry,

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why number seven, Hadith number 5000 Ferran and rotate, our Prophet Musa lucidum said that when you hear news of the break of a plague in the land, do not enter that land.

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And if in the place where you're staying, a plague breaks out, do not leave that place.

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The same methods repeated in cyber hurry. One number seven, added number 5729.

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Allah's Messenger peace be upon him said

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that when you hear

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about a break of the plague in the land, not enter the land. And if in the country you're staying a plague breaks out

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do not

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go out of that country.

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Not exit that country. A similar method also repeated to disable hurry. Point Number 700 Number 5730.

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moves or something

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Is that when you hear often news of a break of a plague in a place, not enter the place and where you stay, if a plague breaks out, do not run away from that place. And they're very effective in giving us a little bit of similar to what we have in the lockdown

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that do not infect others by going out of a place and do not get infected by entering a place in which the epidemic is there.

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It's also mentioned site Buhari in Word number seven, Hadith number 5707. That our beloved Prophet Musa lucidum said that run away from a leper, like run away from a lion

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you know, because leprosy is contagious, so you don't have to come close to it. You have to stay away from it. Giving a wash today the medical veterinary tests as was already advised by a prophet 14 years ago. It's also mentioned in Cernan.

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Every major volume before Hadith number 3544. That when a group of people came to take bio

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Chem to give allegiance to the Prophet, one of them were the left for one of them was a leper. So the prophet sent a message to the man that go back and your buyer has been accepted your allegiance had been accepted.

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And the volume of Hadith

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in Sahih, Bukhari

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vulnerable seven, had it number phytolith, February 30, for the holiday Sharmila will never heard the Prophet. She said that the Messenger of Allah peace people said

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the plague was sent as a punishment may Allah subhanho wa Taala on the people who wanted to send but for the believers, it is a blessing. And they for believers, stays in the land which is infected by plague, having faith in Allah, and believing that nothing will befall him, except what Allah has ordained. And Allah says that the first people who die

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they will be given the status of a matter

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that means such gift if a person dies, the Muslim believing in Allah subhanaw taala having failed that Allah does this character ordained for him and not fearing anything else. If he died, he will be called as a martyr and regret the sum up of a matter.

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This is the guidance that we get from the Hadith