Zakir Naik – Christian Apologist Jay Smith Admits, “ is the Most Dangerous Man to Christianity”

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the dangerous man in the world, Zakir reminded them of his history as the world's leader and comes from the Middle East. He is engaging with hundreds of thousands of Muslims and is known for his ability to create change and shreds their Bible. He is engaging with these people and is finding them fascinating.
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Dr. Zakir Naik is probably most probably the most dangerous man in the world today to Christianity, because he brings hundreds of 1000s of people to Islam, many of them from Hinduism and also for Christianity. He brings them through just by these kind of videos that we're doing right now. He goes all over the world. He was to come here in Britain last July, and he was going to come out there, we're going to bring him down to Wembley Arena, which seats 12,000. They sold out tickets for his meeting in two hours. Now, this man is dangerous. This man is enormously popular. He knows what to do. He knows Hebrew. He knows Greek. He knows English. He knows Arabic. He can. He has memorized

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much of our Bible by heart. He uses no notes. And he tears our Bible to shreds where he tries to and he confronts the Christology of Jesus, he confronts the Trinity. He constructs France the whole what they call the poling paradigm. These are amazing questions. They're great questions. They're foundational to everything we believe and he's enticing and he's engaging hundreds of 1000s of Muslims to follow his his example.

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