Discomfort – Why You Need It In Your Life

Muhammad Alshareef


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The speaker discusses the impact of the coronavirus on people, particularly on their appearance and mental health. They mention that people are struggling to become stronger and that discomfort leads to growth and stress. The speaker suggests that people should not go for hedge when old and that Jana is getting out of their comfort zone.

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Look at salah. Look at Salah Have you ever wondered that 530 In the morning five o'clock in the morning Allah subhanaw taala is telling you to get up, but you're tired. And you're like and what about the water? The water is cold the water is hot. What about hijab? Hijab is like it's the like sisters are struggling all around the world. But what if it's intentional? What if it's intentional? Let's look at fasting all your non Muslim friends are like Aren't you gonna starve and I'm gonna die you can't even drink water like that What about hedge they'll say don't go for hedge when you're old because punched in the face it involves struggled to become stronger. I'm going through the pillars

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ze cap 2.5% You're taking your money out you're paying it it's a struggle like if you have a lot of money let's suppose your millionaire 2.5% is something like this a lot of money I don't know how much it is

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and so on. Right so you can keep moving on whenever there is something of benefit.

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There has to be discomfort involved in it. Okay, discomfort leads to growth, discomfort leads to growth and it's not that Allah subhanaw taala is like you know, in Charlotte or in Jana, you can have all the comfort you want but the path to Jannah is getting out of your comfort zone and are a bad always teaches us to get out of our comfort zone like that.