Can I start Fasting for the six days of Shawwal a day after Eidul Fitr?

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can I start fasting for the six days of chawan A day after elicitor

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All of us know that the Prophet said fasting on he deign fasting on the days it will filter and it will other exam. So the better scanner start measure well first immediately after it means the second of your one. It is not haram to fast on the second of a while, but it is mcru the ifI sin is the day of celebration, and there are three days of eat. So, firstly on the first of your while if haram firstly on the second and third is mcru it is a haram it's mcru it is preferable to don't first on the second and third your feet because these are days of enjoyment merrymaking where people, they visit each other's houses, the relatives, the family members, and the eat. So if you're

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fasting, there will be difficulties in this merrymaking that the reason it is preferable that you don't first on the second and third of show well. If you have too fast the three days of fasting after the third is preferable.