Better Me Ramadan 2019 #20 – Proof that you are faithful

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of action in building faith and action in Islam. They explain that actions are not about faith or feeling, but rather actions that result in action. The speaker emphasizes that action is not about feeling, but rather actions that result in action.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My brothers and sisters in Islam 20th day of Ramadan have gone, how are you doing? You know, the cold today is very relevant to the entrance of the last 10 days of Ramadan. Because we need to improve and we need to increase our action and we need to become better we better us inshallah. So what's the quote of today, the evidence that you are faithful to a higher being is your level of certainty. And certainty, breeds actions. yaqeen or certainty is something that a las panatela will give certain believers during the lifetimes that that faith beyond doubt, that Allah is there that the prophet SAW Selim is true that the end is the absolute

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Word of God and so on and so forth. When you look at the lives of the companions, the lives of the prophets of Allah subhanaw taala, you see that they had that faith beyond doubt that Allah is with them that Allah is going to protect them from the disbelievers. Just like how Musa alayhis salaam when he was chased by Pharaoh and his troops. And some of the people told him that in Allah Morocco that we are we were we will be called by them they are just behind us. Moosa out of certainty said what Kela know, in knanaya, up beside the allies with me, and he's going to guide me to look at the level of certainty who would actually have that on mine, at this critical moment. The prophets Allah

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Selim similarly, he responded to Abu Bakr, Siddiq rhodiola Anwar lo and they were in the cave and the disbelievers were just above them. We can see actually the entrance of the cave and Abu Bakr a slip of the alarm on water he said that if they look down they will see us and the prophet SAW Selim said what do you think of two people a lot is their third and what do you think Let us listen he told our workers the call the alarm on or the don't grieve in Nala hermana certainty, and as a result, certainty became the driving force to breed Action. Action is you know, Islam is an action oriented religion it's not about faith and feeling only it's about also executing certain actions

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they emulate, or something the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was commanded to perform. When only half a page was revealed, it was revealed a few days later, commonly stand up and pray all night. How How in the world will the prophet SAW Selim pray all night with half a page that was not a lost job it was Mohammed sauce lm to figure it out action of the action of the action. This is you know the prophet SAW Selim told us in a hadith kotse is a very long Hadith now I already prolong this episode but the end of this hadith the prophet SAW and told us that Allah said yeah daddy in Nana here are Malcolm rc halochem all my servants it is but your deeds that I am counting for you, Ally's counting

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our good deeds for us and bad deeds as well. Furman what are the hieronder if you own the Day of Judgment if you so good if you saw that the result of your good actions filiana the law let him praise a lawn and give all the credit so Allah who guided us to perform these good actions woman watch the higher of Alec and who's who ever found other than that other than goodness, Fela lumen Ilana, let him not blame anyone except himself or herself. So May Allah Subhana Allah guide us through that which is pleasing to Him.