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The speakers discuss the importance of staying on a spiritual high and finding one's way to achieve success, finding one's way to achieve success and finding one's way to achieve success. They also discuss the challenges of maintaining a weight loss goal and maintaining a positive mindset to achieve it. The speakers emphasize the importance of identifying one's spiritual connection and finding ways to be mindful of one's thoughts and behavior to benefit others. They also mention a free membership program for women struggling with emotional struggles and encourage attendees to sign up and stay on the waiting list for future events.

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All right, salaam aleikum we've done it Alhamdulillah Mashallah tabarka Allah last day of Ramadan I cannot believe it. Has this been the fastest Ramadan ever? Yes sir no let's let's hear from your first if you could come on and say if you're watching hashtag live if you're doing a replay hashtag replay and then I have some exciting news today I have actually the I'm gonna announce the five winners of the individuals who have won a three month membership to my mentorship program What's going on?

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Okay, are you not here? too fast?

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Oh too fast the Ramadan

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This is my husband. I've been Majeed I couldn't do any of this without him so please make the offer him it's just not sounding well. Okay. Happening All right. Thank you. gauging Let me see. How's the sound? Now? Let me know if you feel like is there an echo? Do I saw what is what's going on? I use it also feel it would be perceived the fastest Ramadan. Okay. That's what I felt. I felt I was super fast. And are Can you give me a thumbs up if you can hear me? Okay.

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Great. Why likoma Salah. We've got a great lesson today. And lots of motivating, motivating things. We're going to cover Winners Winners at the three month membership. I'm gonna announce that at the end, so stay tuned. And I don't hear an echo. Thank you. Thank you for letting me know. Oh, now there's an echo.

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All right, there Alhamdulillah no Echo, we got a thumbs up. Okay, so we can get started in sha Allah. Salaam Alaikum. And welcome to a mindful Ramadan. And that's the law was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. We've made it Ma sha Allah, it is the last day of Ramadan. And I think by a lot of people's admission, it has been the fastest superspeed Ramadan. Subhan. Allah. So we're so grateful for making it to one more Ramadan. And we're all on a spiritual high, right? And who is afraid that this spiritual high is going to go away? Let me know. Right? Yes. If you feel like you're kind of afraid you don't want it to go away. You want to cling on to that last night was the last day of and

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it was a bonus field. I felt like it was a bonus beyond because we weren't expecting it. We thought maybe Wednesday, you know, maybe today might be so when we got one more bonus began, it was so special and handed in law. And so let's see.

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All right. So yes, you're feeling that you don't want to lose this right? This is so incredible, what we have been experiencing. And I have three analogies that I want to share with you yesterday, we talked about constructing your building of emaan. Right? And we said as long as you are progressing, as long as you're making changes within yourself through your worship through your character, then that means you are moving forward and it is definitely a sign of progress. Okay. Now, I'm getting a message that this is disconnected. Are you still seeing me? All right? Yes, you're saying I'm afraid to let go of the spiritual high afraid to lose it. I agree. I'm going to

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double check with you once again, if because I just got a message of it being disconnected. And I don't want to just be talking to myself. So I got to make sure let me know one of the volunteers if you are on and you can tell me everything is clear. Then I will continue in sha Allah. We've got a great, great lesson today. Going not ready to say goodbye to Ramadan always feels a bit sad at the end. Yes, we see you just like a locker. That's all I needed to know. All right. So you know, I would like to change our association to the end of Ramadan.

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Okay, because sometimes Yes, obviously, we're going to miss this, right? But it doesn't have to be sad. This doesn't have to be like we say yes, farewell to Ramadan, it just seems like Okay, hello, we're not going to have this until another year, it doesn't have to be that way we can keep maintain this momentum, we can have this beautiful connection, it may not be exactly the same, it may not be to that, that level, it may not be as much, but we can definitely keep the momentum going. So what I said is, I have three analogies for you. Okay. We talked about building and constructing our eemaan. And as long as you're going, you know, building one story at a time, you're good, don't compare your

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building with another person's building, each person is working at a different rate. And we just have to make sure we have a strong foundation, okay? So if you remember that, then you're not going to beat yourself up, you're not going to feel bad, you're just you're happy that you made that progress. Okay, so the analogy today is about recognizing that we all have an inner thermostat, okay, an inner thermostat, that determines what we're comfortable with what we can achieve our level of happiness, our level of, you know, spiritual, you know, our spirituality, our, you know, connection with others, we have this. And it's been said kind of randomly, right? And it was set,

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probably when we're very little. And we didn't even really think about it's not like we had a meeting and said, Okay, what are we going to set the thermostat to? That never happens in the house? Right? There's one person who will determine what the temperature is. And, and I don't know, in our house, it's usually very freezing. So it was there was no meeting, there was no shoot up, right? Let's discuss, let's decide, no, it's just set. Okay. Now, what we have done. So let me, let me describe this to you. So you have the thermostat and it's set, let's say, if it's set at 70 degrees, then if it drops down, let's say it all sudden gets at 65. What ends up happening is, you know, you

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start feeling really, you're out of your comfort zone, you're like I can't I can't handle this, I got to get back to where I was. And, and this is when you know, for example, if someone to say gains a lot of weight, and then they're just like, oh my god, I can't, I can't believe I, you know, I let myself go. Maybe that's happening during COVID. Who knows? And then you decide No, this is it, I'm gonna get my act together or someone may be has been in a dead end job for years and years, maybe for decades. And they're just like, you know what, I'm gonna, I'm gonna stop this, I'm gonna like I am going to be an entrepreneur, I'm going to finally get myself out of this rut, okay. So when you

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hit that rock bottom, then suddenly you want to shoot back up, right? It's kind of like, if you're sinking, and you're going down, down, down, down on, like in the swimming pool, you're sinking, what happens when you hit the bottom, and you spring off, like you push off, and then you come, you come out, right? You come out, you're pop out of the water. So you have to look at those when you hit rock bottom, instead of being all like down and disappointed. Know that we have that thermostat that kind of monitors and make sure that we're we're going to get back to where we were. So you can kind of use it as you push off. And to get back to where you were comfortable with now, being comfortable

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is not always a good thing, right? So sometimes what happens is that you go beyond your comfort, right? All of a sudden, you get this like promotion, and you feel so you know, you feel so happy and excited. But then what you start doing, you know, you may and this is all subconscious, we're not sitting there and deciding I'm going to do this. It's all subconscious, but we're just reacting to what's happening. You start maybe missing important meetings, you don't respond to emails and so you're doing things to kind of sabotage yourself right person who lost a whole lot of weight, you know, they they lost the weight and now all sudden it's like okay, from once, once a week cheat day

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is gonna be once a day cheat meal and and then it's over, right? And so what you find is that when we exceed past our as our inner thermostat of this is where my comfort zone is. And suddenly I'm like, at a higher level I don't I don't deserve to be this happy. I don't deserve to be this successful. And it has a lot to do with your lack of worthiness is low self esteem. You're feeling like maybe I don't deserve this. Who am I sometimes when someone marries a person who is really exceptional, they're like, Oh my god, I don't deserve this. And they do someday cause a fight right? Or someone may feel you know, I

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I'm not good enough, they have the imposter syndrome. They feel like Who am I to be doing this right? And then they do things to sabotage themselves. Now, what does this have to do with Ramadan?

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You're probably wondering, what does this have to do with Ramadan? All right. So the past 30 days, we have consciously change the inner spiritual thermostat. Okay, so we changed the spiritual thermostat, we were getting a spiritual dialysis. This is something we came up with talking with sister Lauren booth, a spiritual dialysis. And it's just you feel like you're no person, you are a new person. And so what does that do? The spiritual thermostat is now up here, we change the way we're eating, we change the way we're sleeping, we were praying, we're reading and like, and so this is the exciting part is that now we have this new comfort zone. Okay, maybe it was here, maybe it

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was way down. Okay. But what we have done in this past month is that we set the spiritual thermostat higher than what it was before. So now our new comfort zone is, you know, praying for for a longer period of time reading, you know, reading more we're on and doing the things that are connecting us. Now the key is, we gotta maintain it. Right. So second analogy. The second analogy is about a person, let's say who has lost weight. Let's say they've lost a good 20 pounds, okay, I just had a friend of mine. She had, you know, a goal that she wanted to reach, like, by this birthday, I'm going to lose 20 pounds and she did it. Mashallah. Now,

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what would you give advice to that person? What would you give advice? They're like, okay, I reached my goal. But what do I do now? Right? Well, you tell them, keep on doing what you're doing. Right? If you were doing well with cutting out the carbs and the sugar, and you were exercising regularly, then chances are, if you maintain that, guess what, you're gonna keep the weight off right. Now, what do most people do they reach their goal. They're like, Oh, I lost 30 pounds. This is exciting. Hey, you know, they cheer about it. They write about it, they made a post about it, post pictures. And then it's like, okay, now I get to party. Now I get to like, you know, I get to have what I

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want. And pretty soon What ends up happening. If you do that enough time, you're back to where you were. And that's a form of self sabotage. Right? So now we know that it's it's challenging for us to maintain a regiment or a schedule like Ramadan throughout the year. But how many of us feel so peaceful? Now? How many of us are just euphoric? We are absolutely euphoric. It's like, you know, there is just serenity, there is calm there is in sha Allah there is this feeling of, of, you know, contentment, that we have created this connection with Allah, right. And the reason we feel so amazing is that we're finally we are in sync with the rest of the universe because Allah has created

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everyone and everything to be in submission to him, and only ends right. Only Ensign Jen are the ones who have the audacity to disobey. They are the only one everything else every other creation is in sync is in obedience. And when we are in the month of Ramadan, we are in sync with the rest of the universe. We are we are doing what we were created to do. And we are worshiping a lot and that's why our soul is so happy. We're so happy. I haven't slept we haven't eaten.

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Right? Yeah, so many people are so tired, but yet we're like the happiest, right? So if it was like a thermometer for happiness, it would be like off the charts Mashallah spiritual happiness, right? That spiritual hot, nothing compares to it. So,

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like we're talking about if someone has lost the weight and they don't want to, like start binge eating on eat, right? I know, it's tempting. I know. I know. you've all had your you know, your parties planned out the restaurants or whatever it is you're doing. But if you do that regularly, what's going to happen? You're going to lose that amazing achievement, right? So some people may have like, stopped watching TV shows or movies. So don't sit there and like binge watch. Don't binge watch the Netflix that you know, you you feel like you missed out on this, like, Oh, I got to make up. I've got four or five episodes to catch up on right? You don't want to do that. What we need to

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do is recognize this as

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I want to maintain, I want to maintain that I may not be like hardcore working out every day, like an hour, but I'm going to do a percentage of it, right a percentage. So if you were, let's say, let's say you had the goal of finishing the bar on, and you didn't get to that some people just like Abort mission, then accomplish it, they have all or nothing mentality, right? Either I completed in Ramadan, or That's it, why why abort the mission continue, continue this throughout the year. And, you know, the way I like to look at is, Ramadan is let's say, let's see if it is a race. And it's the race is coming to it. But we have our life is a marathon, it's still going on, right? So you may

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not have completed what you want it to in this particular race, but you have you have the rest of the year. And if we keep that connection, what I can guarantee you is that your next Ramadan is going to be exponentially better. I've made this observation. And within my own life within the lives of many people that I've interviewed, is that your Ramadan is as good as fulfilling as fear travel as the route as your past year. Okay, so if someone was just a bit,

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this connected, they didn't report on they weren't like really praying, they weren't doing like Ramadan is going to be really tough, right. And then they only get to a certain level, but the person who maintain the person who was connected and the person who was reading the Koran, the person who had those amazing spiritual experiences, guess what their Ramadan is going to be exponentially better. So if let's say last year, you slacked off. I mean, what's your middle middle of a pandemic, it was tough, it was challenging, and maybe you weren't able to exert yourself, maybe actually, that got you to hit rock bottom, and you totally turn to Allah, you know, you get mixed

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reviews about the pandemic. So if that is the case, then think about it this year, say, I am going to make my year, so much better, I'm going to maintain this connection, I'm going to strengthen my, you know, my worship, I'm going to like improve my character. And why because I want my next Ramadan to be even better. So that's what we can do to kind of motivate ourselves. And the third, the third analogy I want to share with you is,

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you know, any of you have like a favorite recipe, a favorite recipe, I have like my favorite carrot cake recipe, My kids love it, anyone who has it, they truly love it. And I'm very careful about following it very carefully. Because I know if I have the same ingredients, and I follow the same recipe, guess what? I'm going to get that same carrot cake that the kids devour in two days. So what's your favorite recipe? Tell me.

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Tell me, what is your favorite recipe? Once a sir saying it's challenging for us to maintain a schedule like Ramadan? I realized, but we feel amazing and happy because we're doing what we are created to do. Yes, it is tough, but we can we can motivate ourselves, we can really get ourselves to be able to like to, to some amount, some amount of work on it. And let's see. So any any good recipes that you have. So with the carrot cake, I'm very precise about the measurement about my ingredients. And each time, I am sure to get the same recipe, it was the same amazing cake. Now, there are times like let's say I didn't have the right. I didn't have the right.

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Sugar, right? Sometimes I'm like, Okay, let me just try monk fruit instead of brown sugar. And I'm like, Mom, it's something changed. Something's not the same. Right? So we need to recognize that if we use the same recipe, we'll get the same result. Same thing in Ramadan. If, you know, if you have been doing certain things and you have that spiritual high, it's an indication of it's an indication of what you're capable of. So we can follow that. You know, and the piano. Let's say if you're not doing it every night, let's do like the piano once a week right? If you can't read the whole Joe's like let's read at least like a page a day or let's those of you who don't have any connection to

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the brand but just do an idea day right? maintaining that will be so powerful. And I want to tell you about how you can recognize if you're self sabotaging because many people are doing this and they're doing it in a very

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in a like subconscious way. What this sister is saying. You're Ramadan

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is going to be exponentially better if you maintain the connection and prove your character because I want my next Ramadan to be better it really really like I can guarantee this that however if you enjoyed this Ramadan but you want it to be better work on this year okay, it's all proportionate your spiritual high your ability to like the tofield tofik, which is defined as, as like a divine and invitation from a law if you have a divine invitation like you have earned to be invited to this like fermion or you have been invited for this gathering of learning of you all are coming Mashallah every every day during Ramadan to improve your character to have that connection. So this is a form

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of trophy it and that's why we should always be humble, humble in our worship and humble about the fact whatever knowledge we gained whatever it whatever we're achieving, there has to be humility and recognize this is all from a law. And when you know that, then you don't risk becoming self righteous. Too many religious people end up being very self righteous, they feel very proud of themselves and they look down on others they're judgmental, and and this is not the character of the prophets, Allah a Salaam or the Sahaba. They were extremely humble. And yet they were promised Jenna, right? And so we really have to be cautious about that the three P's the three P's to see if

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you are self sabotaging, Okay, first of all, it's procrastination. So, it comes about and you you know, you have this goal. It's like yeah, I want to reef grown. But you know what, I'll just I'll just do it later. Right now. My friends are coming together. And we're, yeah, I'm not gonna do it today. How about tomorrow? Or how about next weekend, all right, and you just keep precocity. So if you find yourself procrastinating, whether it's with exercise, whether it's with your prayers, whether it's with reading the Koran, then recognize that this is one of the signs of self sabotage. The second one is perfectionism. Okay, perfectionism. Let's see what one sisters saying. I have

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noticed I've become more mindful of my blog I landed in LA that was the whole objective the whole objective of mindful Ramadan was to become mindful of our character because really that's going to be the heaviest on the scale so thank you so much for sharing that and let's see this Ramadan. This Ramadan is so easy and light for me I'm having a lot I feel so blessed for knowing good sisters. I hope you will still do live sister even after Ramadan because I'm learning a lot from you Mashallah, just go ahead. And well, I do daily lives. And I'm going to give you an opportunity to actually be a part of my Mentorship Program, which I do lessons on a weekly basis, it's live. And all of the

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lessons I've done in the past are pre recorded and you watch at your own pace. So if you feel that this was beneficial, then the mentorship program is something that you can continue to be a part of this beautiful sisterhood in sha Allah. All right, so we set the first p what was it you remember, first P is that we said procrastination some people may be procrastinating. The second P is perfectionism, right?

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And many people who become religious have an issue with perfectionism, right? It there have this all or nothing mentality, either, you know, either I do this perfectly, or I Abort mission either I you know, I complete the Koran in Ramadan, all 30 I'd stop or I stop. So, if you find yourself being a perfectionist, right, and I know, I know that many of the lessons you have heard many of the speakers.

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There is a tendency in our, you know, within our scholars to use the word perfect, okay, I know they mean Well, I think they're, you know, maybe translating it from Exxon, that you want, you know, you want it to be outstanding, but unfortunately what ends up happening when someone says perfect, do the perfect with it, then do the perfect recall and then do the perfect and a person will just feel very overwhelmed because there is an perfectionism right there is no such thing as doing something perfectly. And I have so many clients who get stuck. They really get stuck they get stuck in the Voodoo being perfect and, and and they're not able to even do the prayer because it's they don't

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have a perfect windows. So if you're listening, okay, and you're striving for professional, please don't strive for excellence strive for being your best, but don't strive for being perfect because there's no such thing as as you know being perfect or the

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Perfect widow, you just do your best do your best because what I say to my clients is that it's a lot better to do a, you know, to do the widow undo your prayer and get an actual grade for it than to skip it and get a big fat zero, right? Like if, if you miss an assignment and you get a zero, what is I going to do to your grade point average, right? So we want to make sure that we don't, we're not perfectionist, and this will destroy you. It will destroy the people around you. You may really pride yourself in the fact that you're a perfectionist, but it's actually go works against you. And perfectionism is the enemy of progress. When you are focused on I need to be perfect, then

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it actually prevents you from making progress. The third P is pessimism. pessimism, okay. This is when you are just you constantly chastising yourself, you know, I'm not, I'm not good enough. I didn't do I didn't do enough. during Ramadan, I didn't read enough or I didn't go to the masjid or not. And whatever it is that you're chastising yourself.

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The pessimism really takes you down. So what we want to do after Ramadan, we don't want to go down that road, we don't have to be sad and depressed that Ramadan is over, we have to be grateful that we had another Ramadan, we have to be optimistic that we've actually made a change because we did it that we did a mindful Ramadan, you guys, this is not your typical Ramadan, right? It wasn't just the list of, you know, list of worship that you check off, right? Every day, we're talking about improving ourselves by, you know, having a better character being more being more patient being more humble, being more generous, whatever it is. So because we had a mindful Ramadan, it's very likely

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that the effects are going to carry over, right, it's not just a bunch of worship, that we don't even know what we said, you know, the way I look at it is, let's say you get a book, a self help book, okay? And your native language is English. And maybe like, you took a couple of years of Spanish in high school, like 1020 years ago, just know all our core stuff. And then you get the self help book in Spanish. how helpful it's going to be, you may be able to read it, right? Because it's kind of like, you know, it's like English, and you can read it, and maybe your pronunciation will get really fluent, and you will sound better. But how much is it affecting and like? How, how much

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are you going to be able to change from reading the self help book in Spanish? if you're if you're not a native speaker? It's not right. So that's how I look at reading the Quran, we have to understand that. So even if it takes longer, even if you go slower, but you read it and you read it with meaning, then what's going to happen is that you actually understand that self help, like it's like, Okay, do it yourself project, and it's all in like a different language. It's not gonna help you, right? So we want to read, we want to read the Koran with understanding and we want it to affect our heart, we want it to penetrate our heart, so that we can actually make changes in

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ourselves. So now at the moment we have been waiting for, drumroll please. Okay. If you could share if you go down and share this with on your page, and slow it is to say congratulations, you've received 100 mess. Okay.

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I thought one of you had written that. So

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perfectionism is the enemy of progress. This has helped me so much this Ramadan is hamdulillah Thank you, sister, Nadia. So we have we need a drum roll, drum roll for the winners. Okay. So this is individuals who have been coming on a regular basis. Mashallah, my volunteers, I myself, we have been looking and seeing who has been really committed, right? Who has been very committed, who has been showing up writing metod writing summaries, participating because that's, that's really important. You know why we want to encourage that, want to encourage it, because if you're passively learning, if you're passive, you're not really learning, right? You're just sitting there, and like,

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Oh, that sounds nice, right? But if you are, if you're taking notes, if you're writing it down, if you're engaged, if you're asking and you're responding, that's when you actually benefit. So we want this information to benefit you, right? So we're going to reward that. And here is the name of the first winner. Okay, we're ready. So we have to

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Sister Samia, Khalid sister Samia Khalid if you are here and I think I saw your name sister Samia. Yes, sister Samia Khalid winner of the giveaway. Let's hear it. Y'all give a give one of these clap emojis. Clap for our first winner, sister Samia, if you can write a an email to support at holla And this is a three month membership to my Mentorship Program, which is called the mindful Hearts Academy. This is what I do throughout the year. So if you're if you liked what you learned here and you feel like you've benefited and you want to continue on this journey of self development, you can be a part of the mindful Hearts Academy and you will get this throughout the

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year with support sisterhood. So sister Samia Harley, congratulations. All right. Excellent. So the second winner we have drumroll please. Put it up. Do we have a drumroll? Yeah. Okay, so we have sister Santa Han. Congratulations. right we've got an I see is we have sister senate hon. That's a three month membership and if you if you you know signed up for membership, hold on to it and this will just be three you know, you can have three extra months for free. So you've been showing up every day Ma sha Allah Sana Han sister Sana Han. And very participating very enthusiastic, so it's great to see that Mashallah. Oh, I like it. Sister Nivea found the drumroll. Very cute. All right.

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Third winner, sister Calico. caltha bosetti. Sr. CalHFA boosts it are you on? I believe Sr COVID. That is where it shows in. Nigeria. Are you here? So this is the third winner if y'all can check and see. All right. And then I'm going to stay after I announce all the five winners so that you can ask any questions that you have about. You're very welcome Susana about the mentorship program, how to be a part of it. The fourth winner All right, fourth winner drumroll please.

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drumroll pay. Okay, we have sister Teresa law guard. Now don't say we're being prejudice. And why are we only choosing women? And what about the men who are tuning in? Okay, this is for missed only. All right, I was thinking about that. Like, oh, we only have female, because the program is for women only. So all right, excellent. So the sister Teresa regard we have a we have a three month

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sister cow therapists, it I can't tag you. So she's not on and we have to see if we're able to if she's gonna be on or off, we have to have another name and Sharla maybe she will get the message and sha Allah. And the fifth winner is Sister fauzia basketball, Sr fauzia ba ba ba QL. You all have been wonderful in coming in and participating and writing summaries and just we wanted to recognize we wanted to recognize your effort. And so this is a three month free membership to the mentorship program. Now I'm going to tell you a little bit more about the mentorship program, the mindful Hearts Academy. This is such a big part of my heart and soul. I love this, this is my all time

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favorite project I've ever done and what it is, it's about taking women driven women, helping them overcome their emotional obstacle and help them do the best version of themselves. So no matter where you are, you know, a lot of people will say, Well, now I have a pretty good you know, I'm very confident I achieve. You can take it to that next level, right? I have I have doctors on there I have martial entrepreneurs are very successful people who want to take it to that next level. And then you could be that, oh my gosh, I never really built my self esteem. I really don't even know where to start. Most people don't know where to start. If you didn't have that. If your parents

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didn't instill it in you, if you have gone through your life feeling you know bad about yourself. It doesn't have to be that way you can change it, you can definitely change it, I can take you step by step. And you can take this at your own pace and I have the life lessons that I do and and the good news is okay, so they're you know, they're nine phases. each phase has a series of lessons that will just, it really, you know, the way it was described by many of the the individual the members and

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

I would love for you to go and read the testimonies for yourself because I can sit here and talk about we have some volunteers who are on here and and I would love for you to share your experience because you know this it means so much more when it comes from a member. But you know, they will describe the lesson as mind blowing as you know, empowering and they're, they're changing their lives. Some have said that within the first two, three lessons, their life started to change Mashallah Tabata Khaled, this is all from Allah, I am so grateful and humbled to have this opportunity to put an academy together all about strengthening, empowering, and guiding our sisters

00:35:42--> 00:36:27

you know, we we go through so much we have so many roles that we have to fulfill. And and sometimes we don't have the tools, right, sometimes we we are just emotionally so there's like a train wreck, there's an emotional train wreck. And I like to help help our women help our sisters, to really get it together to be the best, you know, the best individual for themselves, to be the best moment for Allah to be the best wife, the best daughter, the best, best mother. And that's what's happening. That's the end result of martial law. I've been doing this now for two years. And that has been the end result. And it comes from experience. I've had the ilab and passionate about psychology for over

00:36:27--> 00:36:54

30 how many years 3334 years. My passion started when I I was just in 10th grade. And so that's all I've been consuming. And so it's a big part of my existence and hamdulillah. And it's something I wanted to pass on. I wanted I wanted others to have the same tools, I saw that the things that I learned the things that I was exposed to the leadership programs, the amazing

00:36:56--> 00:37:02

and the successful people, they changed my life and I wanted to be able to change others. So let me know

00:37:03--> 00:37:51

if you let's see if you have any questions about this. Now what this face that's coming up so we have you know all about self esteem, emotional intelligence about achieving success, overcoming anxiety and negative emotions, how to be positive, how to connect how to make friendships. I mean, these are topics that as I was choosing it, I was like, wow, imagine what a person going through all this education and training and trends, like what are they going to transform into and we've seen it we've seen it with our own eyes Mashallah Sister Maria is saying that it's been a blessing for me to be part of the mindful Hearts Academy it is answered to my dogs to Allah, and I hope to continue to

00:37:51--> 00:38:36

improve the lives as I calaca it and I'm so glad sister Sima is saying, excellent. I've seriously benefited a lot from this program and hamdulillah I'm so happy that you all are a part of it. And if you'd like to continue your journey of self development, improving yourself, we are going to open registrations, I believe may 16. So you can right now sign up and be on the waiting list and then the registration will open. And the phase that we're going to enter into is spirituality. Okay, so how perfect is that right after Ramadan? Don't feel like oh, it's over. There's no more mindful Ramadan. We're going to have spirituality. And I'm going to be there and I have amazing guest guest

00:38:36--> 00:39:22

speakers right guest instructors and some of your favorites from the mindful Ramadan. We have Asada Husein witchetty, who has been with us Michelle over the past two years has a beautiful series on purification of the heart on emotional intelligence we did an incredible job we have a struggle for Cena, Muhammad who has been on and teaching us so much about having that right spirituality the right framework, and we're going to see if we can also have Dr. hanok Gamal come on and maybe answer some of our questions inshallah. But and for those of you who have not been able to watch all of these amazing interviews, okay, what I would recommend if you make a small donation, whatever you

00:39:22--> 00:40:00

can, then you will have access to all the videos I know there's so much going on in Ramadan, so many amazing programs. And you may have missed and I don't want you to miss out right. And that way, and we are almost at our goal, right the the fundraiser that we're doing for the matter of and these are the homeless Muslims and also the refugees. The goal is 30,000 We are now i believe i don't i want to tell you correctly, we are right now 28,524 Okay, so we need 1476

00:40:00--> 00:40:49

To meet our goals, I know that those of you who are on right now I'm sure that if you eat, give, and you donate, and this is the last day of Ramadan, and you know the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam has promised that you don't lose money from giving and such. If you remember Dr. Hanna gamma was stating several of the heads about that you just get better cut, right. So this is the last day last chance for the AutoCAD for the increase in your risk by giving away and we can reach our goals. I would love, love, love, love for us to reach this goal together today. Before mcwrap, okay, and when you do when you donate, okay, and there's the link to donate, then you get access, because in 24, I

00:40:49--> 00:41:28

think in 48 hours, all the videos are going to be taken down, okay. And so what we're going to do, then if you donate then you get access to all the videos, lifetime access to your work on yourself, you can watch it and then you get a downloadable workbook which you can go through. It has like amazing summaries, you can work on yourself, and you can really like reflect and reflect on how can I be a better person throughout right throughout the year, let's not be sad that Ramadan is over. I mean, obviously, we're going to miss it. Obviously, there's going to be like all those, you know, all those amazing experiences. But let's be excited that we had this opportunity and let's plan to

00:41:28--> 00:42:17

to do our absolute best and say, You know what, I know that in the past, we've kind of taken a nosedive after Ramadan. But from two years ago, when I started this mentorship program, it was really out of that conviction that we can maintain the momentum. And I started right after Ramadan. And those who joined they felt that I mean, the momentum of that that spiritual high we get together once a week on Thursdays 1pm Central, we are renewing our intention, we are correcting our character. And so you could be a part of that amazing sisterhood. So I am going to give you a Ramadan Mubarak and advance it has been such a blessing. And I'd like to make some offers. I want to

00:42:17--> 00:42:58

thank Allah for having this, you know, having this opportunity to do the mindful Ramadan once again last year, it was a pandemic. And it was like really two weeks before Ramadan. And I just I was instituted and I said y'all, let's just use me in your service. What I felt like I need to do some there's no messages open, we're all going to be like in our homes. It was you know, and this came to mind, I quickly made the phone calls and I got my friends to you know, agree to do the interviews. And then after I did all that I said after Majeed, my husband, you know, what do you think he's like this takes six months to set up. We only have two weeks and so

00:43:00--> 00:43:29

I really have to thank my husband I've limited for making it all possible. He he was working like just all night long last year, he did that again this year. Just seeing the feedback from from the sisters hearing that you all are benefiting that you are inspired that your Ramadan is so much better. He is you know, he just kept on working hard. So I'm very grateful.

00:43:30--> 00:43:37

Very grateful to Allah that I have a husband that supports what I am doing and empowers me

00:43:40--> 00:44:30

he empowers me and he believes in this mission this mission of helping others inspiring others to be their best version and I really could not do any of this without have the magic mirror be who has been Masha Allah like he just he does it I provide the content I haven't you know, you see me but behind the scenes, he's doing the work of 10 men Masha Allah and so please keep him keep him in your DAW because none of this would be possible. None of my programs, none of my online things he is, you know, Mashallah the mastermind behind it. So thank you so much Abdul Majeed for your continuous effort for making all of this possible for all the sisters I mean, 1000s of sisters are benefiting

00:44:30--> 00:44:59

from all you know, all the different programs, Mashallah. I also want to thank the amazing team that we have that has, you know, helped put this together we have Michelle Lester Kate hepper we have the beautiful volunteers of the mindful hearts sister Nadia, how we have sister Jessica sorry, Deanna sterna shaba I hope I'm not forgetting anyone. All of you just did and sister fought much she got COVID so please pray.

00:45:00--> 00:45:43

for her to recover in sha Allah, really everyone just pulled together and again you know we put three months into putting this together and then hamdulillah it really fills my heart that you've enjoyed it Please let me know what what you what important what are your thoughts about this program? Should we do it again next year? What was your favorite part? What is it what are you walking away with? That will be that will be a great thing if I can read I really do read your comments. It is important to me I love getting feedback. I love making improvements. We made a tremendous improvement from last year Al Hamdulillah. And sister Sabina things is like a lot hair

00:45:43--> 00:46:20

brother abdulmajeed and sister holla just like Allah fair brother Abdul Majeed May Allah bless you and your family MSC May Allah bless everyone on Hollis team that made this possible I truly appreciate it. Ah, they really I get this is a team effort. There's no way that I could have done this by myself. Everyone pulled together and inshallah it'll be on everyone's knees on even that you know the $30,000 I was raised for the refugees and homeless inshallah every single person who contributed in the smallest or the biggest way to shall lead will be in your miansai I'd like to just end with some dogs. So

00:46:21--> 00:47:05

y'all Allah Sokoloff ano Allah thank you thank you for giving us another opportunity to experience Ramadan thank you for filling our spiritual, spiritual spirituality thank you for filling our hearts and penetrating our hearts y'all love y'all Allah thank you for this. The piece that we have y'all Allah thank you for the progress that we made. Y'all Allah help us help us to truly be mindful of our thoughts, your love, help us to be mindful because it all starts with the thoughts if we could, if we correct our thoughts, then we can correct our emotions and then we can correct our behavior let us be let us be mindful to have thoughts that benefit us. Let us have thoughts that are

00:47:05--> 00:47:54

optimistic. Let us have thoughts that think the best of people the hospital then of the people in the hospital, none of you your loved your law. Help us to fill our hearts with love with mercy with compassion. You're allowed to remove judgment remove animosity, remove jealousy, remove animosity and any form of hatred from our hearts y'all Allah help us to be pure and help us to purify our hearts. Allah help us to be mindful of our emotions. Yo Allah help us to take control of our emotions help us to manage our emotions. Let our emotions be a source of getting closer to you, not a way of destroying us. Your help our emotions be a way of spreading love and compassion and joy.

00:47:54--> 00:48:38

Not a reason why we are in fights and enmity and broken relationships, your love. Help us to be mindful of our behavior. Help us to be mindful of our words. Every word that we say you'll Allah help us to think it through, help us to really reflect on what we're saying the consequences, the impact that it has, whether it's to ourselves, first and foremost, what are we saying to ourselves, Allah help us to be mindful of our self talk so that we can be more positive and more optimistic. Y'all help us to be mindful of what we're saying to our spouse. Let us catch ourselves from saying anything that is hurtful, your love. We're supposed to be a source of mercy and compassion and

00:48:38--> 00:49:23

comfort and love for our spouses, your love. Allow us to fulfill that obligation, your love fill our hearts and our words with with kindness, your love. Let us really choose our words and our love protect us from having any form of any acts of disobedience with our tongue. You Allah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught us to incarcerate our tongues if we have been guilty of backbiting. If we have been guilty of slander your Allah please correct us and prevent us from continuing on this y'all Allah help us to be mindful of our behavior help us to be mindful about how we treat others your love Don't let us be a reason that we push someone away from the dean. They'll not let us be

00:49:23--> 00:49:59

the reason that people gravitate towards the dean let us be a shining example. So that they will be so amazed and impressed with the humility with the love with them compassion and the enthusiasm that they will be drawn to a Yola let us remove harshness from our speech remove harshness, and and any form of extremism in our behavior your love Give us wisdom, your love fill our hearts with an our minds with wisdom to know what to say when to say how to say it and to whom to say it to your Allah. Give all of us wisdom and if we're ready

00:50:00--> 00:50:42

lacking in wisdom y'all increase us as within wisdom y'all Allah help us to be cautious, cautious about the words that we say cautious about what we say about others cautious about how we tread in this life you're a law that every step that we take Let it be a step towards you know a lot I asked for everything that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked for. And I asked protection for everything that the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam asked protection for your Allah. Let the Quran penetrate our hearts that it not just be what we recite quickly just to complete it y'all Allah let it penetrate our hearts, the way it penetrated the hearts of the prophets, Allah is Allah and the Sahaba yo Allah

00:50:42--> 00:51:33

let us understand every verse that is act upon it, and let us be genuine in who we are. Let us have congruence in our beliefs and our actions. Let us truly live what we know is correct and not to have hypocrisy, not to have any kind of duality, let us be better in public than we are in private. You're Allah let us let us be better in private than we are in public. Let us have the people who admire us the most let that let them be our spouse, our children, our and our parents. Let us exert our energy, our love our compassion for the people who are closest to us. Let us not overlook them for the attention of others your be Allah give us sincerity in our actions give us sincerity in our

00:51:33--> 00:52:23

hearts, y'all Allah help us to truly live according to your honor and your son, Allah help us to see the best in others to bring out the best in others and to be our absolute best Yod up and I mean, y'all love Please help everyone that was struggling struggling with their Deen there are so many people who are struggling with doubts, with insecurities with misunderstandings. They have had some difficult experiences they have been turned off by the dean whether it is from who so whoever taught them whoever oppress them, whoever was harsh to them yell Allah, Allah renew their heart and Allah renew their heart and let them distinguish between people who do wrong things versus our perfect

00:52:23--> 00:53:08

religion, yada yada Allah, Allah help us to stay strong on the straight path and to remove any doubts that anyone has. You're up and on. I mean, you're Allah. Help us help us to not just remove the data Allah help those individuals who may be suffering from any form of illnesses, any form of illnesses if they're in the hospital right now. Y'all I help them y'all I help them to be to recover your love. Remove this test that you have put on us the pandemic the illnesses, you're alone, remove the sicknesses of the heart, which is even more damaging than the illness the physical illnesses y'all love remove the illnesses of our heart, y'all let the diseases of the heart Let us be aware of

00:53:08--> 00:53:51

the diseases of our hearts and help us to remove them one by one yard up a lot. I mean, give us the ability, the strength, the understanding, to know how to remove these, these diseases of our hearts and, and help us to see them and not to be in denial. Allah help those who are suffering from mental health disorders, or those who have lost hope those who are depressed those who can't get out of bed y'all Allah filled their hearts with hope, instill optimism into their hearts, let them feel a renewed sense of hope for life, you're allowed those who suffer from anxiety. Those who are worried those who are unable to rest those who are unable to feel any form of PCL Allah descend upon them

00:53:51--> 00:54:36

your mercy, your serenity and you're sent up the ability to rest and the ability to have tawakkol full tawakkol full trust in you, your Allah help all those who are suffering from any form of disorders and any any kind of difficulties your love, remove the obstacles from our path your love. If anyone is suffering from financial issues y'all Allah, you are the razzes all y'all love provide for them. Y'all love provide for them y'all. Allah help us in this path in this journey. Help us to remain humble, help us to protect you help us to protect our hearts and our deeds from any form of default from any form of hypocrisy from any form of the yada yada up the line. I mean, y'all help

00:54:36--> 00:55:00

our leaders help our leaders, guide them and help them to have the wisdom, the strength, the stamina, and the ability to the ability to resolve issues with care y'all like give them the ability to guide your law protect them from being misguided and protect them from any form of oppression y'all law. Allah help our brother

00:55:00--> 00:55:43

and sisters in all the places of the world y'all law the in Palestine message and oxeye your law please help our brothers and sisters in China, in in Burma, in Kashmir in all the places of the world your Allah and I know that this is a very difficult time for them yet Allah you are able to descend peace upon them you are able to give them that hope you're up the line I mean, and your love, help us to have gratitude in our heart and to to enjoy the despite the fact that what everything that is happening, let us have gratitude in our heart and to have that sense of peace and serenity and gratitude for everything that we've been able to do. Yeah, Allah, thank you for

00:55:43--> 00:56:18

everything that you have bestowed upon us and give us the ability to help many people in this path and let us be a source of serenity, a source of strength and a source of optimism for our families for everyone that we come in contact with Allah to Sokolov Farah, and yet everyone for for your for coming. This has been a beautiful experience Alhamdulillah and I'm just very humbled to have been able to put this together just a caliphate on let's see

00:56:19--> 00:56:39

once the third saying I have been looking forward to each session every day during Ramadan I'm very glad to have been able to experience this through information, thorough information, very practical advice. And reminders from Holland her guests Yes, please do it every year in sha Allah. It's Osaka Lafitte and so it's so what we will say please do let's say

00:56:41--> 00:57:28

please do next year as it has been very beneficial because I have been part of this since the beginning. And it was it helped me become the best self and I'm taking away which has become an mean for me to think listen and answer anything. Oh, I'll have that in life so glad. And your takeaways are the three P's good so they were procrastination. pessimism, right. And perfectionism. Excellent. So I'm really great and you can continue this journey right? By being a part of so think Baraka lafi system Allah bless you and your families as I call it may Allah bless all of you. And like I said, you can continue this journey be a part of the mentorship program the mindful Hearts Academy

00:57:28--> 00:57:40

registration will open on May 16 inshallah, so if there is a there are no other question any questions that you want to ask before I go off

00:57:42--> 00:57:58

we're good. All right and saw Allah Take good care and I pray that all of you can have a wonderful evening and and inshallah we can keep the momentum of Ramadan throughout the year to Osaka La Jolla and Salaam Alaikum.