Story Time – The Possessed Teenager

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the average Jin is physically stronger than the average man. I myself have seen a little lady petite lady five foot tall, literally, it's just a young teenager possessed by gin we were doing locally on her. And seven men were holding her down. And she's struggling to throw all of them off. And my friend was he grabbed her he had to because she was harming people. He grabbed her. What do you call this lock? What do you call that when you grab from behind the body lock, right like that when he grabbed her from behind cuz she was punching men and everything. And this is a little lady. She took her head and she wound right back on his nose, and the guy's like, what's going on? So this is I saw

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with my own eyes, five foot, and she became more powerful than seven men. But in the end, seven, eight men eventually did bring her down. She wasn't stronger than all of them. physically stronger than the average man, but still manageable, you can bring them down. It's not as if they're all powerful. and whatnot, only Allah is all powerful. So these are they're physically they can do things we don't understand. But it's just like a horse can gallop faster than us, like an elephant does stronger than us. The only thing that freaks us out is that the gene is invisible to our eyes. Allah says in the Quran in Morocco, who are Kabir to whom and hatred at Orono when they see you from

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a paradigm you cannot see them from they can choose when to show themselves to you. They can see you from their world. We cannot see them unless they choose to show us their world. So there's nothing to be scared about. Allah gave them certain powers. He didn't give us like he gave animals other powers he didn't give us but Allah blessed us over the jinn. How do we know this? Were the owner in Malacca this god Adam a facade to Illa IBLEES Allah told the jinn to prostrate to Adam, Allah preferred the bunny Adam over Mala Iike and Jin Welaka the corona bunny Adam Bani Adam had been lifted up and put on the pedestal in the hierarchy of things and the angels and the jinn are told to

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bow down to Adam. Adam is superior to the jinn. Why? Because Adam has something far greater than physical strength than going at the speed of light. Adam has intellect and jinns don't have that level of intellect. And this shows us by the way, the power of the mind is more blessed than the power of the body. The mind is more important than physical strength

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