Zakir Naik – Can a Muslim Pray in the House of a Non Muslim? Can a Muslim Eat Prasad?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the proper way to pray in a non-Mahdi house during prayer, as long as no room is cleared of blood and no food is eaten. They also mention the use of Prasad as a food for one's spiritual well-being. The speaker encourages viewers to refer to their videos for more information.
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lolicon when a Muslim is in a non Muslims house, at the time of prayer at the time of Salah, can he or she do his prayer in their house? Or what is the right way to do it? And can a Muslim take Prasad? From the temples?

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to question number one is can on Muslim pray in the house of a non Muslim? As long as there's nothing which is wrong in the house? As long as no idol in the front as long the place you're praying is a clean place you can play any part of the wall our beloved program was ALLAH Salam said, it's mentioned it's a Bukhari one number one in the book of Salah that the whole world is a mosque for the believers. So as long as the place is clean

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and doesn't break any rule of the Sharia, there's no Ireland and you can very well pray regarding taking Prasad. Prasad is a food which is given by the Hindus in the name of deities and gods. Allah says in the Quran, Allah is in four different places in Surah Bukhara chapter number two was number 173 Instead of Maya chapter number five was number three in Surinam chapter number six was 145 and Sunil chapter number 16 was some 115 for remote Alaikum we'll move to the what the move Allah will concede Mahila gorilla be forbidden for you for Fouda that meet blood, the flesh of swine and any food on which any name besides Allah's name is taken for eating Prasad is haram. It's not permitted

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in Islam. But we know many Muslims you know, we don't want to offend. We don't want to offend our non Muslims. So what they do some of the Muslims their servicemen and have it

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so tomorrow we'll say this middle America after that was abysmal and poor, eating any food on which any name besides Allah name is taken as prohibited in Islam, how to deal with them. You can refer to my video cassette dava or discussion which shows you a way how to convince the non Muslim regarding the concept of Prasad and how to convince them through their scriptures about the true concept of non Christian

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