When there is a Difference of Opinion amongst the Scholars on Islamic Issue, who should we Follow

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The next question brother Mohsin Bashir

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from Kashmir India.

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What should we follow?

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When there is difference of opinion among the scholars on a particular issue? This question related to the earlier question that what should we do and who should we follow if there is a difference of opinion among the scholars.

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Allah says in the Quran in Surah Nisa, chapter number four Muslim 59 have to obey Allah and obey the messenger and those who have been endowed with knowledge those who have been given commands. That means talking about the scholars, Obi Allah and obey the messenger and obey those who are knowledgeable those who are the scholars.

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But the world doesn't end there. There was continued but if they defer, go back to our land is a fool that they have to follow her and follow Sai Hadith and the scholars. But if the scholars differ, go back to our land is the soul all the scholar fills up find time there's no need of going anywhere. Today, five times. All the scholars say they should fall during the month of Ramadan no problem. Although scholars give 2.5% Zakat, most of the cases. Okay, follow that when there is a difference of opinion. And it's called defer the Quran says go back to online.

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Now, when the scholars differ, what should a person do for this? I would like to give you an example, depending upon which level do you belong to

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your decision tree based on that. I remember when I was in school, when other the primary school for us, for a child in the primary school teacher is always right. Irrespective whether the teacher is knowledgeable or not for the child going in primary school for him or her, the teacher is the most knowledgeable in the world. And I remember in the primary school when my science teacher told something, and I told my father,

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my father, you are the medical doctor, he was a psychiatrist, he had done his post graduation medicine. And when there was a medical issue and I told my father, my father said that, you know, this is wrong. I was adamant, no, my teacher cannot be wrong, that I was a kid with seven, eight years old, not knowing that my father is a medical doctor, but for me, the teacher is always right. Similarly, when a child is in primary school, for him the teacher is always right. So, for a person who has no knowledge of the

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or maybe the beginner indeed, who is a revert or maybe who has not studied at all, he may be an elderly person, but did not studied at all. So I would consider him to be in the level of school level. For him, he should

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judge one scholar, consider him to be teacher and follow that is the safest,

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whichever scholar he believes, but that before a person who has limited or no knowledge of the

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normally the focus they divide

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the Muslim the two levels, one is the bush style of scholar and one is the non Western, I divide normally into four levels, the different levels of division, I would count a person who has bare minimum knowledge of the bare minimum or maybe a revert, or maybe he's elderly, but no one taught him really about the deal. So I would call him a person who's in school, bare minimum the lowest level in the machine, the highest level I would call as a scholar or homage to him. And today in today's world, there are very few very few scholars maybe a few 100 very few

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all the dyes that you see giving talks and all very few are really scholars very few.

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The highest level scholar, the lowest level is just a beginner.

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The second level from top, I would say is a student of knowledge

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to most of the duacs a student of knowledge.

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For example,

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the person mastered the deen and spent years studying the fool effect called the heartbeat autopsy you can call him a student of knowledge for knowledge may differ. He may be a graduate from Islamic University. He may be a postgraduate done his master's, he may be a PhD,

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just by getting a PhD degree don't become a scholar can become chansons LS scholar is a different category altogether. Allah has given him the sense of analysis of understanding he knows all the rules and has an element of Fuji, etc, that the different level scholars are very few in the world, maybe a few 100 now in the full world.

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So these are students of knowledge in the students to fall into various categories. Low Level, medium, high, very high PhD, maybe a very high

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But yet a student of knowledge

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and a person may not have gone to university but a man who has spent months and years discussing with the top scholars and forecasts, he may be more knowledgeable than a PhD. And in my organization in Islam is that foundation. When I was in Bombay, and the school itself, we had more than 500 employees out of which

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maybe 25 of them were graduates, post graduates, and PhDs from foreign universities,

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mainly from mostly from Islamic Sharia, Medina, some from Imam Ahmed Bin Saud University, some from another university, maybe 25 of them, bachelor's,

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postgraduate and PhD, then we are another 3040

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people who have passed from the Islamic cities in India, some have done the if task some of the alim cause some musty, another 30. So, totally, we have what you know,

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5060 people, all of them, I call a student of knowledge, there were some

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who in the research department, who did not pass from any of the Islamic universities, but they spent years in doing research for me, they were more valuable than the masters and the PhD amongst my staff.

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very knowledgeable, they could argue they could code that they, they didn't go to any Islamic University. But the level of understanding of Dean was much higher. So the salary was higher, even then the PhD, who have done the doctorate from the Islamic University of Alaska, etc.

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Even from Medina, and none of my staff I would call or not even I'm not a scholar at all, I'm just a student of knowledge. So strange knowledge differs at different levels. That is the second category. The third category above the basic beginner is those who have knowledge of the deep, but may not have studied to a great extent.

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But because today, it's easy to acquire knowledge either by internet or by social media, they have

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interactive, but not to the level of Australian of knowledge. So I would call them with four levels. One is a scholar, almost a very few in the world, few 100. Then you have the student of knowledge, the experience of knowledge of various categories, low level, medium level, higher level, then you have the people who have knowledge of the deen, but may not be constrained of knowledge, but they know quite fair, and one is a lower level, just a beginner, if you're a beginner, you're like in the school, catch one scholar follow him that the best, you don't have that if you're a student of knowledge, if you're a student of knowledge, and if the scholars differ, they have to analyze go

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back to another school, go back to the evidence given by the scholars. So if two scholars differ, the student of knowledge will actually check that what is the evidence given by scholar a, and what is the evidence given by scholars B, he himself may not be a scholar, but he had the basic knowledge of at least analyzing the evidence

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and no die unless he is a scholar should give a fatwa and never give a fatwa of my own what I can do, he can read the fatwas of the scholars and then he can agree with one scholar more than the other scholar saying I agree with this color more, because the evidence is giving is much more reliable than the other I feel this evidence not depending upon what level of student of knowledge are you can you agree, but naturally for a very low level of student of knowledge, then it may not be right for you to judge, which of the scholars carry but do you have an high level you can

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those who are on the third level, who have knowledge of the D what they should do, they should ask a student of knowledge that these two scholars are differing, who do you think is more appropriate and based on the evidence they give the basically you have to go back to Atlantis resort, see the evidence in the Quran and the Hadith, there may be chances that some scholars they have made a mistake out of ignorance. There are some said because of difference of opinion, various if we analyze

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and then make a decision. So if you are a student of knowledge, who can analyze the evidence given by the scholars then decide which color is correct. If you are the third category, you can ask a student of knowledge or ask a scholar a third scholar, which of the two evidence is more appropriate and hear their reasoning and based on that you can decide if you are the fourth level just knowing hardly knowing the level of Dean you catch one scholar follow him blindly.

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The other options, but naturally should not be a fixed color, it should be a scholar by two cents. And if you do that you have no adoption because your knowledge is very low in the theme. These are often

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In the app but the Quran says go back to a lather a fool. You have run out of time. That is the last question that I couldn't answer, just to give information inshallah, that there will be a program next Saturday, but it will be only ask phoric till then we meet inshallah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.