Zakir Naik – Can a Muslim Woman Study in a Medical College which has Co-education?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The caller is asking about the age of the combined study and whether it is allowed in medical college. They also ask about the possibility of a woman being treated in a medical center with a man in the same room. The representative explains that women must maintain their possession of their possession and maintain their possession for a better treatment.
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Salam Alaikum My question is now the age of combined study. So is it permitted to study in field of medical? Because for woman's so because most of the 99% is we face Nominatim but the other question that is coeducation permitted, especially in Medical Colleges correct? If a woman wants to become a doctor and there is no single * Medical College, is it permitted? If the cause is there, the Islamic Sharia says, let a small loss take place to prevent a big loss. So now that lady if she goes in a code College of Medicine, and there's no single * college, it will be difficult for her to maintain a job but she can she can not that she can't. You know, she'll have to maintain a job in

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medical colleges that most fear is the worst.

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I've been to a medical college, masha Allah save me.

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As well as medical college atmosphere is the worst in terms of breaking the hijab versed.

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And it's only Allah subhanaw taala Masha Allah who can save you, otherwise, the medical colleges, you know,

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the girls and the boys,

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they have grooves they have to look, examine the patient, they stay overnight, it's very dangerous.

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If Allah is with you, inshallah can be on the straight path. So for a woman, if she goes to a medical college, she has to yet maintain a hijab and in the college that I was there were Muslim women who went in there not all of them, but there were one or two who maintain the job maintain the job See to it that if we have to suppose if the patient has come in and you have to take a common history with another Gen, you know, we have to take the communist you have the patient, maybe the colleague is a gent fine when you talk lawyer against not Oh, how are you? How is the movie? Did you see the movie The Wall come in?

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Oh, let's go for a spin. Let's go for a drive on the bike.

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So all these things if you avoid and theater that if you have to talk with your colleagues, you can talk with lowering your gaze.

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No, the people will not like it. So she has to maintain a job. It's very much possible. As for examining the patient of opposite *, the Quran and the Hadith get permission.

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Why? Because you're treating the patient. So doctor can see the opposite * if required. Best is same *, same doctor best, but you don't have it everywhere, that there is envy brother, we have initiated in our activities in the United Islamic aid a new activity called a free medical center.

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So we have started recently, which will inaugurate after this conference shakes along with the Imam of masjid and we will be integrating our center in Mumbra

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on the 10th of November, Inshallah, two days after the conference, the initial of this center it is

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the uniquenesses it is on the lines of Quran and Sunnah means lady doctor will examine lady patients Jen doctor we like them and Jen patient is area 2000 square feet separate waiting area for ladies separate for gents. Children can go where they want no problem if they're young.

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But lady doctor will check lady and inshallah inshallah we aim to have only MBBS doctors and MD you know, so that they're more professional, everything your condition, but free good quality medicine, and inshallah inshallah when I started the center I'm a medical doctor I intend to give better treatment in this free center than the own medically that I've got

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I've left my profession my brother and my father mashallah the doctors and running a center which is good but they we charge that's the bread and butter which has been for installing the free medical center inshallah we'll give better services

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inshallah then the old medical clinic that we have for our bread and butter inshallah

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fully a condition inshallah good waiting room hygienic, but free

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those who can't afford it free

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anyone can come even Muslim that non Muslims can come and in the waiting room we won't have status magazine we won't have fulfilled magazine will have Islamic books

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will have Islamic satellite channels you know people have you know, you go to a high caliber Doctor fanfare magazine status

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so beside them getting cured by the diseases, inshallah even the man rigid cured

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for Shafi it's allowed chaos.

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So, what we believe that if you want to do medicine, if there's

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No single * college you can, but you have to maintain your hijab become a doctor so that more hijab can be maintained. One that lady doctor becomes Muslimah becomes a doctor. She will allow many other women to follow the job of that question.

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